Be All You Can Be: Celebrities Who Have Served In The Military

May 17, 2013 ‐ By Ashley Page

You’ve seen them on the T.V. and in movies and you’ve heard their songs on the radio, but you’ve never seen them in uniform. Though most celebrities are best known for their acting, musical talents, and money, some celebs should also be known for being veterans. Since May is National Military Appreciation Month, what better way to celebrate than to thank some of the best known celebrities who served in the military and defended our country.


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  • Frank

    Just saw that you put on number 7, “If you couldn’t tell by the outfit, Chuck Norris was once in the U.S. Army.” The picture shown he is wearing USMC Marpat, with Honorary Marine on it. Don’t know if you saw that.

  • Rick Brohmer

    How about Nancy Culp ( Ms. Jane ) on the Beverly Hillbillies. Culp’s service included the US Naval Reserve during World War II. As a member of the WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service), Ltjg. Kulp received several decorations, including the American Campaign Medal, the National Defense Medal, and the Good Conduct Medal. She left the service in 1946. ( HOW ABOUT THOSE APPLES?? )

  • Jackson

    It says he enlisted in the Air Force and the Army. But he only enlisted in the Air Force though he is wearing a Marines uniform.

  • 2ID

    ok for one. chuck norris is wearing an honorary MARINE uniform, therefore he wasnt enlisted in the ARMY.
    two, he wasnt even in the army, he was in the air force.
    three, they aren’t “outfits” they are uniforms: ACUs, MARPAT, AACUs, NWUs, not outfits.

  • Nay

    Sunny Anderson the Hot 97 and the Food Network fame, was also in the Air Force.

  • Nay

    That was awesome MN! There were some surprises there! MN, it would have been nice to see more black female veterans, especially since this site if for black women. Tae Heckard from “The Game” served in the Army for years and I am quite sure there are other celebrities that represented for the ladies as well. As an Air Force veteran it would have been nice to see my branch represented, Sinbad was in the Air Force and was a performer for the “Tops in Blue”.

  • laila

    Bea Arthur, ice-t, and nate dogg were the big shockers for me.

  • As a former veteran of the US Navy this was well appreciated!!!

    • dee4fun

      You are awesome.

  • yata

    Ok I was a hospital corpsman and we all know that Bill Cosby was discharged for recording blood pressure on a DEAD PATIENT. That s*** will get you kicked out as it did to Bill Cosby.

  • chanela

    i know it wasn’t us military but rihanna served in the military in barbados for a little while… in fact i think the singer shontelle was her superior or something. i’m too tired to google it right now. aha

    • Kenedy

      It was like military academy….I wouldn’t exactly call that “serving” in the military though

  • chanela

    oh lawdddddd! drew carey was FINE!

    • rainydaze80

      I said the same thing! I never woulda thought!

  • Dani

    You guys forgot Lashontae Hackard. She also was in the army too. Matter of fact her father was also in the military too

    • Dani

      But it’s still a great article I was just pointing it out if you didn’t know

    • Tehani

      Can she really be considered a celebrity though?

      • Geni

        She’s much bigger than this Canabis guy. She’s relevant due to “The Game” as the biggest show in BET.

        • Tehani

          I didn’t ask if she was relevant. I asked if she could be considered a celebrity. I mean, she is only known within the Hip Hop/R&B circle, and even then, she is not someone who is well known.

          • Nay

            A lot of the other “celebrities” named are only known within the Hip Hop/R&B circle as well. I’ve always been a fan of hers but being on The game and the attention she is getting from dating Nelly is putting her on the map. I would say she is up and coming.

        • NewYorkBunny

          “Bigger” than Canabis? You must be young.

      • I have no ideal who she is.

    • Geni

      I was hoping she was going to be on here as well.

  • TraceFace

    I am surprised that so many rappers were in the military!

    • Tehani

      A lot of Black men who join the services do so because they don’t have any other options in life.

  • chaka1

    What a great article…

  • IllyPhilly

    Go soldiers!!! That’s a job for the truly strong.