This Is What We Do Now? Local Michigan High School Football Star Loses Scholarship Due To Rap “Career”

May 18, 2013  |  

Excuse us while we try to make sense of this.

*One Mississippi, two Mississippi…*

Yes, we have nothing.

Jay Harris, a local Michigan high school star, has had his scholarship to Michigan State stripped after his rap video gained popularity on YouTube.  The song “DatBull 4 Life” boasts of his life of smoking weed (which is also shown in the video) and his alleged conquests with women (teenaged girls is probably more accurate).

Philadelphia newspaper The Inquirer, spoke with Michigan State representatives and they said it was a mutual decision between both sides.

Harris, whose rap name is DatBull, says that he’s always wanted to be a rapper:

“I’ve always had this in the back of my head, but never had the courage to tell my parents that this is what I want to do,” Harris said.

He adds that when he committed to Michigan State in February, it was a “half-hearted” decision.  He also states that he decided to forgo his football career and education (because that’s the most important thing) a week before the video debuted and called Michigan State coach Brad Salem about two weeks ago to let him know his decision.

Here’s the good part and you’re going to love this: Harris is planning to release an album on June 1st. According to him, producer M. Stacks, who has worked with Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa, has reached out to him and they’re going to work together:

“I try to take advantage of every opportunity I get, and for him to like my music and reach out to me, I really appreciated that.”

This is just…unsettling.  We all know that that the celebrity lifestyle is tempting and the idea of having fame might be even more alluring but young men like Jay Harris don’t seem to realize that the chances of becoming a rap star are like 1 in a million.  Realistically, the chances of becoming a football star are probably similar; however, he’s missing the chance to also get an education for FREE.  That is an opportunity that he likely won’t get again.

One can only wonder what his parents are thinking.

We don’t want to be unfair so here’s his music video for your viewing pleasure. What do you think?

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  • LL

    Biggest…idiot…..EVER. I just can’t believe it. Yeah, so you’re heart isn’t really all that fond of football….Sooo??? Like the end of the article states, it’s education for free!!! And yes, I agree with previously made comments: where are his parents? family? teachers? Someone, to talk some sense into him???? Can’t believe this……I wish this was an April fools article or something……..*sigh*

  • freshman 101

    little boy musta bumped his head…he NEEDS to go to college…being on a college campus is a good way to start a rap career, j cole, plies…i think at least 60 percent of rappers went to college. and its no guarantee that he will blow

  • kierah

    Cut a switch!

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  • SMHgurl24

    WHO CARES! If he wanna spend his time making music let him! Not everyone is gonna make it to the NFL and not everyone is made for college. Let him live his life and stop judging on a system most people know nothing about!

    • Kenedy

      I agree. 10 years ago I would have tsked tsked this boy….but nowdays, a college education doesn’t even get you anywhere….at this point he should do whatever the F*&% he wants, life’s too short.

      • SMHgurl24

        Shhhhhh!! Your breaking the delusion of college = better life

    • dddooonnnttt

      Not everyone is going to make it as a musician either.

      • SMHgurl24

        So what hes doing what he wants. Most of the things people do are not going to bring them stardom doesn’t mean they shouldn’t do it

    • i care

      i do care because he is a young black male that had a free scholarship… now he wants to rap and no one thinks he is rational enough, or mature enough to make this decision.

      no record deal is guaranteed

      im really tired of these who cares comments when its obvious that there is something to care about.

      • SMHgurl24

        You cannot force someone to do what they dont want to do period. We all have different paths in our lives and no matter how stupid we think it is, its up to them to discover who they are. If he decides to go to school later good for him. If not thats ok too

        • Dani

          I feel you on the it’s his life let him live it the way he wants too. But understand some people are saying this isn’t the smartest decision to make now. He is getting a free ride to go to college something he should use to fall back on. Heck even 2 chainz went to college and other rappers did to fall back on. I wish he would have tried to do both school and rap. So at least if his rap career starts to he could’ve dropped. You know making sure he was stable before making a big decision like that.

          • SMHgurl24

            And whats the point of having a full ride if you fail out? College isn’t something that should be taken lightly, your either full in or full out theres no in between. Pressuring someone to go when they’re not ready is a guaranteed failure. Who cares if it isn’t full ride if he decides to go later, ain’t nobody here footing the bill but him (and maybe family if they decide to).

            • Dani

              What do you mean with the full in or full out? Anyone who goes to college can be a part time student. And we all would be footing the bill if he tries to get fafsa. Also their are plenty of artist out today who were going to college by day and trying to become a music artist by night and some of them were on a scholarship too. But like we both have said its his life and knows what he wants so I can’t judge him

              • SMHgurl24

                A part time student is a student either way and you can’t half a** being a student without it effecting you. And like I said nobody is footing the bill but him or his parents.. You gotta pay back what you borrow

    • JMO

      Andddd if his rap career fails what can he fall back on??? He could have went to school and tried rap later down the line. Do you know how many millions of people CANT afford college or WISH they could get free money?? This was a dumb move, point. blank. period. If he tried college out 1st then maybe the argument of it not being for him would be valid. I’m really hoping an old NFL/NCAAF player will step up and inform this boy of this golden opportunity before it’s too late because TRUST HE WILL regret this in 10 years…

      • SMHgurl24

        College is an investment. You gotta spend money to make money and if you REALLY look there are a lot of grants out there to help you out. Also unless you really pick a career that will never be in shortage you are really up s#### creek. College doesnt guarantee you an easy life, busting your a$$ in the right situations do. Like I was saying whats the point of doing something your not ready to do. If he tries out college an fails what then?

    • JMO

      Let me add…getting your education has NEVER EVER been a bad thing. ESP if its free. People complain about the debt, not the acquired knowledge.

  • Tehani

    For him to make this kind of decision says that he more than likely wouldn’t have done well in school and would have ended up dropping out anyway. The likelihood for him to have made it to the NFL is pretty slim as well. He just sped up the process.

  • Toni

    Yea smoking weed will contribute to you making DUMB decisions like that. When will our black young men learn…smh….just stupid on all levels!!!

  • word

    well what do we expect?!?! When you have rappers glorifying the un-importance of higher education with CD titles like “highschool dropout” and grown men, oh sorry, rappers proudly proclaiming that “you don’t need to go to college because I didn’t and look at me”. When we continue to feed this monster that promotes the degradation of women, promiscuity gang affiliation,drug use/abuse, weapon possession and the pathetic superficial display of ‘new money’ and yet we whole heartedly justify it, with excuses like..”he is singing about his life and his ‘struggles’ ” or “he is no one’s role model, parents should parent there kids”, These are the results….this truly hurts me, not only because this is our REALITY but that we are not aggressively correcting our toxic and self-destructive identity. Everything the black community seem to promote publicly is dis-tasteful and embarrassing and until we see that, we will continue to struggle.

  • Candacey Doris

    Where is this boy’s mother? Grandmother, aunt, somebody needs to knock some sense into him! Give up college and a scholarship for a rap career that will go nowhere?! Something is wrong.

  • Trisha_B

    Dummy!…I understand football isn’t his life dream. But he could have used that as a stepping stone. Gone to school for free playing football, but major in music. If music is his true passion, taking music classes & learning all there is to know about music would work in his favor if he wanted pursue a music career smh

    • delirious

      a guy from my college used football to go to college for 4 years and 1 year of grad school…thats how you do that there…i dont even think he wanted to play

  • Vonnie

    His first stage name “DatBull”
    His last stage name “S***”

  • Ebby

    Dang, I listened to his rap song and it sounds like something I heard before. Epic Fail! Better opportunity with school then that rap crap. Keep trying you’ll see soon I hard it is out there in the rap game.

  • SImone

    He’s young and naive. All his family and people who care can do is pray for him. I prefer that he went to school to get an education because from the look of it, he’s not wise and educated enough to make good decisions, life changing decisions. The music industry is nothing to play with and if he believes that living a life of being a rapper is important than he has so much coming to him. He could have went to school, possibly made it to the pros and then started a rap career. He could have been making music, doing shows to get his name out there while in school, they’re so many options, but he had to make this one. Hopefully the label doesn’t drop him if this doesn’t work out.

  • Tluv

    Mr. Harris should reconsider and plead insanity. Not only is he passing up a golden opportunity but, his skills are seriously lacking. I encourage anyone who wants to be a “rap artist” to attend school. People want to hear about your worldly conquests. Not just what happens in your hood! I feel so bad for his parents! I’m sure that they thought he was going i the right direction. They must feel helpless! Please reconsider, Mr. Harris!