Dwyane Wade Tackles The Hard Topics: ‘I Was Probably A Terrible Husband’

May 18, 2013  |  

Over the years, Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade has taken a lot of hits off the court about his personal life, including his fight for custody of his children, the alleged way he treated his ex-wife and his current relationship with actress Gabrielle Union.  Now, he’s finally ready to discuss it…well, a little bit.

In the June 2013 issue of Jet magazine, Dwyane Wade takes time to discuss his role as a father and in the midst of that, he reveals bits and pieces of what his relationship is like now with the boys’ – Zaire, age 11, and Zion, age 5 – mother, Siovaughn Funches:

Why he fought so hard for custody of his children:

“I didn’t set out to get full custody but I wasn’t able to see my kids the way I wanted and I’m not a parent who’s going to run away from his responsibilities. I was probably a terrible husband, but I pride myself on being a good dad.”

The state of his relationship now with Siovaughn:

“It’s been six years and hopefully one day she and I can get to the point where it’s a lot easier than it is now to co-parent.”

It should come as no surprise that they don’t get along: Funches allegedly claimed Wade gave her an STD and he’s allegedly called the police on her for not bringing their children back to him on time.  The two were together for many years, since they were both teenagers, so there are likely some very hurt feelings still involved.

You can pick up the June 2013 issue of Jet when it hits newsstands May 27th.

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  • Well at least he is honest and the author fail to mention the fact that it came out later that Siovaughn gave Dwayne STD’s, I wonder why?

    • Josephus

      I think its the right time that black women should realize that divorce creates more problems than the original problem. Children suffers m poo st when a couple divorce. If a woman loves her children, they should know there are many ways to punish an adulterous man, rather than divorce

  • sarah

    Yes DW you qualify for a terrible husband but also an ungrateful person in general. Didn’t her mother take you in when your mother was in the streets???

    • t’d

      he got what he needed now he is out.

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  • Men like Usher and Wade gets applauded for snatching kids away from their mother, destroying their mothers name bc they can afford better lawyers and have stans that will back them up and it’s sad. These men having custody of their kids don’t make them better parents it just means they can afford better lawyers. And all these stans with all there opinions hang on to their every word bc it must be true bc he said it and famous people don’t lie (rolling my eyes) . And what’s sadder is that they take them from a mother who has time to raise them only for them to be raised by nannies and family members. They only use the kids to hurt the mom, avoid child support, and gain sympathy and respect from stans. What’s so wrong with joint custody? Oh I know they may still have to pay child support, sad.

    • Usher and DW are given props for doing their jobs. I don’t get it, when you have kids you SHOULD take care of them. But the part where they got snatched tom their mothers- they are celebrated because of something more sinister: sticking it to women. Men typically lose in courts, and women are normally granted custody. These men are considered heroes because they “showed women.” It’s all about teaching women a lesson.

      • Teaching women a lesson? What lesson? That the one with the most money fame and power wins?

      • Tehani

        Men typically lose in court, because they don’t actually try to win.

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  • FromUR2UB

    He was a horrible husband, that’s why they’re divorced. I tend to believe that people get divorced so that they don’t have to continue caring for, fighting with, dealing with the other person and their sh!t. After a divorce, the responsibility and obligation shifts solely to the children. I would be highly offended if someone told me that I needed to continue cooking for and doing the laundry of an ex-husband, just because I have his children…especially if I have sole custody of the children. He would have to make his own way. Now, Funches has already lost the children due to foolishness. If Wade really wanted to be an a**hole, he could go after her for child support. She had probably better learn to quit while she’s ahead. Settle down, stop the antagonization so that she won’t make it look like Wade is justified in blocking her from the children’s lives.

    • Blackhawk

      Well said sista.. well said… simply beautiful!

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  • Tehani

    There is nothing to commend or applaud him for. To do so would be to admit that expectations for Black men are extremely low.

    • VVV

      Thank you.

    • Kenedy

      Say that! louder & top of mount everest….He’s been making headlines for being a “great father” by doing what the f*&# he’s supposed to be doing in the first place

    • t’d

      extremely low…i cant believe people are asking questions like “what does being a good husband have to do with being a good father?” really? everything. the two go hand and and and so does being a good ex husband.

  • Is he a better man now because he was a lousey husband?

  • dana

    children only get one mother. a good father knows it is important to take care of the mother, so that she is in good shape to help raise the children. he is a bad father. the worst.

    • They’d rather support mistresses or make it rain at Magic City, on strippers. How dare you suggest he take care of the mother of his kids? Anyways, men are getting privy to how child support works, and he only wanted custody to keep from paying his wife all of that money. I don’t doubt he lives his kids, but it’s money as well.

      • Blackhawk

        That’s all u care about, that’s all he’s ex wife cares about is Wade’s money. Men aren’t stupid.. he’s boys are able to enjoy all the luxurious trappings that their father can afford, so HIS CHILDREN ARE STRAIGHT.. her? just jealous and bitter.

    • Blackhawk

      Children only get one father.. so whats ur point. If she wants to be taken care of she needs to move back in with her parents so they can take care of her, because clearly she isn’t an adult who can take care of herself.. but ironically she deserves custody of children lol. He’s a bad father? He’s kids look healthy and happy to me.

  • currvalicious

    He’s not attractive & needs to have several seats.

  • jerrylarry

    i think that men in general who deceive their wives and cheat on them round the clock are sad when they have children and have the nerve to want custody of their children if anything we deserve apologies and for you to be at least a better man on co parenting by respecting you’re children’s mother enough to see if you can help by co parenting not taking you’re children and the system has the nerve to condione the bs smh the world we live in!

    • Blackhawk

      He just admitted to not being the best husband, but what that has to do with being a father. He has two young black sons, so i commend him in taking responsibility of them. Boys needs their fathers period.. especially black boys. So ya’ll can get pissy all you want about Wade the husband, but you can’t criticize Wade the father.

      • dominicka

        God gave children TWO parents for a reason. A good father would want to take care of the other parent – the mother who is the only one who will truly love and take good care of them in his absence. He is a bad father for trying to destroy the ONE woman who is charged with raising them. He has shown hate for the children by not taking care of their mother. He should beg for forgiveness from his children and their mother and repent.

        • Agreed. A good parent wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize a child’s foundation. That foundation is provided by two parents, and even though he is a good provider, he took the best thing that could ever happen to his life-their family, their foundation. Cheating is selfish, and the kids are hurt by the actions of their parents.

        • anonymouse

          you’re not gonna get too many likes for your post because it makes too much sense!

        • And the hate gos on while you conveniently left out the fact that he give Siovaughn $25.000 a month plus expense and she intentionally violated every court order the judge issued why just because she is a women!

        • inessa

          How many women take care of the father of their children? women feel like men should just be there to pay those bills and give the money for everything while she enjoys the life with their children..

          • really

            if a man wants to get taken care of by his woman, then he might as well bend over. lets not pretend that men and women dont have roles.

            soo tired of these new age men wanting to get supported by a woman…a man should never be comfortable in that situation.

            this is a really issue with black people trying to make women feel like they should not want a man to take care of them…women nowadays are treated like we should be the breadwinner and do everything the head of the household does yet the man inadvertently gets that title

            i call bs.

        • Blackhawk

          And his children don’t have both parents? People get divorce.. it happens, but as two adults you should try your best to not let your personal mess effect your duties as a parent. His ex-wife didn’t ( I even know her name). She went bat sh*t crazy worrying about what Wade is doing instead of trying to get herself together. Its been yrs and she still out there running to anyone in the media who will listen to her drag Wades name in the mud. Is she doing that for her children? No! She doing all of this because she’s a bitter, jealous, envious, vengeful and scorn woman.. which will do more damage to her sons then anything. So yes i’m happy that Wade has his boys and seem to take his roll as a father serious, because his boys need him!

          Sidenote: if Wade wasn’t rich and a top basketball player doing his thing.. most of you women would be in here yelling.. girl ur beautiful.. u could do so much better.. u need to leave his sorry @ss.. he don’t deserve you.. u can find u a better man. Well tell her that! Its been yrs. she needs to move on!

      • Tehani

        Women are tasked with being a good wife and mother, but men get to do one or the other. Is that what you think?

        • Blackhawk

          They are divorced now, so it shouldn’t matter what kind of husband he was.. its in the past.. over! However u should always for the rest of ur life be a good parent, because ur children didn’t ask to be here, u brought them into this world. Answer me this If he was such a bad husband u’ll should be happy for her that he’s out of her life.. its a blessing right?

          • Tehani

            What does your response have to do with my question?

            • Blackhawk

              Well i don’t understand ur question? What does being a good spouse have to do with being a good parent after a divorce. If she was a horrible wife, but a great mother, then i would say the same thing. She sucked at being a wife but she is a great mother to his kids and that’s all that matters since they are divorced.

              • Tehani

                “Well i don’t understand ur question? What does being a good spouse have to do with being a good parent after a divorce.”


      • inessa

        I never seen a woman loose her children because she committed adultery but when a man does it; some women feel like it should be his “punishment” to loose everything!!! Women never loose everything because of cheating!

        • Blackhawk

          He admitted to his mistakes in the marriage, but has she? I doubt she was totally blameless too. But ur right this is about being vengeful.. Wade seems to be happy and on top and she wants to see him suffer.

      • jerrylarry

        he admitted to the media did actually sit down or try to use some form of communication to his ex wife who was there when the fame and fortune wasn’t but we all have opinions just speaking mine I ben there!

        • Blackhawk

          i don’t kno.. maybe, maybe not. But like i said earlier u can get pissy all u want about Wade the husband, but not Wade the faher.

          • jerrylarry

            lol not pissy jus was an opinion true what u said but not pissy lol!

      • jerrylarry

        never said they didnt need their father coodles for him being a good dad
        its a difference between shared custody and taking full custody that’s why didn’t he take custody of the 1st son when she 1st had him if there was a issue? rite part of being a dirty dog nikkas and they selfish ways

        • Blackhawk

          Wade can’t just take full custody.. a judge has to make the decision to give him full custody.. i don’t kno the ins and outs but maybe she showed the judge irresponsible behavior that led him to believe the boys were better off with Wade.

          • No he showed the judge that he had better lawyers. It’s politics that’s all. These judge and lawyers don’t care about nothing but money. It’s just a nine to five for them.