Detroit Judge In Bitter Legal Battle Regarding His Pregnant Mistress, Whom He Met While Presiding Over Her Child Support Hearing

May 24, 2013  |  

Source: Fox 2

Judge Wade McCree has found himself in a situation that he may not be able to smooth talk his was out of. For approximately four months, a very married McCree carried on an extramarital affair with Geniene Mott, a woman he met her during a child support hearing involving Mott’s ex-boyfriend, News One reports.

Following the hearing, McCree asked Mott on a date and she accepted, which is how their whirlwind romance began. For months, Mott and McCree had intercourse like rabbits in places like his mother’s bed, his wife’s bed and even in his chambers! Now it appears that McCree’s scandalous deed has caught up to him. The Judge is currently in the midst of a disciplinary hearing that could cost him his job. The Judicial Michigan Tenure Commission brought charges against him for judicial misconduct after he confessed to the affair. During the misconduct hearing, McCree delivered a rather odd testimony,  describing Mott as an irrational woman who’s always looking for “the next biscuit.”

“With Ms. Mott, you have to tell her what she wants to hear or she continues to sweat you− or sweat me. As nice and as demanding of a woman as she was, she always wanted the next biscuit,” McCree said.

Mott recently appeared on Fox 2’s Let It Rip and blamed the affair on her “poor judgement.” When asked whether or not the child that she was carrying belonged to Judge McCree, she did a whole lot of dancing around the question.

“Well, I’m not willing to answer that question. But at the end of the day, in my opinion, the father is who raises a child and is active in their life. We’ll see who does that when my child is born. It could be a current boyfriend. It  could be a family member.”

When asked if she even knows who her child’s father was, she continued to evade the questions.

“Absolutely… Maybe, maybe not,” she nonchalantly responded.

“The father is who I choose for it to be,” she added.

Clearly tired of her tap routine, another anchor on the show whispers, “Who impregnated you?”

“That’s a question I’m not going to answer.”

Geniene went on to say that she believes her former lover should lose his job because he’s unfit to sit on the bench due to his “poor judgement.”

As you can see, this is an über messy situation!

Turn the page to watch Geniene’s interview.

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  • DrM_11

    How the hell is this man a judge? LOL

  • MG Hardie

    “Who impregnated you”


  • WTF

    If the father is whoever you chose it to be then why do you keep suing for child support. Let the “chosen” one pay the bills. SMH The judge has got to be dumbest person ever. He’ll have nothing after this. No career and no money after this yamp and his wife get done with him.

  • Missi

    What kind of woman has sex with a man in his mama’s bed and his bed he shares with his wife??? This is a new low.

  • Jj2

    If he is fired he can’t pay child support! Thirst and common sense don’t mix.

    • A judge should have a nice savings even still the courts don’t care if you have a Job or not they will still hold you to child support and will confiscate your spouses paycheck if you won’t pay

      • Jj2

        I worked for child support, we can not go after the spouse unless they legally adopt the child.

        • Maybe In your state i live in Ohio and they took my sons step moms tax return and 30% of her paycheck until i signed paperwork to stop it. Different states different rules.

  • word

    hahaahhahahhaha “who impregnated you?!” hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah *dead…..If you can’t answer that with 100% certainty…’re a whore..sorry… is one thing,getting pregnant! that is another….these women with shaky morals..disgust me!

  • FromUR2UB

    What is goin’ on with elected officials in Detroit????

  • Jamie

    The man needs to be disbarred, unbarred and from every kind of bar. He should not be entitled to practice law or be a judge any more. He just refuse to learn the lesson when the story first broke. This is the same guy who kept sending text pictures of himself. Yet, in his testimony he tried to make it sound like he is the victim. It is just as much as his fault as it is her. Ms. Mott need to stop being foolish. The baby’s father is whoever you want to be? It is so sad you have a lot of women who play these same game to see who can give her a big child support check and two minutes of fame. You got involved with a married man just to have something to do because you were bored. Both parties made that choice to get involved with each other. I don’t feel sorry for her or the judge. The sad part about all this nonsense is that a child is involved in this circus.

  • dee

    Why does the judge sound like he’s preaching in church? He’s disgusting.

  • dee

    Hes an opportunist who didn’t understand that he was not above the law. How do you preside as a judge over a child support case then turn around and get that same girl pregnant?! He should lose his job because he violated every tenet that allows him to sit as a judge. He seems very arrogant and needs to be brought back down to earth. I hope it is his kid so he too can face a judge to fight over child support….dumb dude. As for her….I just have no response. The stuff that comes out of her mouth makes no sense whatsoever.

  • bigdede

    Please oh Please do the DNA test on Maury. I want to see which one runs off the stage

  • FromUR2UB

    This is as ratchet as ratchet gets. They both oughtta be ashamed of themselves. He wouldn’t have to share any of his biscuits if he weren’t using the bench to mack instead of do his job. How did he get a law degree anyway..infommercial for $39.95? And apparently she didn’t learn the first time around. Now there are two men she’s going to have to battle for child support. She also sounds like one of those women who has a baby by one guy, but claims another who is most likely to step up and support it, as the father. She has no shame because she doesn’t mind getting on TV in front of everybody and playing the victim, like she’s some young innocent thang who was preyed upon. Yeghhth!!

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  • They just had to be black smh. And then he pick the most rachet of all. And she don’t even know who the dad is. I can see it now a judge on the Maury show. *sigh*

    • GM_I

      You say “No” to ratchet puss-c Judge McCree can’t!!!

      • Chey


  • Rosemary Davis

    He didn’t think that all she wanted was a biscuit when he was committing adultery with her on his wife and she didn’t think he was so unfit while she allowed herself clearly too be used by this man for sexual favors both of them are complete idiots he doesn’t deserve to sit on the bench and judge anyone

  • Denise

    Ugh, I hope he loses his job and his wife divorces the heck out of him. No sympathy for either one of these idiots.

  • GM_I

    these h03z be actin up and her saying “The father is who I choose for it to be” is a huge issue within America today. Women such as this who DGAF at all, can name anybody they want to claim to be the father, purposely neglects to inform the man she names the father, submit her own address or relatives/friends address as his instead of his actual one, then when the man doesn’t appear in court becuz he has no clue even about it, he’s legally deemed the father by default & has to pay child support or go to jail smh. Paternity Fraud is still a huge epidemic in America & a problem that needs to be fixed. The only upside to this story is I hope more judges fall into this trap so they will finally be motivated to do something about it, more judges need to be on the other side of the gavel for a change.

    • MLS2698

      Yeah, they BE seducing, and dudes BE succumbing. That idiot judge should be fired! He had no business asking her out on a date because he had two, count them, two positions to protects. The law AND his marriage.

      • GM_I

        Yeah, he definitely needs to lose his job. They need to go ahead and make an example out of him, so other judges no they’re not above the law as most of them already believe. I hope the blogs follow this story when she gives birth to that baby & we get to read about who’s the father, definitely doesn’t sound like its the Judges baby tho. Probably her baby daddy, u know how these chicks be runnin back to Tyrone n shlt.

        • MLS2698

          She was already in court for some ” baby daddy ” type of stuff, anyway. It’s these type of women who can say ” the father is who I decided it to be ” that makes the stereotype pulsate and be alive. SMH at his testimony, and using the word ” biscuit “. But some men can’t turn down certain types of cooch.

          • GM_I

            “But some men can’t turn down certain types of cooch.”
            Open cooch is the most irresistible to us men, it just be so inviting lol

            • MLS2698

              I could just see her moose-assed face sitting there during her child support hearing being all seductive, and this fool-assed judge falling for every bit of it. But that’s okay because she is STILL a baby momma, and he WILL be disbarred.

  • Trisha_B

    2 grown people sneaking to have s3x in moms bed smh. Looks like she wanted a meal ticket & he was just thinking w/ his Willy. Lets see how fast after the baby is born she drag him to court for child support lol

  • olivia

    She’s very casual and laid back about all of this. I am not sure if I would be on TV with my dirty laundry.

    • MLS2698

      All I got to say is: Judge Mathis, come getcho boy, and this moose-faced yamp, talking about , ” it was something to do.”

  • IAJS

    This is just sad. All that prestige, power and book smarts don’t mean anything if you have a stupid private part who won’t stay in your pants. SMH