Kim Zolciak’s Ex-Publicist Describes Her As A Chain-Smoking, Splurging, Drinking ‘Client From Hell’ In New Tell-All

May 24, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

The past two years have been like the gift and the curse for former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kim Zolciak-Bierrman. Despite marrying her hot NFL-playing hubby Kroy Biermann, giving birth to two beautiful baby boys Kroy Jr. and Kash and snagging her own reality television spin-off show, the mom of four seems to make headlines every other week for something scandalous and negative. She kicked of 2013 in a bitter court battle with her parents- who are reportedly in the process of writing a tell-all book about her- over visitation rights to see her children. Whispers that she failed to pay the company that planned her extravagant televised wedding also began circulating. In more recent news, she’s currently in the middle of an ugly legal dispute with her former friend Kandi Burruss, not to mention the former NBA cheerleader who came forward earlier this month claiming that Kroy had been cheating on Kim with her. And now, her ex-publicist Jonathan Jaxson is attempting to expose his former client in his self-published tell-all book, Don’t You Know Who I Am Yet?, Radar Online reports.

In the book, Jaxson recalls how difficult it was acting as Zolciak’s first publicist because she was as unpolished as they come.

“She was definitely rough around the edges,” Jaxson wrote.

“A chain smoker who enjoys drinking, spending money, cussing like a sailor and causing drama,” he continued to describe the 35-year-old reality star. 

He went on to reveal that he was presented with the dutiful task of making Zolciak a household name over the course of several months, which was not easy.

“Kim and I disagreed on a lot of things, and we often fought like siblings.”

“She was a difficult client because it’s best when someone will listen and take my advice.”

“That’s the only way I can really help is if they let me lead the way. A client with their own ideas can take a lot of hard work and derail it in an instant.”

“It was frustrating because I could see all of her potential and I genuinely wanted to help her get to the next level in her her career.”

As if that isn’t interesting enough, just like many other people Kim has crossed paths with, he claims that when she made it big, she wasn’t trying to pay her tab after  utilizing his services! He says that he eventually had to take her to small claims court.

Sound familiar?

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  • Bg Mama

    Kim is not worth talkin about. Everybody knows that she is a paid prostitute. And Kroy with his prejudice self don’t know what he is in for.

  • IAJS

    We all know that Kim don’t pay anyone but her wig maker.

    • Beejcee

      I thought I read on a blog that she and Derek J had a falling out because of Kim’s failure to pay her hair bills.

  • lavett2012

    I can see it.. Heck all can’t be wrong… dont play with ppls money.

  • This “celebrity publicist” just recently exposed Amanda Bynes. Who would hire this guy? He must be hard up for money because he is hustling backwards.

  • Guest

    Lost soul like so many who will do anything for fame and money!!!

  • Ms. Kameria

    Her “career”?

  • Jacquiline Perkins

    white trash don’t cover it…..not surprised don’t cover it…”GOLD DIGGER that says it all”i hope and pray that Kroy don’t get cut or hurt and can’t no longer play….”BACK TO BIG PAPA and showing her girls love your self and look for men with lots of money even if he is married ….that how you live your life….’RULE 1.

    • Kim Caldwell

      No running back to “BIG POPPA” he’s out of CA$H …

  • Yvette

    Kim has already presented herself as a chain smoking, drinking, will sleep with anyone with money, potty mouth who thinks for some reason she doesn’t have to pay her bills. So what exactly is he gonna say that folks don’t already know? I have already reserved 3 stadium of seats waiting for her to sit in anyone of them at anytime. This dude needs to join her. His book will be in the half-off bin about a week after it hits the shelves.

    • KJ23

      Too true! Plus, I hope he plans to have another job other than a publicist, because once this book is out, who’s going to hire him as a publicist? Even if Kim’s ridiculous, he’s going to come off a person who’s going to put your business out there if he doesn’t agree with you.

  • realadulttalk

    Why does everyone wanna write a tell all about her? Can there be much worse she can do?

  • Nia

    SMDH. And you know in her mind, everybody else is the fool, not her. Karma is a big fat bish and she’s coming for Kim.

  • Thatisall

    So basically a RHOA recap.

  • Chey

    Not surprised.

    • Thatisall

      Same song, second verse.

      • Jacquiline Perkins

        you said a mouth full…that sums Kim up to the Tee…

    • Patricia

      I am not surprised. And he is trying to get paid off of that? People already, know she is a gold digging, chain smoking, non singing, (I agree with NeNe on this), foul mouth.drinking person. This not even news.