LisaRaye Truly Stays In All White Everything (Including Kitten Heels) As She Shows Off Her Bikini Body After Weight Loss

May 20, 2013  |  

If there’s one thing that has always been consistent about LisaRaye in her career, it’s that she loves white. From head to toe, this woman could look good in any color out there, but she’s always been loyal to one of the more pale shades from the color spectrum. Even her swimsuits stick to the program, as she posted a picture recently of herself in the bathroom showcasing her curves, which she got right and tight again after a weight loss challenge.

On her Twitter page, and through a video series on YouTube, the actress went through a 90-day fitness challenge with the company ViSalus in the hopes of looking how she did when she played Diamond in The Players Club about 15 years ago. And with the ViSalus’ Transformation Kit, she had  to stick to two protein shakes during the day and one meal (yikes!) in order to cut the pounds. Starting late last fall, LisaRaye did a mixture of hardcore cardio workouts and working on her core, pole dancing (a walk down memory lane from her work in the movie) and more, along with the Transformation Kit. In the end when the challenge concluded in the early new year, she lost pounds (about seven), gained muscle (a good thing) and got her s*xy back, as she was hoping for.

You can check out her final weight loss video below and the whole series of them through ViSalus’ YouTube channel. While I wish she would have ditched the white kitten heels and hat (that just isn’t right, Lisa) her body is on point!

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  • I can see if she was a spring ckn…..but she’s way to old for that shyt…..I thought she had better sense than that….She looked good before the weight loss….so what was the sad motivation behind these pics….This looks like pure desperation….and needing some serious attention…..

  • Idk i think she looks great. When I lose these 40 pounds I’m in a bikini too! Bc I’d be proud of myself and ready to show my weight loss off. I do think she seeks attention though, hints this all white escapade. Who does that?


    Seems trashy, cheap and desperate to me. You can show your weight lost in many different ways. Let your weigh lost speak for itself. She still got rolls away to go…smdh

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    If she wants to wear a white bikini and show off her body then gone head girl! Stop throwing shade…If I had a body like that I would be quick to flaunt it. So if she is being “thirsty” for loving herself and her body? Then you all are being haters? OH. OK. GOOD DAY! WERK LISA!

  • I think her challenge was a way to motivate herself as well as others. You know you’re more determined if you know there are people watching you. It’s accountability and why places like Weight Watchers do weigh ins.

    • Her post is motivating me. I am attempting to tone and tighten up.

      Go LisaRaye! If I had her figure before her weight loss I would wear
      a bikini too. She was never overweight or obese to begin with. I say if you got it
      flaunt it *smiles*

  • thegoodluckpig

    does anyone wear kitten heels anymore?

  • MLS2698


    • Holly Grove

      I can’t wait until the word “thirsty” goes back to just meaning parched for a drink of water. Why does she have to be “thirsty?” I mean, the woman is trying to be healthy and she’s showing off her weight loss results. Is that so wrong? Maybe I’m missing something here. *shrugs*

      • MLS2698

        Well, she is ” parched ” for ATTENTION! She can show how healthy she is, but not this way. Just read KENEDY’S post. And yeah, its soooo wrong! AND THIRSTY!

      • Treacle234

        If she was trying to be healthy long-term, she would have looked into ways to modify her diet, portion control, serving sizes, calorie content etc. The fact that this visalus system is based on supplements for 90 days is not healthy by any means. It’s not like Lisa has a demanding job at the moment so she could have done the 90 day challenge using real food, not a regime that requires you to take a supplements to suppress appetite.

    • Kenedy

      I came here to say thirsty, but you beat me to the punch, and to the person below me, this screams all sorts of thirsty, #1, why do you wanna show off your weight loss? you lose weight for you, not for other people, #thirsty! #2, do you have to show off weight loss in an all white bikini and heels, she could have worn a gym outfit, #thirsty! #3, #thirsty!

      • MLS2698

        Ol girl lost 7lbs, not twenty or more, so she just needs to stop it. There is not even much of a physical difference in her photos. I’m sure she got her daughter to take that bathroom pic, because no man ( if she has one) would want that to end up on social media.