Top Ten List of Sexay Black Nerds, Who Can Get It

May 24, 2013 ‐ By Charing Ball

MN hill-harper

Admittedly, it has been a while, so I am feeling a bit frisky. In my mind, I have ran through the list of the normal lot of tall dark, chiseled and handsome – twice – and am quite bored (Yes, even of Idris). So in the interest of the wavering libido, I present to you The Definitive List of Top Ten Sexi Nerds, Who Can Get It. Trademark pending.

A nerd can’t be sexay, you say? Well perhaps you missed the episodes of “Family Matters” when the bumbling nerd next door Steve Urkel flipped the script on the ladies (in particular Laura Winslow) and became Stefan the So Fine. Or perhaps you forgot about that once-Harvard law nerd with a dry-uneven Afro, who transformed into the dapper, Luster Oil spraying, deep wave-rocking president of the free world. Don’t let the pocket protectors and graphic novel collection fool you, nerd lovin’ is good lovin. Yeah, I don’t know what that means but it sounds provocative.

So how do you got about finding one of these sexay nerds? Well the criteria is simple: first be a nerd; yet blessed with great genes; and/or have some major swag about you that makes me want to do you.

MadameNoire Video

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  • mainstreamisoverrated

    Hmmm I thought “nerds” were smart kids. The smartest kids were MEAN as heck. I never used or thought of that term though. These dudes aren’t nerds. Their just not stereotypical can’t put a label on it black guys. They didn’t date sistahs at my school. lol

  • Pam

    Love this list!! You hit this out of the park!! I am still in love this day with Kadeem Harrison. I still fall over a man with intelligence and glasses. Marc Lamont Hill….lawd I love him, as well as Donald Glover and Hill Harper. One more for the list who wasn’t on there is Jeff Johnson. He is an award-winning journalist, social activist, political commentator (TJMS), and author. He is dreamy 😉

  • Mercedes

    There all ugly including Taye Diggs

    • Zan

      “They’re” not all ugly…some of them are actually very attractive, especially that Hill Harper. Mmf.

      • Mercedes

        I guess that does it for you not for me. None of them have sex appeal and Hill Haper is not attractive in my eyes it’s a option.

        • KAJ3

          It’s an “opinion” you mean. And “There” vs. “They’re” all ugly. It’s your English that’s unattractive…lol.

  • kickash

    I love Donald Glover! He’s so funny and I love his music! I’ve always been attracted to guys like that. In high school the girls called these guys “lame” but I knew those were the right guys to be with in the long run…

  • Golden Goddess

    Dr. Tyson is my husband in my head. And where is Wayne Brady??? Swoon-worthy. Articulate and intelligent trumps swagger for me these days.



  • DinaLineth

    Donald Glover! Nuff said! Oh and as an astronomy nerd myself, I have a soft spot for neil degrasse tyson.

  • nursej

    I see someone has been watching the reruns on tvone, cause Dwayne Wayne CAN still get it. But Rodg…stop it…llamf

    • Nia

      ROFL! I thought DW was cute too!

  • JT

    I’m sorry, but Brother Mouzone can NOT get it. I like to relax after sex, not worry about getting capped in the vaj…

  • Vicki

    My guy is a nerd and the lovin’ is good. Lol. But he’s also the most stand-up guy I know. Treats me and my daughter with respect. All I can say is his momma raised him right and I’ve never been happier 🙂

    • hollyw

      You are right about that, those that don’t turn into late-blooming players after they blossom in college or something lol… They make the best fathers and husbands.

  • IvyNoLeague

    Love me some Childish Gambino , i have the hugest crush on him.

    • me too. thought I was the only one….

      • IvyNoLeague

        No you aren’t , lol he does something to me.

    • hollyw

      *whew!* He is the Truth! Him, Hill Harper, and Lamont Hill (my grad school prof!) are the only men under 5’10” that can get it! …and by that, I mean, I’d ask on a date lol


      • Charing Ball

        Sure you do Hollyw 😉

        • hollyw

          LOL whaaat, I do!


      • IvyNoLeague

        I love Lamont Hill , man listen if only i can get five minutes. You had a chance to look at him everyday ?? … aren’t you lucky. Oh you not slick
        lmao “ask on a date” hmmm.

  • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

    Donald Glover and Hill Harper was all i needed but Myron Rolle was an addded (yes with 3 D’s) BONUS! Got me fanning myself…. S/N: i didnt know a black man discovered Pluto wasnt a planet…

  • Nia

    IDK, nerd was a term I used in high school. Now most ot the “nerds” are the good dudes.

    • roqefyrodiw

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    • kittensonfire

      No one’s perfect. Ive dated nerds that were jerks…smart guys can be mean, stupid,rude, and cocky2.

    • Nope

      That’s probably because you’re over 30. And that’s usually the case with women of your age.

      • Nia

        ???????????? You’re stupid. I’m actually not.
        I do know that in high school, the guys on this list are not the ones all the girls were checking for. I also know that a lot of black women label men as nerds while passing them over for the ones who aren’t any good.

    • mainstreamisoverrated

      Not all “nerds” all good guys and I am in college. Many in my science department are very bad socially.