Chief Keef Threatens To ‘Slap The S**t’ Out Of Katy Perry On Twitter

May 24, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

I would add some sassiness to this post, but I don’t need my life threatened so I’m just going to go ahead and report the facts as is.

Yesterday, Katy Perry sent out what I’m sure she thought was just harmless societal commentary when she tweeted remarks about a disturbing song on the radio. Apparently, the song was titled “I hate being sober” and that didn’t sit too well with the pop rocker who kisses girls and likes it. She tweeted:

// to Katy, that track happens to be a new song by notoriously vile Chicago teen rapper Chief Keef, and when he heard Katy had some negative things to say about his song, he demonstrated the violence that runs so rampant in his songs with a few threats online.

Although Katy Perry may not have been familiar with Keef’s latest song, she clearly must be familiar with his position as an unofficial murder suspect in the death of slain Chicago teen rapper Lil Jo Jo. When word of these threats came her way, Katy wasted no time backtracking on her criticisms and even sent some compliments toward the ruthless rapper’s way.



Chief Keef retweeted Katy’s apologies, which I’m not sure is a sign of acceptance or a demonstration to show how he can put the fear of God in people. I’m just hoping his threats were harmless — and that he realizes it’s not the smartest move to suggest bodily harm to someone on a social media site when it will be retweeted nearly 10,000 times.

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  • jxs9

    Music from both of them is awful.

  • Get IT

    You can take the boy out of the hood, but you cant take the hood out of the boy.

  • scandalous7

    Katy is an idiot for apologizing, shouldn’t have given him the time of day. Now the white people know his name…great job boosting his relevance Katy.

  • Kylieky

    It’s incidents like these that make me wonder what Jay-Z, Kanye, Wayne and all of those rappers think. This is what happens when black men leave their sons to fend for themselves in the jungle. They turn into animals.

  • keesha

    Chief Keef is barely a legal adult and his life is already ruined in my opinion. I couldn’t believe that he was 16-17 when he first came out. All the drugs and drinking have terribly aged him. What saddens me is that people actually support the crap he calls music.

  • pickneychile

    Smh, somebody needs to take this cockroach to the vet and have him fixed. If he already has kids, Godspeed to them.

  • Courtney

    F*ck chief keef, crybaby bish… I can’t stand his music and no threat would ever make me feel the need to apologize.

  • DaisyDuke

    She didn’t have to apologize.

    • scandalous7


  • realadulttalk

    Really? So she can’t dislike a song w/o personal attack? Katy did not need to apologize to this idiot. Isn’t he on probation or something…I remember him doing something recently. Or I could be wrong.

  • TheAudacityOfDope

    His time is limited either way

  • Trisha_B

    Can’t stand this kid. & he just committed career suicide. He came for a white celeb woman. Meaning when this blows up, his label will most likely drop him, radios are gonna stop playing his music, & he’s not gonna be allowed certain places. He’s a coward, & I wish Katy didnt apologize. Isn’t threatening a violation of probation? Send his dusty self back to jail

    • Na Na

      Def Jam already dropped him once he got picked up by another label I can’t think of at the moment. But its def not as big as Def Jam.

  • Barbara Codner

    I guess misogyny extends to women of all races. SMDH.

  • TallGyal7

    He will have plenty of songs to write because I am sure there is a large percentage of people who don’t like his music. I don’t.

  • Say What?

    I am sooooooo tired of no class, low intelligence and trigger happy idiots resulting to violence to solve what aren’t even real problems. So Katy Perry doesn’t like you music? Then grow the f**K up and realize that as an artist that not everyone will. This trashy little boy like a lot of young and misguided people are the s**t stains of a generation!

  • bedot

    i am soooo over us being reckless and going straight for sexual insults and violence when we feel offended! why can’t homegirl not like your song dude?! why is it so offensive to your sensibilities that not every single living, breathing thing thinks you and your music are hot??? she doesn’t like it, the lyrics make her uncomfortable when thinking about the young folk listening to it – nuff said. why must that make you so angry that you want to slap her and shame her by implying she should give you head?!! i just don’t get it… i am so tired of entertainers being so self-absorbed, shoving themselves down our throats with their antics, foolery and general recklessness – yet if we make the slightest comment about it, they go for the jugular.

  • Tee Elyse

    If this is what the next generation of young black men coming up are looking like and/or cosigning, then I have serious doubts for the world as well! Smh!!!

    • MLS2698

      If Keef wasn’t rapping, he would be contributing to the crime rate in Chicago that is getting attention across the nation.

      • Chicagoan

        Keef is rapping and he is STILL contributing to the violence in Chicago.

        • MLS2698

          True. I only knew who he was a couple of months ago. Who signed him, Kanye, right? SMH. He’s just doing what he was taught. And why did katy apologize? she sounded scared.

          • Tee Elyse

            No, Kanye is the reason he blew up because he remixed his song, but I believe Def Jam signed him… Not to get all in the Illuminati talk, because I don’t believe in ALL of that (I do think there’s some sort of secret society in the industry, but that’s a WHOLE new conversation) I believe that the music industry is just another platform to sabotage our communities, so they’ll give a street kid like Keef a million dollars to keep on blasting this image to the youth because everything in the media is so subjective these days! It’s sad, but that’s what I believe. And in Chicago, “Chief” used to be a term to identify a high ranking Vice Lord

        • scandalous7


  • kickash

    Go ahead, Chief Keef, try and slap Katy Perry. Security will tackle you and haul you away before you can say Love Sosa. Nobody takes this fool seriously.

  • Reese

    He is hideous and what he said was inappropriate or uncalled for but what do you expect from somebody with no couth or home training? He is one artist I wish would disappear.

    • Na Na

      Dear GOD how I hate Chief Keef and I hate the effect he has on our children in Chicago. What Katy should have said was I’m an artist and I’m entitled to my opinion the day you slap the Shyt out of me will be the day I use my .9 caliber in self defense. Stop being scared of these punks, Katy got money and security too.

    • scandalous7


      • Reese

        LOL, I was using the term artist loosely.