15 TV Shows With The Best Theme Songs

May 20, 2013 ‐ By Meg Butler

One of the best things about TV songs from years past, is the theme songs. With shows these days, you’re lucky to get a title card with the name of the sitcom or drama on the screen, but back in the ’80s and ’90s, theme songs ruled and these are our favorite.

The Wonder Years

This song gets you right in your feelings every time. It’s hard to listen to this theme song without a little twinge of nostalgia. The song With a Little Help From My Friends was originally a Beatles tune written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. English crooner Joe Cocker covered it with his sweet, gritty voice  for The Wonder Years‘ theme.

MadameNoire Video

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  • sanjidude

    In Living Color had THE best theme song (RIP Heavy D). Can’t believe it didn’t make #1 on the list.

  • Todd Jensen

    Sopranos, Sons of Anarchy, Justified, Firefly.

  • TraceFace

    Basically any song from the 70s-90s should have made this list, Charles in Charge, Small Wonder, Who’s the Boss, Facts of Life, 227, Gimme a Break, Night Court, Living Single, Martin, Half & Half, Married with Children, Family Matters, Hanging with Mr. Cooper, Sister Sister, The Wayan Brothers and more. The list can go!

    Not a particular fan of Friends. Love Seinfeld, but I could never relate to Friends!

  • Deb


  • soulfulness

    Gilligans Island n Green Acres
    Petticoat Junction

  • loveyd

    What happened to Family Ties???????????????????

    • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

      Sha na na na…. Lol

  • Howard Shore

    Bad list.
    NO Hawaii 5-0 (original, longer version)
    NO Mission Impossible.
    NO Secret Agent Man.
    Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Really?

  • jferthefab

    part 2: living single, Family Matter, Jamie Foxx Show, Martin, All That…so many

  • akmartey

    terrible list

  • CoCo Lee

    No living single tho????

  • TammyB

    Something about this list gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside…Memories

  • Britt

    Where’s LIVING SINGLE?! Where’s MARTIN?! Where’s IN LIVING COLOR?!! ALL IN THE FAMILY?! FULL HOUSE!! What about Married With Children??! And hey, even Spongebob has a great theme song!! Pleassseeee make a Part 2 of this List!!

    • Shay n Scrappy 4 ever! Lmao

      oh definitly in living color, i STILL remember those! Spongebob… i just learned the nautical nonsense be all that you wish line… Yes part 2

  • I really enjoyed “Half && Half”‘s theme song.

  • This was an awesome list! I didn’t watch andy griffin but i did stick around for the theme song. My other favs were living single, Martin, And all in the family.

  • Different World theme was the ultimate. Now as an adult I listen to the lyrics and they are the values that I seek to instill in my 12 year old son. It sends chills that these are the exact words that my parents would tell me.

  • Shay n Scrappy 4 ever! Lmao

    Where’s living single?

    • Ms.Brilly

      That’s not just for giggles. I still remember every word to the reading rainbow theme and find myself singing it at work for no good reason, lol.

      • Shay n Scrappy 4 ever! Lmao

        I had just bust out “I CAN DO ANYTHING!!” before posting that… thank goodness im at home alone today,lol!

  • sabrina

    Yeah, these were some good ones. But I’m sad…HAPPY DAYS didn’t make the list????? I never really watched the show, but I always would stick around just to hear the theme song!!!! 🙁

    • S`hena

      YesssI always loved the beginning, sunday, Monday happy Days! lol

  • pickneychile

    I agree, all these theme songs were pretty good even though I never really got into some of these shows. Sometimes I find myself randomly singing the themes from A Different World, Fresh Prince, Golden Girls, and Cheers. Lol