Broke Phi Broke? Chad Johnson Pleads With Court To Lower Child Support Payments

May 19, 2013 ‐ By Drenna Armstrong
"Chad Johnson pf"


It was all good a couple of years ago.

Former NFL star Chad Johnson is trying to keep his financial head above water and part of that includes wanting his child support payments for one of his children lowered.

Johnson recently filed court papers stating that he would like the court payments lowered because when he initially agreed to pay the $5,420 per month back in March 2012, he was doing very well for himself. But now, Johnson says he cannot afford the payments stating he”finds himself without a contract and without a team. Simply [I am] unemployed.”

The child involved in these particular documents is a son he has with Andrea Pearson. They were involved in a bit of a child support “battle” until they both agreed on that monthly $5,420 check.  The son is one of five children Johnson has fathered.

There was no word from TMZ how much child support, if any, he pays for all of his other children.

My, how the “mighty” have fallen.  Johnson was having a pretty good year in 2012 for quite some time: he became an even bigger star after he began dating and eventually being engaged to Basketball Wives cast member Evelyn Lozada. But that relationship ended in the summer of 2012 after he head butted her during an argument.

He was then released from the Miami Dolphins, he lost pretty  much all of his endorsement deal and he and Evelyn’s reality show was shut down.

No word yet on how the judge will rule.

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  • cheekee baby

    In other shocking news, heard they were going to get a heavy downpour in the rainforest.

  • childofjesusrose

    NO sympathy for this fool! 1st having 5 kids from different women, 2nd physical abuse against a woman, 3rd when there was money he should have invested wisely! SMH!!

  • Kisha Jones

    It’s funny how celebs are always seen splurging money, wine and dining women, and all of a sudden can’t pay child support. I have no sympathy. Stop making babies if you can’t or don’t want to support them. I guess he’s too good for a regular job. Smh when it comes to taking care of mine I’d scrub toilets if I had too. To bad there’s no judge a mother could go to and say, I have no job so oh well can’t take care of my kids. Stupid.

  • Tehani

    He only has himself to blame.

  • This clown

    My problem with him is, he is known for picking random twitter followers and flying them to Miami. He puts them up in hotels and does dinner, movies, VIP parties, ect.. For them for the weekend and then flies them back home.. Why are you now trying to lower child support?? Stop wasting your money on random people! And when he got fired from the dolphins his words were, ” I’ll never go hungry. Football ain’t my only means of making money.” What happened Chad? Those means dried up?

  • Jamie

    He should focus on getting an education and skill. Hopefully he will learn a lesson. The lesson he and other black guys who are athletes and entertainers should learn:
    1) Save money for emergenices. You will never know when you will get cut from a team or a hit an you are done. Don’t spend like it is no tomorrow or make it rain or a tsumani.

    2) Just because a women is pretty or fine, or another race, that does not mean you should have sex with her. Sadly these guys just refuse to learn, Gold diggers comes in every race. It is not only black women who are gold diggers. (Brothers, I know this one is a very, very, hard pill to swallow). Let me break it to you. It is the truth. Gold diggers comes in every colors and nationality. You cannot lay down with everybody. If they give it to you on a platter, you need to say no and go sit down somewhere. It will cost you in child support payments and a court expenses. If you do have sex you need to use protection. You cannot depend on the woman. It is just as much as your responsibility as hers.
    3) Domestic abuse is a no-no. You cannot hit anyone. Man or woman.

    4) Never say anything stupid on television, in interviews, or on the internet. “F*** the NFL”. that was stupid to say Chad. Now you are paying the price. You need to think before you open you mouth. I know there is a black out there who think he is untouchable and immune and this will not happen to and don’t think about their actions and decision. Newsflash!!!!!!!!!!! You are not immune.

  • Word

    sorry…can’t fine a crucible of sympathy for this dude…..Father 5 children!!!! IRRESPONSIBLE!!!!!…….lower your lifestyle Jack!…I’m sure you could live like common folk and afford a child….Life lesson here….didn’t use your Pen*s is you can’t (until they are 18) afford the hatchlings….LOSER!

    • Montell_Marion

      learn to type and don’t judge him

  • Taren Wrighton

    Good lesson for us all. Think first and walk away when it comes to violence that we get involved in. The fact of the matter, it can cost you your life, freedom and fiances, it is just not worth it in the end. I’m not talking about self defense, I’m talking about when you are in the heat of a fight or argument, don’t act without thinking first and walking away. He will be a has been before long, I feel bad for him and hope that his children will not have to suffer as a result.

    • Rosemary Davis

      Yes so true I am sure Chad has learned that lesson the hard way he will probably end up like Terrel Owens (BROKE) My Mom always said think before you speak in Chad’s case he should have thought before he behave in such a way that has stripped him of his dignity and self worth

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