Tina Campbell On The State Of Her Marriage: “My Hope Turned Into Hopelessness…”

May 26, 2013  |  

Teddy Campbell’s Instagram

Are there any, as they say in the church world, prayer warriors out there? If so, Tina and Teddy Campbell are reaching out to you.

As many of you know, the June 2013 issue of Ebony featured Gospel group Mary Mary on the cover and in the article, Tina Campbell revealed that she found out earlier this year that her husband, Teddy, cheated on her. The affair, according to Teddy, happened two and a half years ago and was with a now ex family friend.

Ebony pointed out in the article that when Tina showed up for the interview, she was not wearing her wedding ring.

Apparently, things have taken a turn for the worse.

On Friday afternoon, Tina posted a message on ILoveMaryMary.com from both she and Teddy. In the note, Tina says that they are struggling right now but are fighting back:

…Well since the article, the challenges have worsened. My hope turned into hopelessness & despair and I became unwilling to forgive and fight, until God showed me myself.

My husband’s struggle, was with sexual immorality BUT I have struggled with anger, rage, unforgiveness, pride, just to name a few, for over 2 decades. The devil wanted to use strongholds that took hold of our lives in our childhood, to remain and destroy us as adults. So now instead of being mad at each other we’re mad at the devil and we’re ready to fight…”

The good news is that they are prepared to fight to save their 13 year marriage. In fact, Tina and Teddy aren’t stopping at just communicating with each other, a therapist and/or a pastor; they are reaching out to the fans.

Tina and Teddy began a 30 day fast on Friday “for complete deliverance & restoration.”  For those that aren’t aware, many Christians fast for the purpose of gaining clarity and healing for things going on in their lives.  They asked that the fans join them in this process:

“If u are able to, please fast and/or pray daily that God would answer our prayers and give us a deeper love & commitment to him and to each other. We believe he still works miracles and he can give us the greatest marriage we could have ever imagined. We can pray alone BUT your prayers will certainly help.”

Well, this is…a lot.  Many of us know, whether we’re single or married, that marriage is very hard. But once you add being in the public eye to the equation, things can be even harder. Many question why Tina even revealed that Teddy cheated on her in the first place because had she not, no one would have ever known. However, her revelation may be helping her (and Teddy) figure out her next steps.

Do you think Tina made things worse by going public with this news? Have you ever fasted to gain some type of clarity?

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  • Shurl

    I’m glad to see that they have made up. We are all responsible for our individual conduct. But, women need to be extra careful about who they allow into their homes and around their families. If I’ve invited 20 women into my home, at least 17 of them eventually tried to attack me in some way or the other. I just don’t invite people into my home. I gladly greet other guarded women publicly and we are nice to each. I’m glad to see them & vice versa. They don’t allow too many women into their homes either.

  • Guest

    When he admitted to what he called countless affairs last week that was the nail in the coffin of that marriage. He is the one who divorced his wife with that behavior. Seems it was a way of life, not a one time forgivable fall into temptation. THIS IS A MAN WHO SINGS GOSPEL AND CALLS HIMSELF A CHRISTIAN. SEEMS HE FORGOT TO READ ( the bible verse) DO NOT COMMIT ADULTERY!

  • Guest

    He admitted to multiple affairs on last Thursday’s episode. This was in essence divorcing the marriage when he did that. She should get out now while she can still recover before he causes her to lose her mind. This was spousal abuse and she should not allow herself to be victimized any longer. Jesus even gave groundsfor divorce for adultery.

  • lucy65

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  • daddys girl

    One MUST be careful of reality shows. THIS WAS A SET UP from the pit of hell. I seen turmoil in the spirit realm BEFORE the showed aired. I truly discerned this in the spirit, that trouble will appear soon after. NO ONE marriage, and I mean NO ONE marriage issues should be dealt with or discussed on NO MEDIA platform. The enemy is GREAT at making a fool out of whomever he can. As I tell folks, IF GOD cant help you then NO ONE can! keep YOUR business to YOURSELF SPOUSE and GOD! Aw, the counselor

    • Tiffany

      Who are we to say what God’s plan for her is? Who are we to say that God didn’t want to use her life as a testimony to what He can do? These issues should normally be dealt with privately but this may have been part of her purpose.

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  • charice mason

    most definitely in my prayers I love her sooooooo

  • Dee

    I am glad they didn’t just call it quits

  • Carol

    If you are a true Christian and accept Christ as your personal savior than what somebody or people say has no place in the public eye. Your relationship with God is your relationship with God. I do not like reality shows period. I did not like what I saw on Mary, Mary and think whatever goes on in your home should be kept private. If you and your mate are having troubles then you go to a therapist. If that does not work then you both need to move on. I don’t believe in divorce but you can’t live two different lives as in this case and you must be evenly yoke. Having too many babies is not the answer, praying with people and fasting in my opinion is not the answer. It is a day by day process and it is private. I have been married and I knew what my priorities were and I knew that when my husband’s priorities and interests were not the same as mine, God gave me the strength to move on and yes God had my back during the days that came. I will definitely pray for this couple.

  • Kay Kay

    Two things I will not argue about…politics and religion. Simply because everyone has their own opinions and my thoughts will not change your views, or opinions because we dont all live and experience life the same way… Stating your opinion is cool but to blantantly disregard someone else feelings regarding a certain topic is disrespectful and igonorant. Just comment how “you” feel and leave it at that! Tina wanted to give out personal information about her marriage issues, and their seeking counseling… I pray she finds some closure for herself and she deal with her own issues as well.. Man people take these topics waaay to serious.. when Im sure its some issues you have in your life that needs that energy and dedication your putting into a comment on a blog..

  • Monica

    Christians are supposed to restore each other through fasting and prayer as the the word of God instructs(Gal 6:1). Only the spirit of anti-christ or being ignorant of the Word of God would make a person think or speak that praying or fasting for someone else is stupid,dumb,or ineffective.AND-If i ask you for $300.00 you have the option of saying,” sorry I only can give you $20.00″ or you might say, “sorry can’t give anything right now.” The Campbells(in the public’s eye) came publicly to those fans that are IN THE BODY OF CHRIST and asked for help-you have not because you ask not(James 4:2)-you have the OPTION of fasting/praying for 5 minutes,1 hour or the whole 30 days or NOT doing anything at all!-be it to YOUR ability to give! If you have nothing to offer don’t be negative and complaining and grumbling just keep it moving like you do when you see the beggar on the sidewalks or corners! Come on people! REALLY!

  • Leogurl

    I’m a Christian, but I have never tried fasting to gain clarity. I don’t think she should’ve told the public I believe it makes things worst, but I also think she’s only staying with him because she is insecure. In way it sounds like she is blaming it on the devil uhh noo he was doing it for 2 1/2 years he knew what he was doing was wrong. Once a cheater always a cheater, I wouldn’t stay if I was here but to each its own.

  • Toccara L. Hyde

    Tina I want you to know that you are very strong to admit that there are problems but…. You don’t owe us your fans Nothing !!!! You are human and it takes a Big girl to admit her short comings.. But you Do owe God Teddy and your children Your love and time…… sometimes you can give give give to everyone else but forget the people around you….. teddy has to love you with everything and you love him with everything ….. Make sure you make time for love…. give to each other as you give to your family, Sisters, Mother, Father , Manager, fans Recorded label !!!!!!! Find that thing that you both fell in love with and get back to love!

  • Shaela129

    Sadly, I’ve noticed from the show that she is definitely an attention seeker. It is already difficult to have a loving marriage in the spotlight now she has a damaged one to display. Hopefully, they can continue together through this. Such a cute couple.

  • Shuvonneco Von Jones

    It’s Nothing It’s a good thing to ask maybe someone has been thru the same thing tina did a good thing.

  • EspressoBean

    Tough. I feel like spousal infidelity should require at least an attempt at working it out, because many times they do have a family and a life. It seems like they love each other dearly.

  • Yvette

    I think this will help another couple going through the same, yet didn’t know which way to turn or even how to deal with it. We don’t go through for ourselves, and that’s what ministry is. They chose to make it public and had they chosen to keep in private, that’s their right to do so! I respect them for how they’ve disclosed their struggle! it shows that they are Christians that are still human and that being a Christian doesn’t mean we are perfect. God bless you, and I pray God has His way and be glorified!!!!

  • Nanci Butler Favers

    I would have kept this between my husband, myself and God. The power of prayer between a husband and a wife is greater then anyone outside your family, You have to be careful about how you ask to pray for you and your husband, but because Tina is asking for prayer I will do so. I love marriage and GODS will be done

  • Taiwo Bada

    Oh please. Here we go again with Black people and their stupid “the devil made me do it excuses” – NO, your husband was an unfaithful pig. He chose to be unfaithful. The devil didn’t make him do it. Too much credit is given to the devil. You are in charge of your emotions and sexual power. Not the devil. You chose to get angry and he chose to be sexually promiscuous.

  • God is still God and He is able, bigger than any problem or issue. The vows said what God has joined together let no man (including you) put asunder! Fight for your family, I come in agreement for this family and trust God to see them through!

    • Taiwo Bada

      He’s not able to do JACK! Kids are getting raped, living in poverty, hunger and dying of hunger and diseases daily. If he’s so able, why is he sitting around and allowing innocent kids to be tortured this way? Please save your foolish excuses. THERE IS NO GOD! Why would any God allow Blacks to be abused and mocked daily?

  • learning todo me

    Maybe things are worst because Tina revealed it 2 the public right afterward if he told her earlier this yr. They didn’t have time to work it out privately. Stop putting the fans in their business. Im not praying for them or fasting but I wish them the best

  • keeya

    I have fasted and trust and believe it works. God will give you clarity… I wouldn’t have gone public with it. I feel like things in your marriage should be worked on privately. Speaking to a pastor or counselor is fine but going public a no no…

  • Velda Theresa Finley

    Never fasted and I was shocked being that Tina is intensely private. I don’t know if I would have said anything publicly or not. Its embarrassing and very hurtful. I don’t know if I could deal with the public scrutiny along with everything else…I pray they work it out. I love them together as well as her sister and Warryn…

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  • Yep

    Pray for me… blah, blah, blah! Her husband is a typical low-life black man!!! These “men” make my skin crawl! If it’s not working, it’s better to cut your loses and move on. No amount of praying is going to change it because people are who they are. She married someone with a low character (most black men are defective). If it was meant to be there wouldn’t be so much static. Move on!!!

    • lioness

      i agree with most of what you said,but in tina’s case if she left she would be a single mother of four,and pretty much the sole bread winner because teddy ain’t got it like that,he has a regular j.o.b,and if you watched the show she was read to give up her career for this man,so she not going anywhere

    • g4life

      Do you really believe the ignorance that you are spewing on here? Have you met REAL black men and know this to be true or do you get all your opinions from the media and what has been passed down to you from others you know.

  • Pivyque

    Maybe she is sharing her story to let the world know that the marriage doesn’t have to end with cheating. Maybe she wants to let other couples that are dealing with it privately know that they are not alone. It’s nice to see celebrities not try to pretend like they are perfect and their relationship is perfect. She is showing that they are human. I admire her about that. If my husband ever cheated, I can’t say that I would be strong enough to forgive him… I just don’t know how I would get past it.

    • appassionata

      It would be much better for her to simply tell the world “We are working on our marriage; thank you for your concern and understanding” instead of inviting the world into their conflict. It’s not about maintaining a false image of perfection, it’s about using common sense, maintaining boundaries and guarding the marriage that she claims she wants to save.

  • kl

    It was NOT a mistake for a married man to have an intimate relationship outside of marriage, it was a CHOICE.
    How many other woman has he really been with? I beleive married men are cheating far more than single men. Good luck with trying to change his lowdown and dogish ways.

    • Taiwo Bada

      Exactly! They can fast and fool themselves all they want. He’s sexually promiscuous and won’t change any time soon! She can either accept it or let it go.

  • wow

    Well he already knows she’s going to remain in the marriage due to her faith so what incentive does he have to NOT cheat. He’ll just learn to do it further from home. I’m not in the forgive a cheater camp because if the shoe were on the other foot the headline would read “Teddy Campbell files for divorce from Tina Campbell of the gospel group Mary Mary”.

    • Andy Hans

      With all due respect, your comment seems a bit dismissive and one sided. Unless you know both of them personally.

      • Wow

        Which is why I’m expressing “my” opinion. We all don’t have to share the same train of thought on this subject and that’s cool too.

  • appassionata

    This is not wise, in my opinion. Their marital problems should be kept between the two of them and, as they see fit, their closest trustworthy family members and believing friends (presumably members of their local church/fellowship). It should NOT be for public consumption. Yes, she is in the public eye so it is almost inevitable that fans will become aware of some issues, but she should not elaborate on them for the public, even under the guise of asking for support. The more people you have involved in a problem, the messier the problem usually gets.

  • Wow! I too started fasting Friday for my family and have no problem ading them to my prayer list

  • Rosemary Davis

    I hope that they can work out things but let’s be real when one or the other go outside the marital arrangement and defile the bed by committing adultery the marriage is never the same it’s like a crack plate no matter how much glue you use too put it back together it’s never the same the crack is still there.Sometimes in a case like this with a trusted friend it’s hard to just put this behind and move forward because now you have trust and loyal issues and without geuine love,trust,and loyalty and good communication their is no marriage this is why adultery was one guideline for divorce according too the scriptures because our heavenly Father knew that this would be a hurtfull thing for the innocent mate too overcome so it may be hard at first as it is for Tina but any obstacle in a marriage couple with love can and will succeed love covers a mulitude of things including loyality and trust issues so keep trying Tina don’t give up you can do this

  • Bits

    Marriage is a joke.

    • DACIA

      says an unmarried person or unhappily married person. Been married for 20 years and wouldnt change a THING! #MARRIAGEROCKS#

      • Bits

        the man i married died 8 years after we exchanged vows. we would laugh about how we thought a piece of paper and ring would make our bond even tighter than before we were ‘married’. we drank the kool-aid like you and so many other people who are tricked into believing that a legal contract supersedes love and commitment that any couple can have if they just work at it. we loved each other before ‘he put a ring on it’ and we loved each other just the same strong way afterwards. marriage made no difference. he was the love of my life and he would have been that rather we married or not. you can pick your face up off the floor now.

  • Bessie Timms-Taylor

    the bad news about his cheating would have come out through the media, possibly through the ex-family friend, so I will be praying with Tina and Teddy for understanding and restoration in their marriage. 13 years of marriage is worth fighting for. Tina seems to have a strong personality, therefore she needs to understand the strengths and weaknesses in that, and Teddy must understand his strengths and weaknesses and triggers.

  • newgirl

    This is the reality show curse. Couples go on these reality seeking fame and fortune after the show is over the marriage is over. Nene & Greg, Lisa Wu & Ed, Deshawn & Eric Snow ( RHOA), Jennifer (Basketball Wives). Best bet keep the tv cameras out of the house.

    • Guest

      He admitted to countless affairs on last week’s episode. It had nothing to do with being on this Reality Show but everything to do with his lack of morals and respect for his marriage.

  • anonymous

    From the show, you can tell that Teddy is deeply in love with Tina and his family but he is struggling with something. I am glad he has acknowledged that he has a problem and is ready to fight. Those criticizing obviously do not know the power of Prayer and Fasting. I have seen it in my life. There are also generational curses and soulties that need to be broken. So many couples go through this and come out victorious with counselling, prayer and fasting. They will be fine.

    • Seems a little petty no, for her to be soliciting strangers to give her the ability to forgive her cheating azz husband. Seems she would use her platform to gather prayers for starving children or the victims of the tornado in Oklahoma.

      • Guest

        I have a hard time believing any Christian walking close to God would not be warned by God before marrying a person with a lust demon and yes that is demonic lust cause he admitted last Thurs. to COUNTLESS AFFAIRS!

    • Guest

      Could be he is a great actor. No one deeply in love has countless adulterous affairs. He admitted last Thurs. to countless affairs. If he loved his wife he would have gotten help prayer or counseling before he went that far out!

  • bosslady1

    I will and have been praying for Tina and Teddy.Its not easy dealing with a situation like this in the public eye…it sure took a lot of courage to share and hopefully they will help many other couples going through the same. This letter is very humble and at least each acknowledges their indiscretions which is the beginning of healing. GOD will work it out for them in JESUS NAME AMEN!!!!!

    • Guest

      Jesus gave grounds for divorce for adultery. What makes you think he wants his child to stay with a man who last week admitted to COUNTLESS affairs?

  • He cheated because that’s what he wanted to do. Do I have to be immoral or commit and act before I deal with my issues? Ummmm….no. He saw an opportunity and took it, and as an opportunity cheater, he may do it again, should the opportunity occur. We all are tempted by something everyday, that’s no excuse to go against vows made to God and one’s spouse.

  • currvalicious

    I feel they should’ve dealt w/that issue in private, however Tina appears to be a very open, what you see is what you get type of person. So she was honest, & I can appreciate that. I just hope they can heal & move past this situation for the sake of their marriage & family. She’s not the first woman to deal w/this issue & definitely won’t be the last.

  • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

    No, i’ve never fasted before. But that was only because i didnt understand it. When i asked and it was explained i (obviously) understood what it really meant and why different people do it. I hope for the best in their marriage. All marriages will have their problems; hope they make things work.

  • texastea

    Really? Thanks to today’s social media saturation, nothing is sacred or secret anymore. everything is not for everyone to know. Some things are better left private and dealt with in private. Nonetheless, I hope it works out for them. People really need to understand the roots of sexual immorality in a marriage, esp. when it comes to the men, before just writing them off as dogs and no-good black men.