Well, At Least They Tried: Notorious Celebrity Comeback Fails

May 16, 2013 ‐ By Meghan Williams

There’s nothing better than when a favored star who’s fallen on bad luck returns to the spotlight energized and renewed. Think Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and even Michael Vick. But the sad reality is that comebacks are harder than we think – and certainly not wholly dependent on talent. Just ask these 15 celebs who failed (miserably) in their attempts. They know the deal.




We lost all of the R&B magic that was Jodeci in 1998 when the group went on hiatus – and it looks like we’ll never get it back. Just two months ago, the group attempted a comeback in London and not 30 seconds in, Mr. Dalvin had jumped off the stage, busted his arse and needed security’s help just to get back on. Then when he did get back on he, K-Ci and Jo-Jo (Devante was a no-show) sang out of tune, stumbled around the stage drunk and got straight up boo-ed. They then begged the audience to let them continue, before another group had to take over and finish their set. How horribly embarrassing.

MadameNoire Video

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  • lrg1971

    The Dru Hill vid was sad…and hilarious…simultaneously lol

  • …People it really wasn’t “that” bad damn we’ve all heard WORSE give her a damn break already

  • ♏ ®

    I will just hold on to my Dru Hill classics forever. The magic can never be reconstituted. I HEARD that interview & 92Q is partly responsible for instigating the stupidity. But that is the most ratchet radio station in history. I’ve since stopped listening.

  • ♏ ®

    Brandy & Monica seem to be doing just fine separately. So WHAT the single didn’t catch on. Monica album sales are alright.

  • Ms. Bee

    I’m going to give the author of this article the benefit of the doubt and say I think they meant Brandy and Monica as a duet. Individually they’re great, as a duet, their “comeback” was meek.

  • bigdawgman

    Alexander O’Neal??? Dayum bruh, that was painful to watch. Somebody should have gotten their *ss kicked HAARD for putting him on stage. Hell, I can go down to the crackhouse to see that.

  • Kittencakes

    Watching Ashanti struggle like that was painful. She didn’t sound that bad it’s just her voice isn’t powerful so it sounded like a kid at a talent show…she tried though.

  • UniQueLyEviL

    This was depressing.

  • wasboredtoday

    I think the person who wrote this article needed to fill space because, Brandy & Monica shouldn’t be on this list. They both have made quality music lately. Britney Spears? Not liking her music is one thing, but check you facts. Scream and Shout was number 1 in 24 countries, and top ten in several others including getting to #3 here in the US.

    • ThaVoiceoftheVoiceless

      Although I think Scream and Shout is one of the worst songs ever written, your right. The numbers speak for themselves.

  • tyuop

    Dear Dru Hill, don’t use your sister’s home economics project to be your comeback outfits….

  • pretty1908

    brandy and monica… seriously madame noire… both ladies had good albums and still book shows and tour…everybody doesn’t want to megastars some people just want to make good music and tell their story

    • JRoc85


    • randomtandem


    • Suchalady

      Totally agreed. The author just didn’t like the song and thought everyone shared her opinion. I swear people forget how HUGE Brandy was.

    • Yeppers

      Actually alot of of your favorite stars do want to be megastars. Everyone doesn’t want the never ending fame attack that some of the biggest stars face, but they are all in this game to SELL RECORDS and perform all over the world and be recognized. Even brandy said she wants to be recognized more. But the public is fickle and you have to appeal to younger audiences these days. If you are still singing lounge music or have a somewhat forced image because you are trying to seem “younger” then it’s not gon connect with teens… I think that’s a problem Monica and brandy have. Kids especially the BEIBER Age are making the beyonces and Taylor swifts and beibers of our age MEGASTARS. Spending/fan power isn’t in the hands of Monica/brandy fans any more unfortunately.