So That’s Who Kelly Was Talking About?! Ex Fiance Reveals Identity Of Abusive Ex

May 15, 2013  |  

Earlier today, we posted Kelly Rowland’s new song, “Dirty Laundry.” In the lyrics she details the abusive relationship she endured. Naturally, we were wondering who this man is/was. After her engagement to former football player Roy Williams, we didn’t hear about who she was dating. Which is a good thing. But in the digital age, word travels fast.

Because Roy is the only man we know about, folks incorrectly assumed that he was the man she was talking about.

But Williams took to Twitter to clear his name:

Source: Twitter

And then the Twitter gods blessed us with this gem. One of Roy’s followers figured out who the man was.

Source: Twitter

And Roy confirmed it. Cudda or Cudda Love, was Nelly’s manager/body guard back in the day…or maybe still today. (There’s not too much info on him right now.) But we suspect all that to change. This would make the most sense. Kelly mentioned that this relationship took place a decade ago. Which would have been around 2003, when she and Nelly recorded “Dilemma” and was subsequently spending a lot of time around Nelly and his crew.

There are very few pictures of him. But a while ago, Cam’ron posted a picture of Cudda Love on Instagram.

Click on the next page to see him.

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  • kelly evolving x9000

    i dont think it would be such a bad thing to out him…her mentioning it in t he song makes her more human to me.

    and if he did it, he did it he should probably come and apologize she was only protecting him by not talking about it.

  • minerva

    it took a “beyonce” to make you look/listen !!

  • minerva

    I’ve noticed on other sites that people overlook EVERYTHING that was said
    and focused on beyonce — the song also mentioned her mother, father…….
    kelly is not a solo artist, she hasn’t put in the work that it takes to be a stand-out,
    and quite frankly the voice is not there- say what you will, but her voice isn’t better than beyonce’s (lie to yourselves all you want!)
    with that said, what about her ardent “supporters”- did you buy her cds or bootleg them?
    that, in itself speaks volumes ; don’t blame beyonce ;blame yourselves if she’s not on top!
    I’ve watched several of Kelly’s performances– she just ain’t got it like that !
    you see michelle went on about her business -went gospel (won a grammy) and to
    broadway -she found her niche; kelly, find yours– and it doesn’t have to be about sex all the time !

    • Dani

      You just made the whole post about beyonce…. I like beyonce just as much as the next person. But you can’t (well shouldn’t ) have to bash the next person to make another artist look better. Kelly my didn’t seen like it in the past but we all found out why. She was going through personal problems. Problems like that gets to you mentally and physically so she was whole hearted into the music. I don’t understand why people compare beyonce and Kelly to each other all the time. They on the same team and they love each other…..

      • Dani

        I meant to say Kelly may not have the stardom

      • minerva

        no bash–just truth as I see it- as you see yours……….
        the proof in the pudding is how her (Kelly’s) “fans”
        don’t support her; maybe because they are all talk
        and no buyers?
        any reasoning to that?

    • Obviously dealing with a bey Stan. She should put yall on her payroll as hard as yall go. Yall seriously deserve a check.

  • lala x

    crazy (if its tru)


    WOW!!!!!!!! This s nelly li sis how u make r sister get hurt….WOW

  • Woah

    “For those of you who don’t know anything about Hip Hop..” What self-respecting BLACK woman gives a f u c k about hip-hop? I am not dumb enough to fund these silly negroes that rap about their hate for me.

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    Love has a language that transcends race.

    • Woah

      isnt that 2 white people in your icon?

  • Just saying!!

    Okay I know this is COMPLETELY unrelated but omg her skinnnnnn in that picture! Drop dead gorgeous!!

    But yah…could very well be the bodyguard. Who knows. Point is she had the experience and learned from it. It’s up to her what details she wishes to disclose. That’s a very sensitive matter and she’s already proven herself quite bold to put herself in such a vulnerable position the way she has. It’s commendable and I’m quite sure, therapeutic for her.