Walmart Under Fire After Accusing Dad Of Abducting His Biracial Daughters

May 20, 2013  |  

Source: Fox 5

A Virginia family received the shock of their lives when they came home to a Prince William County police officer waiting at their doorstep, questioning whether or not their three daughters really belonged to them.

According to a Fox News affiliate, it all started when Joseph and his three little girls made a trip to their local Walmart. Because Joseph is White and his daughter’s are biracial, some of the store’s staff and patrons suspected that he had actually kidnapped the girls. After they left Walmart, Joseph stopped by to pick up his wife Keena and when they made it home, the family was greeted by a police officer.

“He told us very sincerely, ‘Hey, I was sent here by Walmart security. I just need to make sure that the children that you have are your own,'” Joseph said of the officer.

“I was dumbfounded for a moment. I said to myself, ‘Did he just ask us if these were our kids?’ Especially knowing what we went through to have our children,” Keena added.

“He checked my ID and he asked my 4-year-old to point out who her mother and father were.”

According to the officer, the police department was contacted by a Walmart security guard who saw Joseph with his children in the parking lot and thought it was “strange.”

An outraged Keena says she then called Walmart, demanding an explanation for the incident, but security wouldn’t take responsibility for the false alarm and insisted that it was a customer who initiated the allegations by expressing that he saw her husband with the girls and “didn’t think that they fit.”

Walmart reps say they are looking into the situation. Joseph and Keena have promised to never shop at Walmart again.

Check out footage of Joseph and Keena describing the troubling incident below. What are your thoughts on this?;;playerWidth=630;playerHeight=355;isShowIcon=true;clipId=8893567;flvUri=;partnerclipid=;adTag=News;advertisingZone=;enableAds=true;landingPage=;islandingPageoverride=false;playerType=STANDARD_EMBEDDEDscript_EMBEDDEDscript;controlsType=overlayDC Breaking Local News Weather Sports FOX 5 WTTG

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  • Sooo….Walmart is ok with leaving dogs to die in hot cars but they don’t approve of white people being parents of bi-racial kids? wow…

  • dontthrowstonz

    That is ridiculous!!! It happened in VA. People probably dodnt think a white man and a blackwoman had children!! Some people are ignorant. I adopted a girl that hwr father was Mexican and mothers white. I get the look of being trashy and omg she has a mexican kid. I wNt to go off but im the one with class and show her so much love.

  • MissRealuminatti

    That customer and security knew those kids were not kidnapped. They were just being racist and spiteful!

  • amirbey

    This is stupid; with all the kids being abducted, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If it were the other way around, they would want any and everybody checked.

  • Well….Damn,Walmart it’s like that tho?!

  • I’m
    understand the upset but on the 1 hand I am glad somebody was actually
    paying attention and looking at it as a possible abduction, especially
    when Black or Black looking children are involved. We have to be real.
    There are way more Minority kids missing than what is being reported. If nobody had of said anything and this was an abduction people would have been all over this claiming racism or a lack of caring on the part of Walmart because the kids look Black

  • childofjesusrose


  • Jaydee

    For the police to have arrived at their door they had to be given an address. Only a viwer who knew the family could give that. How the hell you know these people’s, street, county, and house but you don’t know their family.

  • Nikkita Michelle

    The way white people are adopting black children I don’t think I would have even questioned a white man with black daughters unless the children looked frightenened. This is ridiculous, but this did happen in VA.

  • SMH at you fascists who think this is ok. Sieg heil mein fuhrer Obama!

  • Laine

    I’m sorry, but I don’t mind that the Walamart customer or security was suspicious….Better to be safe than sorry, I think… ! It’s unfortunate for the parents, but if they were my children I would understand….!

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      But what were they basing their suspicion on? Let’s be real, if that family had been all white, NO one would have suspected the dad of anything, because they “fit”—how stupid does that sound? Seriously,it was still the racist notion that the girls couldn’t be his because they were black that started that whole BS mess to begin with.

  • the way children are getting abducted these days, some1 was trying to be a good citizen!! Imagine if he was actually abducting them and no1 acted because they were too afraid of being called a racist!!

    • MissRealuminatti

      Those kids did not appear to be harmed or screaming to get away. I’m sure they had normal interactions with their dad.

      • not every kid that is abducted screams, kids are very trusting especially really young 1s

  • moniqhar

    so what white dude was profiled .. wonder if she is as equally upset when it happens to the bruhs..

  • blackwomenwhitemendatingcom

    love me love my color.
    Black women looking for white men.
    White men looking for black women.
    Dating out of race

  • Allen

    The bottom line is that anyone can accuse anybody of anything, and you should always be ready with an answer. The protection is that the burden of proof is on the accuser, and just looking suspicious does not warrant contact, only observation. Without probable cause or “reasonable” suspicion of an actual crime, say missing children and a suspect fitting the description of the father, contact should not have happened.

    • Beejcee

      THANK YOU! Contact with that family should not have happened. A visit to secure the house, then a call to find out if children are reported missing (with descriptions) and information regarding the occupants of the housing unit. If all is clear the officer should have been on his merry way.

  • macaba

    I can understand with all the kidnapping of children that;s going on, that someone was concerned enough to call the police. Whenever I see a white man with black children or a black man with white children, I do wonder. ;One of my (white) neighbors is always with a bunch of black kids who are obviously not his. I never see the mother of the children but he couldn’t have stolen all of them. There are at least five. I do wonder how he ended up with them, but I don’t call the police because I figure that he could be babysitting , he could be dating the mother or they could be his foster kids. Foster children live with all types of families. Our family is black with a lot of mixture and we have kids from different shades, ranging from white to very dark. My sister who does foster care has had all races of children at her house. Right now, she has one white kid, one Hispanic and one Korean. Two of whom have lived with her for more than three years. No one questions her when she goes out with them. Possibly because she is female or because they are teenagers, but whether or not love has any color,in the United States, people notice anything that is not the norm. I live in a very integrated neighborhood and I see mixed children every day. From my own experience of mixed children, if the father is white, the kids are more likely to be of a lighter complexion. The three children were pretty dark, considering that their father was white, but when I saw the mother, I understood why. Whoever reported the family was a concerned citizen, whether he was black or white. The family should not be upset. Too many children are stolen in this country..

    • MissRealuminatti

      What if this happens every time he takes his kids out in public? No one could live like that…constantly having police question his fraternity every time he goes to the grocery store, the mall, movie theater, restaurant.

      • macaba

        It will not happen every time he takes his kids out. The older child is already four and this is the first time it has happened. However, by marrying a black womanand having children with her, he will not be able to ignore what black peoplego through in this country.

        His life will never be the same again. He can no longer be just a white man. His mixed children will always be viewed as black. He should be prepared to deal with the prejudices that his wife, and other minorities in this country face. I imagine that’s what ‘Real Truths’ meant by the statement “he has joined the other side.” He will view race relations differently. When he finds himself unable to protect his children from prejudice, the black man’s struggle willbecome his struggle He will have to fight their battles.

        People always think it won’t happen to them, and are surprised when it does. He should give the kids as much love and attention as he can, hoping they will have enough self-esteem not to let other people’s view of the world affect them.That’s how I raised my three black children. I gave them a great sense of
        worth, which enabled them to deal with all types of situations.

  • So is this Mississippi 1878? That’s pathetic to think biracial kids don’t have white dads. It’s not always the mom that’s white. Smh at the ignorance. My sisters dad is white and whenever she used to visit him in hicktown Indiana they would get all the “how dare you walk out in public with the half breed” stares so I’m not surprised. But I’m just glad it wasn’t the other way around. I can already imagine the riots black folks would be on now. Next time they should wear shirts lol.

  • they should both be happy that someone’s looking out for the safety of their children. Better to be safe than sorry.

    • MissRealuminatti

      So I guess he should never take his kids out in public ever again

  • You have some serious issues if you see color differences and reasons to suspect of kidnapping. Families come in all colors.

  • So tired

    Good Lord. No, Walmart patrons are not heroes in this. They are nosey obnoxious dolts. Did these children look in distress? How other than race did thru develop the gall to call the police on this loving family? Utterly embarrassing and ridiculous. I won’t shop there anymore either. Won’t be too difficult because Walmart is a nightmare anyway.

    “Join the other side” someone says. You are part of the problem that keeps us in the dark ages ruminating about things we could have resolved together a long time ago. Many of us are attempting to get past race and succeeding. Would be great if you’d give up your bitterness and join us (of all races)

  • wtf would u kipnap kids just to take them to wally world lol. they should sue

  • purhoney

    Let’s be fair. If it had turned out that the girls had been kidnapped and didn’t belong to him, we would have been asking why didn’t somebody say something? It never hurts to ask a question when something unusual occurs (even if its common to some people). I’m glad someone decided to say something.

    • So you can kidnap kids as long as they’re the same complexion?

  • I just watched the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame awards, and the late Donna Summer’s husband (white) and their three gorgeous daughters accepted on her behalf. The whole event showed many mixed families, and 100% of the children of these unions are stunners. Then I turn on Facebook and see this story. Ugh. Love and respect is what saves us all from the abyss of evil and hate.

  • CC

    I know of a situation like this…I have a family friend who is black and was at a Walmart with his little (white girl), she was supposed to be mixed(I knew when I first saw her she was white and she was not going to get darker as people say, he was in denial until his white girlfriend was tired of him and admitted she was conceived with a white man), but anyways as I said he was in Walmart with her by himself and she did something and he popped her on the butt and someone called the police on him…and he explained to cops it was his kid so nothing happened….But what about if u adopted a child of another race, which does happen, how can they assume it isn’t your kid…I mean it would be a difference if the kid was spazzing out like they didn’t know the person they were with!!! That’s Walmart for u!!!

  • jennifer

    its not walmart its Virginia lol

    • MissRealuminatti

      Exactly!!! Most Southern states are still 60 years behind the other states in America. lol

      • SheBe


  • Jj2

    Never mind that the little one has his exact face; in this world of interracial marriage and highly publicized adoptions to assume they did not ‘fit’ is ignorant and offensive. Nobody is running around town with 3 kidnapped kids in tow–just doesn’t work on multiple levels.

  • chanela

    the wife looks greasy as hell.

  • Candacey Doris

    I wish i could feel bad over this but they had to wonder if he was abducting them. Unless a man s wearing a sign that says I’m the father” with Maury’s signature he might be a molester. Jk, no need to go that far but you ahve to understand why they were feeling that way. Have to be careful.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      The point is, they had NOTHING to base their suspicions OTHER than the fact that he was white and the girls were black. Since when the hell is THAT alone a sign that a child has been abducted? Especially since interracial families are more common now. Your statement is ridiculous—hell, you have all-white families where the kids were molested/abused and no one suspected it because they looked like the “perfect” American family

  • Kam

    Im not sure what the census statistics are for Prince William County and interracial families but surely its not so small that people feel the need to pull the alarm when they see a white father and his biracial daughters. Were there behaviors exhibited by the girls that would make the caller think the girls were in danger? If thats the case then kudos for erring on the side of caution but if it was just someone being messy cause they couldnt fathom a white man having children by a black woman then they need to go sit down.

    • MissRealuminatti

      That’s what it sounds like. It was probably some old, white woman that hasn’t had sEx since 1953.

  • Fair and Balanced

    This is ignorance at its core, as many may know when you have children by someone of another color especially Caucasian your children could come out really dark, medium or so light you can’t tell the difference. It really depends on genes from both sides of the family I know someone who has one really light child and one dark but the same father, the dark one looks exactly like her father with minor similarities to the mother while the lighter child favors the mother more with minor similarities to the father but they are indeed siblings. It is worth noting that Walmart was one of the first corporations to start immediate lock down procedures if a child is reported missing in any of their stores. They lock down everything and no one is allowed to leave until the police and employees have thoroughly checked every crevice of the store and everyone is spoken to. Although in this case this was someone who felt the situation did not look right remember we are living in a world where ignorance reigns supreme. However this person must be living under a rock or felt it necessary to question the validity since dad is Caucasian and the children were darker did they even bother to look at the children? My guess is no.

  • FromUR2UB

    What if this had been one of those times when the children had been taken by someone who isn’t their father? I understand the mom and dad are all hurt and offended, because to them, their love has no color. But do we really wanted people to brush it off when they think something might be odd or out of place, especially when it comes to the safety of children? Mom and dad can be mad, but part of them should feel grateful that someone cared enough to ask that it be checked out. It’s like when a sales clerk actually takes the time to look at the picture on your debit card. Who doesn’t appreciate that??

    • I Tell It


    • Tiffany

      I agree with you, to a degree. Yes, I would want people to report something that they think may be odd or out of place. But the kids were playing with him and calling him daddy. Were they acting like they were being held against their will? WE don’t know but judging from their interaction with their father in this video, I bet they were acting like little girls with their daddy. The reason this couple is upset is because he was reported simply because they are different colors; not because the kids look scared, or things seemed “off”. Their colors were “off” to a bunch of bigots.

      • FromUR2UB

        Please see my response to Regina Brown Fuentes.

      • Thaalia

        Im still a little on the fence about this because its really a tricky situation for a person. Depending on how far away the customer who complained was, they may only really be able to see the fact that he’s white and they are ‘black’. The first thing most people notice are the DIFFERENCES and not the SIMILARITIES, thats human. He sounds like a regular there, perhaps the person who reported it wasnt. Too much grey because we dont know anything about the customer who reported.

        I work with kids and trust me, we get both black and white people who come over and like to talk with the children and some of them are straight up creepy, but the kids smile and laugh because theyre getting attention. Theres one Caucasian lady we watch who’s nice but seems a little off. Not because shes white, but a little weird. So as much as im for the equal treatment of all couples, I can see how a customer would be concerned.

      • Devon

        There are kids who have been kidnap at a very young age and believe that the abductors are their parents.

    • There is nothing to appreciate The color of a family is not a reason to suspect kidnapping. It’s disgusting to suspect that. It would be different if they were suspect b/c of the way the kids were acting toward their father. Color is not a valid excuse. Families come in all colors.

      • FromUR2UB

        If it were a black man with his white or hispanic stepchildren, would you feel the same way? What if the stepchildren were in the habit of addressing him by his first name, so that you couldn’t be sure he has a right to be with the children? Would it have been wrong for someone to verify that? All that happened is that someone asked that a police officer verify it.

    • SMHgurl24

      What is odd about parents of different color children going through a store together?? If the child is screaming, really fighting to get away or calling for that would be odd.

    • MissRealuminatti

      This doesn’t make sense. There are thousands of men (of any race) that have biracial kids…should they get racially profiled for that?????

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      I’m not buying it—if you look at the pictures of the dad and kids, they look EXACTLY like him. Apparently the person who reported him as suspicious didn’t even bother to see if they resembled him or not, which would have answered the question of whether they were his right then and there.

  • IAJS

    Better safe than sorry, although I would think it would be hard to kidnap three kids at the same time with no public struggle.

    • True and lmao @ no public struggle.

  • Trisha_B

    So many crazy things happening in the world, you can’t do anything anymore. A man can’t even go out w/ his kids anymore….most white men who abduct kids, usually abduct white kids. Just think how many creeps got away w/ it b/c people just saw that they were the same skin tone & didn’t even bat an eye

    • IAJS

      How do you know that “white men mostly abduct white kids”? There a numerous of ethnic kids who get abducted without a trace.

      • I Tell It

        You’re right- the only thing is, ethnic kids, particularly Black and Latino children, do not get the media attention that White kids do.

    • moniqhar

      how do you know white men usually abduct white kids since no one is looking for the black ones.. we dont know who is taking black children all we know is they gone.. how would anyone know since they get little to no press…

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      That’s what I’m saying!

  • Real Truths

    Big up Walmart (the only time I may ever say that). Considering white male propensity towards child sex crimes, and the fact those kids would have never hit the media (if they were abducted) due to having pigment while being a female…. I salute you. Better to be safe than sorry especially when it’s a child’s life and health at stake. It’s sad to see people who think that this country has turned on a dime just because they want to see it that way. She should have known better as a “black” person. But I guess all those rules go out the door when you join the other side. Black men know damn well if they’re going out in public with his mixed baby with white skin they better be old enough to talk and have that white woman with him!

    • Teya

      Exactly what do you mean by ”join the other side”?
      You are so insecure and bitter over Black females dating and marrying out of the Black race you will use anything you can to make derogatory comments when it comes to BW-Wm’re pathetic!

      • Real Truths

        Here we go again…lol. That’s what you do. You join the other side. I remember you from the last discussion. So I’ll say it again…WHETHER YOU’RE BLACK MAN OR WOMAN! Judging from your attitude, you have some deep seated issues. You’re about as bad the gays. Not only do you want someone to acknowledge it, you want others to worship it…that’s what I find pathetic. You’re like an online bulldog waiting for a change to verbally harass anyone who doesn’t bow down to your beliefs and agendas. Out of all I said you have a problem with “join the other side”. Grow up please!

        • Teya

          you don’t remember me from ish because i rarely come to this site BUT i do frequent Bossip and i recognize your name from there and LOW AND BEHOLD here you are spouting off about BW/WM are a bitter pathetic hen that has a insecurty and intense jealous about ir couples that are made up of BW/WM. Anyone that doesn’t believe it go to Bossip and check out the any thread about BW/WM like Eve, Zoe saldana and the latest one is this Black model dating Naomi campbell’s ex! this guy is something else!

          • Real Truths

            Naw…I remember you. You were the one on the Eve thread. Spouting the same garbage on that article that you spouting on here. I had to call you out once, please not again…..

            • Teya

              the only garbage spouter on here is your insecure jealous tryna be a bully azz..your like a pimple that always manages to show up at the wrong time! Only a jerk like you would take a story like this and turn it into your own sick platform.. you need to get a life and stop obsessing and whining about something you can’t change because it’s sickening!

              • Real Truths

                You’re hilarious….LOL

              • Real Truths

                Here we go with the name calling again as usual. But I guess it’s ok not to make certain because he was white. Sorry I’m not mind warped like you are. Sorry I’m not some “swirly”, sorry if I believe black men/black women relationships are superior to any other form. Sorry if I challenge your beliefs this country isn’t the same country it’s always been. Sorry if you expect me to believe in the decency of whites while neglecting hundreds of years of history. Sorry if I believe the only way blacks will succeed is if they do it themselves. Sorry if I don’t ride for white men like you do. But I do like one thing, I guess I do intimidate you or your beliefs because that’s the only way someone could be a bully.

                • MissRealuminatti

                  I just hope you are equally passionate on articles about black men dating white women. Probably not

          • I am a white mail and I think that beutifal black woman are HOT HOT HOT!. I would settle down with one who would have me for sure. You sir (or madam) are a clown.

            • MLS2698

              MALE. BEAUTIFUL. WOMEN.

              • I is ejimacated. I grajimated colij. I even gots a degree.


    • MissRealuminatti

      It depends on the location. In Cali, it’s very common to see interracial couples and biracial children. Anyway, most kidnappers do not take their captives out in public. They are usually chained up in the basement or in a shack in the backyard. It was probably some jealous white woman or a hater like you.

  • MLS2698

    Those girls may be darker, but I can see some of their father’s features. Well, they won’t be the first people to ” never ” shop at Walmart again. But it was a customer’s complaint, not Walmart who got things all mixed up ( a white person, no doubt). Walmart should send them a gift certificate.

    • MissRealuminatti

      lol “gift certificate” Maybe a Walmart steak

  • IllyPhilly

    Wow. What would have happened if it was the reverse?

    • Fair and Balanced

      If it were in reverse he would have had 10 or more police around him while he was on the ground being handcuffed that is the reality.

    • awesome o

      Is it was reverse everybody would’ve been too scared to do or say anything for fear of being considered racist.

    • This did happen to a Black grandfather of a mixed granddaughter about a year ago. Same confrontation and outcome.