Just Like Old Times: Chris Brown And Karrueche Boo’d Up At Billboard After Party

May 21, 2013  |  

Source: Twitter

We fully expected a Chris Brown – Karrueche Tran reunion sooner or later after we heard the “Fine China” singer broke up with Rihanna, and according to the NY Post, that’s happened sooner rather than later.

Reportedly after the Billboard Music Awards Sunday night, Breezy headed to the Bank nightclub at the Bellagio in Vegas for a party hosted by Bruno Mars and according one witness:

“Brown was standing on the banquette dancing with Tran . . . he bent down a few times to kiss her, and kept running his hand through her hair and singing to her.”

Is anyone surprised? The mere fact that Karrueche was tolerating all of the Rihanna nonsense before Chris so publicly broke up with her to be with the Bajan singer told us she’d most likely be right there whenever that little trist came to an end, and it looks like that prediction was right.

Wonder how long this reunion will last?

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  • *nickiminajvoice* u ah stupid hoe u u ah stupid hoe…..u stupid stupid

  • VVV

    People like to call Tran all sorts of names like side chick, rebound, “hit it-quit girl” just because in their minds the great love of his life is Rihanna. Question: Tran and Brown are in business together. If someone is not a person I love and I have no intention of keeping them around, why the hell am I going into business with them. Perhaps in our desperation to paint Rihanna as the victim (she was a couple years ago, but not now and certainly not the victim on Tran) we forget that it is quite possible that he really moved on from her and is ready to be with someone else. Rihanna fought hard for Chris, nobody seems to be reporting that. How many attacks has Tran received from Rihanna over twitter with her racist rice cakes jokes. Rihanna fought hard for someone she thought would always be hers and he wasnt. Dumping on Tran, someone whom many of us do not know, just seems silly. Leave the grown folks alone.

  • Rae

    Maybe he had that attitude of wanting what he couldn’t have so KT just sent him out there to find out what its all about, he tried the whole Rhi thing again and realised what he had with her.
    They are all so young and a lot of young men are not ready to really settle down even if they do love

  • minerva

    i’m officially over these blogs– 28 seconds before the ad can be deleted !!
    it should be at one’s discretion to watch -or not!!

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    The fact that she keeps going back to him after all this is just sad. She must have really low standards and low self esteem. #Idontgetit

  • Jj2

    So glad there was not a camera following me around in my early 20s; we all do stupid things.#brainsstillindevelopment

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    *side eye* Soooo, essentially she did what Rihanna thought she was doing to Chris Brown: Go on and play with your little girlfriend for a while, I’ll wait here and when you get done and then bring your @ss back over here and act right like you got some sense. Side note: B!tch you thought you had him. . . Well that’s how I see it . . .

  • amir bey

    Wow, guess that’s why he said he didn’t want to play wifey with Rihanna. She played herself. Can do so much better.

  • Candacey Doris

    He’s not ready to be a man, just wants to play around. If those girls let him treat them that way then i can’t feel sorry for them.

  • doris


  • Suchalady

    If this is in fact true, it’s sad. He’ll settle for Karrueche because she doesn’t mind sharing him with the other hoes as long as she gets a piece. Rihanna is successful and independent and would not tolerate him cheating. That’s why he was and still is crying about it. He’ll learn.

    • mac

      she won’t tolerate him cheating, but she’ll tolerate him beating her to the point of needing surgery. Oh.

      Who was the one crying about it? Literally and figuratively. Making songs and music videos about it, spilling her heart on Oprah, tweeting about it, taking shots at his new chick.

      Please. You can tell she’s the one invested in this. He can barely be bothered.

      • VVV

        nobody wants to hear that truth. People seem convinced that Tran is some evil villain depsite the fact that she did nothing to Rihannna.

  • sammi_lu

    ‘We accept the love we think we deserve’

  • Tehani


  • chris, boo SIT DOWN


  • Just saying!!

    I’m sick of seeing this messy, ugly “love” triangle. It’s disgusting to me…

    • amirbey

      Sure is, letting him back and forth in their drawers!!

  • Chey

    I sure hope he treats her well!! She seems like such a sweetheart. Rihanna…you mad??

    • amirbey

      Why did either take him back?! Both fools, letting him back and forth in their drawers!!

      • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

        Thank you! BOTH of them are dumbasses

  • Billiejean

    Chris and riri had unfinished business, the relationship ended so abruptly, they needed get back together for a proper closure, now they can both move on. Chris probably realize karr was a better woman for him but he needed to completely end things with riri and see what it could have been and now he knows

    • Just saying!!

      I agree. I think Rih and Chris both needed closure and wanted to end the relationship properly as opposed to being forced to end it because of what happened.

  • Shrbarnett

    Karrueche is beautiful & wife material. Your precious Rihanna on the other hand….yuck.

    • Tehani

      How do you know what she is when you have never met her? What exactly is ‘wife material’ anyway?

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      Really though? What she is a “hit it, when I’m ready, then bounce”, “backup plan” woman. Chris made a fool out of her and she just keeps opening her arms back to him. I love me some Chris but he is too immature and a dog. And she is delusional if she thinks he is going to be faithful.

      • mac

        lol that girl ain’t worried about no fidelity, she’s playing the rebound chick in exchange for cars, clothes, and vacations. My guess is that she knows exactly what she’s doing.

      • VVV

        I think that is an unfair statement to be made given the fact that she dated Chris for quite some time before they broke up. They were in a relationship.

        • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

          I don’t think its unfair. Look how quick he was to dump her when Rihanna decided to give him another chance. He did this twice and hung out with Rihanna while they were together, let Rihanna disrespect her on instagram and twitter. I love me some Chris Brown but he is not the man I personally would ever want to date. She needs o find someone who respects her and puts her first. He just needs to slow down and worry about his career right now

          • VVV

            I think we see this from different viewpoints. You see it as Chris begging Rihanna for a second chance but thats not what played out. It was clear from the attacks levelled at Tran by Rihanna and her consort as well as her reaching out to Brown that Rihanna wanted back in, and Chris took HER back. Not the other way around.


    Booyah….Rihanna should feel rel stupid now…#keepyamouthshut

    • Suchalady

      ^ side chick mentality. Why should Rihanna feel stupid? Because he went back to his back up plan when his true love dumped him?

      • TRUTH IS

        But main trick was giving side trick a hard time?! When you become wifey you can “fight” fo man. Why she dumped him cus he was hollering at side trick? You get where am going?!

        • Trollolol

          *blank stare* I don’t think anyone gets where you’re going.

      • VVV

        She fought hard for a man and broke up his relationship thinking Chris would always be hers. Truth is, nobody owns anyone- thats why she should feel stupid. If Tran is a side-chick, what does that make Rihanna. I have never gotten the impression that Tran was a side chick. In fact she was was the main chick till Rihanna came around the second time.

        • LDN

          Rihanna didnt come around the second time, Chris is the one who went back, he didnt go back to Rihanna kicking and screaming he went on his own free will and left Tran, the only fool here is Rihanna for taking him back and Tran for taking back a man who publicly dumped her, most likely cheated on her and her for allowing him to make her look like a fool.

          Only winner here is Chris Brown who is getting his mack on…..he said hes too young to settle….Tran take a note of that last comment, if you dont want your heart broken again