Kim Osorio Rings The Alarm, Responds To ‘The Gossip Game’ Body Critics

May 21, 2013  |  

Source: VH1

We hear it all the time- when you sign up to be on a reality show or to be in the spotlight in general, you’re automatically subjecting yourself to public scrutiny. Editor-in-chief of The Source Magazine, Kim Osorio, however, admits that despite working in the industry for so many years, she was a little taken back by the harsh criticism that she and her Gossip Game co-stars received about their physical appearance.

“One of the criticisms I heard about our show a lot of times was the way we look. I feel like I just look like a regular person, but when you’re on TV, people expect you to be extra glamorous and you have to dress a certain way, and it’s all about image and style,” the 38-year-old Bronx native told Sister 2 Sister.

The entertainment industry veteran added that this type of criticism only contributes to the issues that people have with most reality shows starring women and that it sort of contradicts what people are claiming they would like to see more of on television.

“I’ve heard people critique how we look as a cast… ‘Oh, they’re not skinny enough to be on TV. They’re not pretty enough to be on TV…’ I just think that does a disservice to all of the stuff we’ve heard in the past about what people want from reality TV.”

“’We’re tired of seeing these housewives and women who are dating people and that’s how they earned their way on TV.’ Well, if you’re tired of it, then don’t knock down the fact that we’re a show of women who may not be a size 2,” the mom of three continued.

Kim admits that she wasn’t bothered by the comments being made about her, but confesses that they did have somewhat of an impact on her co-stars.

“I felt a way about some of the things people were saying to other cast members. It’s hurtful when you say things like that.”

A little over a month ago, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez slammed the cast for being what she considered overweight.

“They all just sloppy and nasty.  They need to get they a** in the gym,” Hernandez said during a radio interview.

What do you think of Kim’s response to the critics? Would you agree that she has a point?

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  • IAJS

    Why is it that when people say that these women need to hit the treadmill they get a thumbs down? It is as though we don’t support being healthy in our community and it is sad. There is nothing wrong with caring about health.

    • Thaalia

      Its not about health, its about aesthetics and usually people who want them to do it for their health only want the tv personalities to do so because they ‘represent’ us. Get in shape cause not all black women are fat, either way, its for aesthetic reasons.

      • Britt

        Not all black women are thin or of normal weight either…about 80%, in fact. Js.

        • Thaalia

          i understand that. Lets not kid ourselves though. what im saying is that usually when people want reality tv stars to be ‘healthy’, they really mean i want you to look thin/fit because in turn it shows all of us arent fat/ i can identify with you if you are and it boosts me up in someway. People on tv become objects/a brand once theyre in the public eye. usually if we want reality stars to be anything (pretty, rich, classy, trashy, etc) its because of our own desires and beliefs, most of the time it has very little to do with a genuine concern for THEM, Even if what you want them to do is the right thing. im not saying they shouldnt be healthy.

    • V3

      Being thin does not equal being healthy. Unfortunately it is the opposite in many cases.

      • IAJS

        Nobody said anything about being thin, I said that why are people getting thumbs down for pointing out the fact that they need to get on the treadmill.

  • V3

    Because there is nothing more important happening on this planet other than how a woman feels about herself!

  • Britt

    Well…she wouldn’t have responded if it didn’t bother her, even just a little, the cast mates bit is somewhat of a front to protect herself. But here’s the real: They are a heavier cast of reality pseudo- celebs. The idea of “Thick” is a fallacy, it’s called being overweight, so ladies (a stretch as most of them don’t present themselves as such) make your way to your nearest gym.

    • Isshehi

      It wouldn’t hurt for them to workout at least 3 times a week i guess lol

    • SheBe

      I agree. Although she made some good points it wouldn’t hurt to lose a couple of pounds. I think they are beautiful women.

  • I liked the show, and I think Kim knows how to deal with the pressures
    because of all the issues she had with Benzino and The Source Magazine
    in the past! Loved all the ladies (except Drama when she was being extra
    and Sharon when she was acting like she was the world’s premier
    broadcast journalist)! They all had different personalities, and even
    though a few of them clashed, this show was nowhere near as ratchet as
    LAHHATL!!! Joseline and her fake a$$ can have several seats, all about
    letting Steebie and Zino call her a prostitute on national TV and she
    didn’t deny it once! She had to s. uck a bag of d!. cks to even get on the
    show… at least all of these ladies are striving for something and
    doing what they love!

  • its not her weight its kino…

    i think they are all attractive ladies…especially k foxx, and the one with the gay daughter…they are just a thicker set of girls…i love the show though.

    my critique of m osorio is her relationship with kino…idk, he is one of those dudes i meet and just immediately don’t like…i am not sure what drew her to him.

    its one thing to want a 3some but to ask your wife on national telly is disrespectful and rude…then his little game about on i just asked to make you think is complete bs…

    the only reason i would want michelle to get smaller is to have better chances of finding someone else.

    and on the breakfast club kino said in so many words that he is an industry dude so he is going to cheat…he is soo off it kills me.

    and he said something about her appearance when she said she wanted to be in front of the camera, he told her she needed to step her game up in a way that was like come harder. he was more suggestive than encouraging.

    so yea, me and kino, we wouldn’t mix well.

    • kittymabach

      Honey Viv’s SON isn’t gay, he is transgender..please don’t be ignorant.

      • Sheena

        You don’t be ignorant and think everybody knows the differences and terminology when it comes to transgendered gay people.

        • kittymabach

          No it was ignorant because obviously he isn’t gay and has stated what he was, people are just rude and try to be funny…it’s 2013 you should know the difference between gay and transgender don’t be that dumb.

          • realadulttalk

            Transgender is the way one SELF identifies…so I don’t necessarily think it’s ignorant or disrespectful for others to not agree with the way a person identifies themselves. As a hetero–I understand what it means to be transgender, but at the same time I do not understand it at all. I don’t identify with it–even many of my gay friends don’t quite identify.

    • brwngirl

      Preach! … there’s a thin line between being funny and being disrespectful and Kino seems to have passed that line loooonnng ago. & The fact that he would blatantly say things to her with no disregard and she never really corrected him…concerned me.

    • Isshehi

      Whats the big deal? Gay is gay. Straight ppl don’t care about specifics. The daughter is gay and looks like a guy…or wants to be a guy, whatever.

      • kittymabach

        obviously you are being rude, ignorant and disrespect when HE stated what he was gay and transgender are two different things it’s 2013 open up a book and don’t be stupid all your damn life

        • ShutUP!

          Shut up. Damn.