Controversial Chicago Teen Pregnancy Campaign Features Pregnant Boys

May 17, 2013  |  


The Chicago Department of Public Health’s Office of Adolescent and School Health is taking somewhat of a different and rather controversial approach with their new “Unexpected” teen pregnancy campaign. Ads for the campaign feature pregnant teenage boys. Through the campaign, the department hopes to promote the message that teen parenthood is not just the responsibility of the girl. The campaign is also designed to continue raising awareness about the consequences of unprotected sex.

“Improving the health and well-being of our youth is a key component in our comprehensive effort to make Chicago the healthiest city in the nation,” said Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Bechara Choucair in the campaign’s news release.

“These ads work to increase education and awareness which will in turn help reduce the number of teenage pregnancies in Chicago,” she continued.

A recent report conducted by the department, Births In Chicago, revealed that teen birth rates have declined by 33% in recent years, but the city still maintains one of the highest rates in the nation.

“Adolescence may be the healthiest time in most people’s lives, which is why it is often ignored, but by building awareness and making adolescent health a priority, we accomplish two things: We can help reduce sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies now and we can help teens and their families build a healthier future,” said Suzanne Elder, program director for the CDPH Office of Adolescent and School Health.

In addition to the campaigns, the CDPH has also launched a series of other initiatives to assist in the reduction of teen pregnancy rates in the city including:

Be Healthy Be You: a website that “provides adolescents and parents with information about sex, relationships, contraception, condoms and more.”

Sex-Ed Loop: a blog site with posts “written by and for adolescents and disseminated on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.”

Student and School-Level Outreach: brochures and other informative literature on contraceptive choices to be handed to students this month

Condom Availability Program: condom dispensers will be installed in various public high schools throughout the city.

What are your thoughts on the campaign?

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  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    I love it! This needs to be in each and every school!

  • AFV

    If men got pregnant, abortion would be free through government subsidized special taxes levied only on women and abortions would be available at any government facility on demand until the 8th month and 29th day. Oh what a different world this wold be.

  • And they should’ve had him pushing a stroller standing in the welfare line because thats exactly what end up happening when the kids don’t give themselves a chance in life. I was one of those kids and I love my babies but i wish I wouldve seen a billboard or something lol. I was one of the determined ones that got my life together graduated from college and got off welfare but iy could’ve happened so much sooner if i were smarter while i was younger. There’s nothing wrong with this billboard. Whatever it takes to make this world better for our youth.

    • Latrece Hoskins


  • FromUR2UB

    I would be surpised if guys took away anything from these ads. All they have to do is remember that it can’t happen. And teenaged boys? Please. They’re more likely to find it funny than thought-provoking, and after they got through laughing at it, they’d forget it.

  • hollyw

    WOW…and I thought NYC’s campaign was bad… guess that topped us!!

    Naw, j/k. I think they’re actually better because they don’t shame the teens, just give any unorthodox perspective.

    • Taylor

      The ones in NY are fine. The teens should be ashamed if they are pregnant.

      • hollyw

        If you want to shame your teen, that is your business; my point is, it is not Bloomberg’s job to do so, esp. w/ my tax-paying money…h*ll, I can do that on my own! PSAs are for awareness and education, THAT is the diff. b/w these and those.

  • RMims

    This isn’t new, maybe for the Chi…but I do love the campaign.

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    I’m a Chicagoan and my 4 year old daughter and I saw the ads at the bus stop and she asked me why is the boy’s belly is big and I told her that he ate too much candy (not telling her what’s really going on because she’s 4!). But the ad is sending a message, if the girl is pregnant, the boy is pregnant too.

  • Na Na

    I live in Chicago and I think the ads are genius When I ride the train to and from work, it stirs u conversation among teens and adults.

  • Ms. Kameria

    It may be a funny looking ad, and it may be “controversial”, but as long as the message is reached, I guess that is all that matters.

  • Guest

    With the amount of protection readily available, truly unplanned pregnancies are more rare than some people like to think. So many agencies hand out condoms for free that the only way it can be unplanned is if it breaks and there is no birth control. If you don’t use condoms, you might as well start buying baby clothes!

  • Why is it a controversy when guys are forced to walk in females’ shoes? Maybe if more guys were forced to look at things this way, they would be more cautious, too.

    • IllyPhilly

      A freakin’ men! I don’t need to say it again ’cause I was.

    • I was gonna comment but you said better then I would have lol

    • Tehani

      If you are going to use to word ‘female’, you have to use ‘male’ also.

      • Latrece Hoskins

        exactly. I can’t stand when people refer to women and girls as “females” (shudders)

  • SheBe

    Anything to help these kids to realize the consequences of premarital sex (or sex before becoming a responsible adult) is fine by me.