15 Of The Worst Magazine Cover Photoshop Jobs in History

May 20, 2013  |  
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Hollywood trades in dreams and sometimes reality just doesn’t live up to the fantasy. And when it doesn’t, editors turn to Photoshop. This computer program has taken an improbable standard of beauty to an impossible place, and as a result, these celebrities have been digitally nipped, tucked and transformed into images that are almost unrecognizable.

Image Source: Oprah.com


Oprah has received a lot of flack for the liberal photoshopping that O Magazine editors use for her covers. But this 2011 cover was supposedly the last straw for Rosie O’Donnell. The comedienne is said to be real mad that they photoshopped Oprah to look thinner than she was. Rosie says that Oprah has at lest 30 lbs. on her which you’d see if Photoshop didn’t consistently make Oprah look 50 lbs. lighter.

Faith Hill

In an effort to make celebs look impossibly thin and beautiful, editors can make them look alien. Check out Faith Hill’s arm in the original shot. Now look at it on the Red Book cover. It’s freakishly long and skinny. And that’s not the only work she’s had done. They’ve lightened under her eyes, erased the bit of back fat above her dress and un-hunched her back.

Andy Roddick

Women aren’t the only victims of aggressive photoshopping. This is tennis player Andy Roddick. But in the picture he looks like a weightlifter. Men’s Fitness exaggerated Andy’s physique so much that Andy almost didn’t recognize himself when he saw the cover in an airport newsstand.

Julia Roberts

Redbook got all the way out of pocket with this one. Instead of calling Julia Roberts in for a photo shoot, they decided to Photoshop Julia into the magazine — using two different pictures. Julia’s body is from the 2002 People’s Choice awards. Julia’s head is from another papparazzi photo. And you can totally tell.

Miley Cyrus

This Seventeen magazine cover made news headlines back in 2009. The cover image was taken when Miley was still a weedy 15 year old, yet the magazine still felt the need to put Miley’s head on another smaller child’s body. They also slimmed down Miley’s nose and did…something to her teeth.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt claimed that she lost 18 lbs. in 10 weeks and used this US Weekly cover as proof of her weight loss. But critics quickly called her bluff and capped on Jennifer’s Photoshop diet. The actress’s image has clearly be stretched and thinned out. The funny thing is that Jennifer did lose some weight and looked great. There was no need to publicize that spindly photo.

Christina Aguilera

Once upon a time, magazines wouldn’t let curvy women on their covers. Nowadays they just make them thin with a few touch-ups. That’s not Christina’s bust line, waistline, or the shape of her face. To add insult to injury, the article inside this 2012 issue was about Christina’s weight loss journey and her efforts to embrace her curves.

Image Source: Leiweb.it

Eva Longoria

If you hadn’t read her name, you wouldn’t know who this is. It looks like black women aren’t the only ones not light enough for some magazine editors. Eva’s natural color has been lightened to an unrecognizable hue by the Italian magazine Amica. And her cheekbones and jawline have been completely reshaped. If they wanted another woman on the cover, they should have found one.

Kristen Stewart

Sometimes Photoshop missteps don’t have anything to do with unrealistic ideals of beauty. This one just features a disfigured human body. We don’t doubt that Kristen Stewart can wench herself into that shape. Yoga does wonders. But we know that she has a left arm. And what, exactly, is going on with her left leg. Let’s hope that art director doesn’t work there anymore.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore says that this image of her on the cover of W magazine isn’t photoshopped. But unless she’s a member of some species of human I’ve never heard of, I’m not buying it. Plus, if you take a closer look, you can clearly see that her hips have been erased from the picture.


Marshall Mathers looks like he was drawn onto this 2009 XXL cover. The Photoshop job is so bad, people have speculated on whether or not those are actually Eminem’s eyes. Maybe he took a few puffs before the shoot and instead of giving Marshall a little Visine, they took to Photoshop to fix him.


Almost any picture of Madonna would qualify for this list. They habitually shop out her veins, Skeletor physique and wrinkles. But this is the first time we’ve seen her without her Areola. This is strange on several different levels. Get it together Dazed.

Prince William

We get it. Prince William would rather not be bald. Losing your hair can’t be a fun experience. But having hair Photoshopped onto yourhead is the 2013 version of a bad toupee. And the last time we checked, Prince William’s hair was brown. He should just go on ahead and get some plugs if he’s that insecure about his dome.

Sarah Jessica Parker

This is the beauty industry. And we understand touching up a line or two or lightening eye bags. But this is just ridiculous. This Japanese Harper’s Bazaar cover looks like a painting of Sarah Jessica Parker — in her dreams. She looks like some sort of alien cat woman. If I was Sarah, I’d be offended. That face has got her pretty far in the industry. She should be proud of it.

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