Kenya Moore Speaks On Rumors She Dated Her Idol Beyonce’s Husband, Jay-Z,Back In The Day

May 22, 2013  |  

Source: Twitter

Earlier this month honor of social media’s beloved “Throwback Thursday,” former pageant queen-turned-reality star, Kenya Moore shared a vintage photo of herself and hip-hop mogul Jay-Z seated in a car. It turns out that the 42-year-old beauty appeared as the lead model in Jermaine Durpri and Jay-Z’s `1998 summer jam, “Money Ain’t a Thang.” Basking in the memories of her video vixen days, Moore praised Jay and Jermaine for being “nice guys.” She was also sure to note that the picture was taken “pre Beyoncé.”

Of course, people found it suspicious that she felt the need to explain that the photo was taken prior to Jay-Z getting with his wife Beyoncé and before long, rumors began to circulate that Kenya and Jay dated in the past. After allowing the rumors to fester and spread for about ten days, Moore took to her Twitter page to deny having ever been romantically involved with the “Open Letter” rapper.

We’re sure celebs get sick of people making assumptions and spreading rumors about them, but it really seems like Kenya did a lot of contributing to this one on her own.

On another note: Kenya is aging beautifully! She’s just as gorgeous today as she was 15 years ago!

For old time’s sake, you can check out our girl getting her video vixen on in the “Money Ain’t a Thang” video posted below.


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  • Just saying!!

    She didn’t DATE him…but she still could have had sex with him, right? LOLOLOL

  • Chey

    ….Jay Z was lookin’ kinda good.

  • brwngirl

    Kenya just always needs attention …. silly girl tried to create her own rumor. smh

  • Na Na

    Kenya is sooooooo beautiful!

  • kb

    That was my song! Thanks for MN!

  • Y’all blind, that is clearly Jay driving that jeep. Just watch the video. Look at the lips and the wide nose. It’s a young Hov but its Hov all the same. I had forgot all about this song and I hardly pay attention to the girls in the video that are there for scenery. Now, if they were busting out some Choreography; I paid attention. And as far as Kenya, I don’t think she had to say anything more than what she said in the first tweet. I don’t know how people got her being a chick in a video to her and Jay Z dating. Both Kenya and Cynthia Bailey were in A LOT of videos back in the day.

    • kierah

      Her “pre-Beyonce” statement got the rumor mill started – not her appearance in the video.

  • MLS2698

    Why did she have to say ” pre Beyonce?” And Jay could never have a side profile like the guy in the car. But I don’t remember the video, so……..

    Old self tyrna shine! But i’ll give her points for being a dark beauty.

    • realadulttalk

      Ok…I thought it was just me who didn’t see Jay-Z in that pic. Lol

    • krystal johnson

      She is a beauty but she is always doing something to stay relevant. Girl you went back 15 years ago to try to promote yourself. Sit down.

      • Marehoop

        Well Said…

      • MLS2698

        Yeah, that’s what I meant. She is beautiful, but why mention something from umpteen years ago? she needs a rocking chair type of seat.

    • E Jilla

      Pure ignorance above. That back handed compliment of, ” she gets points for being a dark beauty” just made my blood boil. So essentially what you’re saying is just by virtue of her being dark she somehow shouldn’t be cute but seems to have defied the odds therefore deserving of points? Some of our people have truly been brainwashed. We uphold the lightest and whitest for their perceived beauty simply because they look like our oppressors yet can’t see the beauty of our own. For all of Kenya’s crazy antics, physically she is killing a lot of these younger and lighter chicks in the game.

      • Yeah thought I was the only one that peeped that. Worse compliment I ever received, “you’re beautiful to be ALL black.” WTF???

      • Just saying!!

        I agree….I’m a very light skinned black woman and I was offended by that statement, as I should be. Statements like that really expose our backwards thinking.

      • MLS2698

        I said it be cause I like dark skin; even though I have a caramel complexion. Give me a dark chocolate man any day! He can get ALLl the points, and if we’re married, he can get MORE! So, for everyone who is mad……whatever!

    • feather

      Why she have to be a dark beauty…and to get points for it.

      She’s beautiful.

      • MLS2698

        Cause dark looks good! Better than light!