What A Shame! Celebs Who Wasted Their Careers!

June 6, 2013 ‐ By Esi Mensah

Say it ain’t so…why did things have to go so badly for these celebs? from drug addictions, to arrests, to bad decisions…these celebrities not only fell, they fell HARD! Here are some of Hollywood’s biggest disappointments!

Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Janet Hubert

I know I’m not the only one who is still traumatized by the new “Aunt Viv” suddenly appearing on “Fresh Price of Bel Air” in 1993! It came as a complete shock to most fans when Janet Hubert was fired due to a reported contract violation and feud with Will Smith. The role was taken over Daphne Reid and Janet Hubert has just never had the same success in her acting career ever since.

MadameNoire Video

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  • Milly

    Tevin Campbell worked for a decade on Broadway. How is that wasting a career???

  • Jane Tow

    He has a PAGER!!!

  • ange

    Cut Amanda Bynes a break. She’s bipolar. That ‘aint no picnic.

  • SoAnyway

    I wouldn’t consider some of these celebrities as someone who wasted their career. Nivea, for one, shouldn’t be on the list because have children doesn’t qualify someone as wasting their career or making bad choices that would jeopardize their career. And I don’t hear about Lisa Bonet struggling so…

  • keisha

    Sorry – I’m commenting as I go through – Maia Campbell’s mother is Bebe Moore Campbell, the late writer. If you’d researched, you’d know that she suffers from bipolar disorder.

  • keisha

    And Dourdan was just in Mistresses, a show new show that aired on Monday…

  • kiki j

    This list wasn’t accurate. Just because you don’t hear from a celeb doesn’t mean they wasted their talent. Janet Hubert, lauryn hill, And Lisa Bonet all left the industry voluntarily because of things they didn’t like about it. Nivea said she left to raise her children which is commendable but now she wants back in. Chingy was just a fad and his music was catchy yet corny how long would that really last. The latter is just my opinion.

  • nolimit_soldier

    The name of this article is fvcking hilarious for some reason.

  • randomtandem

    Y’all better leave Aunt Viv alone! She’s gonna come on here and talk about your weave and all the people she knows who can get you fired! LOL

    • rainydaze80

      i’m just waiting for Janet Hubert’s rant to be the next story!

      • randomtandem

        that’s why she can’t get anywhere! she’s too busy ranting and acting like a victim! She needs to get over herself and her sense of entitlement cuz she aint entitled to shyt but shutting the f u c k UP! LOL

  • Roger Clark

    Lauryn Hill shouldn’t be on this list. You are putting people on here that are happy to be out of the public eye, do you listen to Lauryn Hill music or read Lisa Bonet interviews, they are not interested in Hollywood they decided to leave.

  • Roger Clark

    that’s a huge inaccuracy about Lisa Bonet, she wasn’t fired and she happily left the film industry because she despises Hollywood. Please dont speak on things without facts

  • BigRon

    Isaiah Washington should be on this list. Talk about wasting a career, Grey’s is still on TV and where has he been since??? Spike Lee doesn’t make movies any more so that’s all for him I guess. Too bad!!

  • Bits

    did ANYBODY proofread this???? geesh!

    • keisha

      Looks like they didn’t proofread, put much effort into the writing, or do much research.

  • DaisyDuke

    Every time is see Lindsay Lohan, I always think “who would have thought that Regina and Karen would have bigger Hollywood careers than Cady post-Mean Girls?” because at that time, I sure didn’t.