Wait What? The-Dream Is Working On A Book About ‘Getting The Milk Without The Cow’ Because Marriage Makes Relationships ‘More Fragile’

May 21, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

In case you lovely ladies were anticipating another fabulous relationships book from male celeb who is dishing out questionable relationship advice, we have just the thing for you. During a recent interview with Sister 2 Sister, two-time divorcé The-Dream aka Terius Nash revealed that he’s in the process of writing a relationships book about “getting the milk without the cow.” Yes, you read correctly. When asked if he’d ever consider getting married again, the popular producer responded:

“Of course! I like the idea of it. I have this book I’m writing about how, as blessed as I am, how I could have a girlfriend; I could have kids with her, chill out and that’s my girl. We woo-woo-woo, whatever it is, and get all of the same things that you get when you’re married to someone. It probably didn’t work years go, but why get married? What do they say? ‘Get the milk without the cow.'”

He then proceeded to expound on his belief that relationships are weakened once vows are exchanged.

“But that word ‘marriage’ changes who you are. Immediately you’re not that forgiving and it’s just like, ‘We fought all the time when we were boyfriend and girlfriend and we never broke up.’ You have a good fight when you’re married and it’s like, ‘I’m out of here. Peace!’ It’s like it gets more fragile when it’s supposed to be stronger.”

Oh, okay Terius.

So ladies, who wants to pre-order The-Dream’s book? We hear you can get his book along with Stevie J’s relationships book on a two-for-one special.

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  • Bits


  • Patricia

    I need to holla at the book publishers to see if I can get a book deal. Apparently, they must be facing hard times to give book deals to anybody to write foolishness and to give advice on areas they never experienced. I need some money so I need to holla at some of these publishers.

  • Dee

    He’s as bright as a 10 watt bulb. Nobody wants advice from The Nightmare.

  • anonymouse

    i thought that him wh0ring around made his relationships ‘more fragile’…..who knew it was marriage??

  • Tehani

    You’d be a fool to listen to anything this guy says.

  • Bits

    as much as this article is trying to make a joke out of The Dreams statement if people would just think about ‘marriage’ on a deeper and less fantasy driven level they would see that there is actually some truth to what he is saying.

    • Keep that door open so you can bounce the moment you ain’t feeling it anymore. Sounds good huh?

      • Bits

        too some people it may sound good. i know for me it does. most people need to realize that being married does not automatically make a relationship magically work or keep people from leaving the relationship when they are not happy anymore. Marriage makes things more complicated when it is obvious that both parties should go there separate ways. people fall in love and people fall out of love married or not. if you’re not married the elimination of so many expensive and time consuming legal matters is a non issue. Any man or woman with a significant amount of money should not get married because the law will most definitely have them giving up most of what they’ve earned to the ex-spouse. there is no way around having to pay child support. but alimony/spousal support, splitting half etc can all be avoided if marriage is not in the picture. marriage is a legal contract a piece of paper at best. their is nothing romantic about a legal contract that says ‘you better not leave me because if you do you will be forced to give up at least some if not most of what you’ve earned’. yes pre-nup is an option but why even go that route if marriage is suppose to be binding for life. people get pre-nups because they know that marriage is not a sure thing. which leads back to the fact that marriage is pointless.

        • OSHH

          If the only reason you are getting married is because you think you are in love, then that is a major problem right there. Nothing wrong with being in love but it takes MORE than love to make a healthy relationship and,or marriage last and work.Things like sacrifice, compromise, friendship, dedication, respect, selflessness, fidelity etc.
          Furthermore marriage is more than a legal contract, it is a covenant involving GOD at the head and those two individuals looking to GOD for the ability etc to love(verb) one another and put up with each other, suffering one another when they get on your nerves etc but folks don’t get ALL this, that is why people are so quick to marry the wrong person for the wrong reasons.
          The Dream is an idiot who confuses lust for love and is just indicative of the sad types of mindsets out here in so called men.

          • You betta preach!

          • Bits

            i understand where you are coming from and of course no real relationship can survive on love alone but the reality is that marriage really has nothing to do with God or any religion really. the origins of marriage had nothing to do with a covenant with God. The religious aspect was introduced later. what the Dream was maybe TRYING to say and failed miserably at is that couples can have meaningful and lasting relationships without the ring and the contract. A relationship is no less valid if the couple chooses to be faithful and committed without ‘taking vows’.

            • OSHH

              To say that marriage has nothing to with GOD, ends the discussion with me and you.
              Having GOD at the head of your marriage has NOTHING to do with religion but everything to do your personal relationship or lack there of with GOD and without GOD I wish you lots of luck, cause my luck is in the LORD, thank you, GOD bless and goodnight.

              • Bits

                lol okay. i was just responding to your comment that marriage by itself is a covenant with God and at the very inception of marriage that is just not true. history attests to that fact. believing that God is the head of your life and therefore your relationships is commendable but God is the head of EVERY relationship. His/her special blessing does not just fall upon married couples. have a great day/weekend!

        • Committing your body, fidelity, time, resources and energy to someone you or iffy about is a recipe for disaster whether you marry them or not. You can find a partner who you trust explicitl, you confide in, who you rely on, on gets you, and who you know serves for your highest good in whatever they do. That is the ONLY person you should marry. If you have an ounce less than what I just described you are with the WRONG person girlfriend/boyfriend or baby daddy/momma. period!

          • OSHH

            YES Somebody committed to your well being who is right to you and right for you, about you and a life together. That is a rare thing to come by but anything less will just not do.

          • Bits

            i get what you are saying but what The Dream was trying to say (and I agree that he is an idiot on so many other levels despite this one thing that i agree with him on) is why legally bind yourself to someone who you love, cherish, respect etc? Why not just be committed to that person and IF things go sour then you have the option to just go your separate ways without the drama and expense of divorce. Things happen and people change and marriage does not guarantee a bright and sunny future. He is just advocating more flexibility in relationships.

            • This whole thought that marriage = bright and sunny future is a fallacy. There are pre-nups which can be drawn up if one is concerned with someone financially cleaning them out. You and The Dream miss the point entirely. I wouldn’t care all too much if he did a long term shacking arrangement until he caught a whiff of some new booty. Hey more power to him and his partner. I don’t like those bullshyt games however, when people make a permanent decision to have kids with someone they are still taking out for a test drive. I don’t agree with it and it needs to STOP!

              • Bits

                i addressed the pre-nup issue in my last comment to you and married men catch whiffs of new booty and test drive all of the time. marriage is not protection from that.

                • Did you comprehend anything I wrote? Do you think having children with someone you aren’t married to is any easier when you two separate? There is still court costs and certainly support orders. So what are you really talking about? I don’t like people playing house until it no longer suits them forcing their dysfunction INTENTIONALLY on children.

                  Put simply, if she isn’t good enough to give your last name then she for da*mn sure shouldn’t be good enough to carry your seed.

                  • Bits

                    can you comprehend anything about real life? sorry to burst your bubble but if you don’t understand the financial difference between court costs for child support and a divorce then thats your problem. you clearly have access to internet so try googling what the difference in time and money is when comparing the two. and btw court costs and support orders only come into play if parents aren’t cooperating. just because a couple separates doesn’t automatically mean that there will be trouble obtaining support for a child. couples settle support issues all the time without the courts getting involved. to end a marriage you HAVE to get the courts involved and divorce my dear is not cheap and is definitely necessary if you want your full freedom from an unhealthy marriage. children need to be loved and supported. so what are you saying children who have parents that are separated get less love and support because their parents are separated? get real for a change. there are plenty of children suffering with 2 ‘married’ parents in the household PLENTY. You’re tripping over a man giving you his last name? how about a man that is there for you committed and dedicated no matter what. i’m so sorry to be the one to tell you but a man ‘giving you his last name’ means absolutely nothing. i know you’ve been raised to believe that it does but everything you have been programmed to believe is not true. being in a committed relationship is no different from being in a marriage. marriage is just more complicated legally. period.

                    • I see. You are talking that typical black baby daddy drivel. Here’s my point this shacking and leaving sh*t OVERALL is not working for black people. It ain’t working. It’s not working for our finances it isn’t working for the infrastructure of our communities and it for d*mn sure ain’t working for our children.

                      If you want to layup with a woman for upteen years without any real commitment that’s YOUR business. Just don’t make any children in that tacky unproductive and detrimental situation.

                      Making a family with someone isn’t done on some “we’ll see how it goes” undertaking it is a serious commitment and if you aren’t being selfish you are in it for the long haul. With that said why you wouldn’t want your LIFE partner to have the legal benefits of being your spouse is strange, if she’s good enough to have your seed she ought to be good enough to have your last name.

                      Do me a favor and Google the court filing fees for divorce vs. support. I can guarantee you the filing costs are not that different.

                    • Bits

                      LOL I’m not wasting anymore time on this subject because I have clearly stated my opinion and proven my point. And btw divorce expenses go much further than filing cost. You think that its okay to be bound by a contract when you decide to commit to someone and I think that idea is ridiculous. I agree to disagree with you.

                    • I think its far more ridiculous to make a child with someone you won’t officially add to your family tree. Its just absurd really. Black people will STAY losing with this idiotic mindset. When my husband and I have children they will most likely be better off financially mentally, emotionally than any you make with your random baby mommas. In other words they will be winning while yours become fodder for the prison systems and welfare offices.

                    • Bits

                      yeah. okay. sure.

                • Cold Hard

                  You might want to brush up on your comprehension skills.
                  I don’t see how you missed that point, but then again…you’re agreeing with The Dream so I guess that answers it all smh.

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  • KamJos

    Open your eyes and your ears ladies. No excuse for being blind and deaf when they’re shouting their garbage from the rooftops.

    • Heck yeah. Least Christina could have got out of the deal was some semi-decent tracks.

  • Guest360

    I wonder if he would give the same advice to his daughter’s boyfriend when she becomes of age, which I highly doubt he would be advocating such nonsense if this mindset affected his own children instead of everyone else’s. I wish we stop giving these fools a platform to speak about foolishness. Smdh.

  • Yeppers

    Ninjas…. They get a lil bit of shine and think every word that come out they mouth is somebody’s gospel!!!! What makes these dysfunctional men experts?? Because they have millions of dollars?? Money doesn’t make you an expert or better at life than people without it, and I wish they would stop giving their 2 cents and further damaging the minds of an impressionable society more than it already is. Half of these people spewing relationship “knowledge” have 0 moral compass so why would I take advice from them…dream would know about how to get milk without a cow HAVE YOU SEEN HIS BODY WITH HIS SHIRT OFF… I say MOO TO YOU SIR.. Now sit. Go find a gym, get some milk outa that. I wish Miguel would have jumped on his neck.

    • Nisha

      I saw him in concert WITH a shirt on and saw the outline of the moob’s…that was enough for me. Mr. Human Teddy Ruxpin needs to have a seat and put on a training bra.

    • I can’t; why you had to wish the Miguel kick and nut smash to the face on em? Lmao!

  • twentyswt

    It’s always the people who have no clue how to figure out their own lives that wanna give advice. Stop it. U were married to Nivea but started to blow and started to feel urself. Divorce. U married Christina and really started to overfeel urself. Divorce. Figure out ur own life first before u have the nerve to suggest how other people should live theres.

    • A subpar looking, badly built person will always be feeling themselves if they get attention they normally would never, ever have gotten. He gonna ride this fame and groupie love until the wheels fall off.

  • pickneychile

    He has issues…

  • Nia

    Dude please stfu! Your book should be titled “I’m A D ouche and Even Though I Found 2 Women Who Would Have Me, I Still Phucked the Marriage Up Because I’m An A sshole.”

  • ORRRR you could have tried keeping your married d*ck in your pants.

    Might have worked out better for you. Some gold digger will be happy to play house with him and pop out a couple of support payments, I mean kids.

    That free milk comes with a high back end price. One day these ninjas will learn.