‘I’m More The Color Of A Popeye’s Chicken Breast:’ JasFly Reacts To Critics Who Slam Her For Not Considering Herself Dark-Skinned

May 15, 2013  |  

Source: Instagram

During Monday night’s episode of VH1’s The Gossip Game, journalist JasFly garnered a few questionable looks when she revealed to her co-star K.Foxx that she didn’t really consider herself a dark-skinned woman. Her comment appeared to shock viewers and K.Foxx, who told her, “You are dark-skinned” and “You just seem like you’re in denial.” Since the premiere of that episode, the outspoken columnist has received some pretty harsh criticism from viewers who also believe that she’s in denial about her skin complexion. In response to her critics, the reality star fired off a handful of tweets in regard to the debate.

She also composed a blog post titled, “I am Not Leaving You,” in which she discussed the controversy, explaining that she doesn’t identify with any complexion because she just considers herself to be Black. An excerpt from her post reads:

“Last night, episode 7 of The Gossip Game began with a scene between K Foxx and myself at ooVoo. I’d seen her interview with the beautiful Brittany Sky, the lead from Kendrick’s ‘Poetic Justice’ video and posed a question that unfortunately didn’t make it into the episode: Don’t you feel that ‘colorism’ in any form (light over dark or dark over light) is wrong?

It was that question that began the exchange that was aired. K Foxx felt passionately that the mass mistreatment of darker African-Americans (particularly women) warranted some recompense and was puzzled why I didn’t feel the same. She was sure I’d experienced some of the same color-biased disrespect that she’s encountered over the years.

But I haven’t. On my best days my skin is a glowy pecan, on the average day I’m more the color of a Popeye’s chicken breast. My skin sits between two shades of most foundations (this told to me repeatedly by accomplished make-up artists). I choose the darker so that even when I sweat, I won’t look ashy. I don’t consider myself dark skin or light skin. I’m fully aware that the color-bias does exist both ways, and it angers me but I’ve never experienced it first hand. I’ve always simply fallen in the middle. I’m brown. I’m never included in the discussion. And I’ve never really been told that I’m ‘dark skin’…Until K Foxx.

By this afternoon hundreds of viewers had made a point to tweet/Instagram/FB message me. The comments ranged from, ‘how could you be ashamed of your dark skin?’ to ‘girl you are not lightskin’ to my personal favorite, ‘You’re darkskin, if this were slavery you’d be in the field with the rest of us.’

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  • VJenae

    All I want to know is why she mentioned Popeyes? Lawd.

  • VJenae

    All I want to know is why she mentioned Popeyes? Lawd.

  • Clearly most of you missed the point of how the conversation even came about. K-Fox was consciously arguing for women of colour in general but stated that within the industry women who are much fairer are considered better and are first choice in music video’s and so forth. She didn’t intend to be malicious or try and create a debate it was just a shock for her and me personally that a black woman such as JasFly could comment and state that she isn’t ‘dark skinned’…I mean isn’t it a general and most obvious thing. She is not a light skinned women and whether her shade is lighter dark or not she is still dark. I command her for arguing against the whole #teamlightskin and #teamdarkskin debate but she is contradicting herself by diverting the main issue which is, that all of us as women of colour and different shades standing up against the divide caused by the media together without beating around the bush about the injustices happening which is causing insecurities amongst the black community. I am a black and proud dark skinned women fighting for the same opportunities as a black women who is lighter to me because we are all BLACK.Finally,nothing should based on skin tone but on talent.

  • KissesMalone

    The fact that we are attacking a beautiful successful BLACK woman for something as trivial as shade-ism is appalling Especially after all that we as a total group of people were subjected by whites to this nonsense. We can accept using the N-Word but we cant accept the fact that a black woman doesn’t play into the light skin/dark skin debate. SMH look how far we’ve come! I’m with her, I’m over it! Miss me with that! Love her all the much more because of her stance on it. I am a black woman who loves being a black woman. Enough said.

  • D

    The reason it’s still a problem is… well, turn on your television and take a look at the vast majority of television shows and mainly in the case of the women. Most shows now have an all light-skinned cast of females and will maybe throw 1 darker girl in there as the “token darker girl” just like back in the 90’s White television shows would have that one token “black girl” (example: Saved by the Bell, Lisa Turtle.) Current examples: The Game – Brandy; Let’s Stay Together – Stacy; Are We there yet Gigi.

  • msloveontop215

    shes clearly in denial shes dark enough but she has bigger problems like them bags under her eyes

  • MN can we please retire this specific subjects. Pretty please. I beg of you, as one of your loyal clickers, to please go at least 6 months without talking about ls vs ds? #overkill

  • joi

    Im a white girl and when i look at her i do not think she is dark skinned “OR” light skinned …I think she is somewhere in between . i have many black friends in all shades…now mrs drama is dark skinned in my eyes .I think she right for saying she is just black …she will not win either way

  • who cares

    i dont really give a f about this.

    just clicked bc i want my hair dyed like hers

  • I think this whole light skin/ dark skin debate is so silly! We’re all beautiful black people! The beauty of us is that we come in all shades! Other races try to tan and some even risk skin cancer so they can have our complexions, and we sitting back arguing over what the hell the right skin is?!?! It’s ridiculous!! Black and proud!!

  • moni

    Well I consider myself a Brown girl only because I called myself dark skinned and it didn’t sit well with a friend who is a dark chocolate color plus another ocassion a guy saw an id of mine and I looked really dark and he goes thats not u that person is dark skinned person. I’m just in the middle period.

  • scandalous7

    besides this, there is something I dont particularly care for about Jasfly, seems like her nose is a little up in the air at times. She not black, she is blaque.

  • Sigh…..MN loves this topic. Probably because of the amount of comments it attracts. It only attracts comments because there are so many insecure women in the world light and dark. To be honest i don’t consider her light or dark skinned. She’s brown yep the color of fried chicken lol. Maybe it’s the lighting idk. Either way who cares? Why get mad at how she perceives herself she’s still beautiful and acknowledges she’s black. As I said in another article (bc MN drives this subject to overkill) the only race that divides there culture into so many categories is black folk. STOP! Black is beauty regardless of pigment. I wish my fellow dark skin peeps would learn to love and adore the skin you’re in. I say that because the only ones mad about her statement is probably insecure dark skinned women. The only “privilege” to being light skinned is their tattoos turn out better than mine and yes that makes me jealous lol. Other than that I’d say we are even Steven! Love your skin light, dark or brown!

  • Britt

    It’s amazing how a woman that refers to herself as “brown- skinned” can cause so much controversy with black folk. Lol, It’s not that serious. There’s light, there’s dark, AND there’s everything in between…it’s always either or with ppl these days. What offended me was when “what’s her face” told the other chick what color she was. (sorry, don’t watch the show enough to keep up with names, as far as I’m concerned there’s ratchet girl #1, ratchet girl #2, etc, etc.) but I digress… as black people, why not just accept the skin tones as is and stop trying to divide and conquer? Old- school way of thinking…

  • princesspr

    ummm, well ok, JasFly, whatever you say or whatever way you want to go.

  • Dark

    SMDH. That girl is the same color as me. Darkskinned.

  • anon

    light skinned vs dark skinned is dumb black people come in all sorts of colors. If you put me me next to a light skinned person i am too dark but if you put me next to a dark skinned person i am too light. I consider myself brown skinned (when forced to speak on it)

  • NoKids4Me

    I see way more color issues discussed on the black websites than I do in person. I don’t have time to break people down into color descriptions. Black is black. I don’t know what shade I am supposed to be, and I don’t care. I’m almost 50, wrinkle free and as long as I love me, the opinion of others about my complexion don’t mean squat.

  • lee

    I think her whole letter was BS. Not letting the light- dark skin thing to divide us is one thing. But completely erase it is dumb. Its no shame to be light or dark skin but you are one or the other. Its what people use to describe each other. oh that skinny chick over there, oh that light skin black boy over there. Its normal. recognizing your skin tone is not dividing us. now, i also don’t like when somebody sees you as dark skin from THEIR perspective, you get defensive. THAT IS DIVIDING US. i dont get upset when somebody thinks im dark or light. its your perspective. thats it

  • clove8canela

    I think this whole debate is actually ridiculous but I see where she’s coming from. Although unspoken, from my experience “brown” skin girls tend not to experience the same blatant color bias that darker brown women tend to deal with. You usually don’t hear the ‘pretty’ for a dark skin girl comments, and when comments are made about ‘dark’ skin women, you’re usually not considered apart of that conversation. Are you considered light? No, but you’re just not considered apart of that conversation.

    But at the end of the day, this is so stupid; when others see us, whether you look like Michael Michele or Alek Wek…you’re black. Do you see these racist white folks putting Obama on a pedestal because he’s “light skin” & had a white mama? Could you imagine white people having this same discussion??

    • I personally consider Obama to be a brown skin man, now Harold Ford, that’s a “light skin” black man. I have heard skin color conversations from many ethnic groups, fortunately Im blessed to have friends from various ethnic/racial/cultural groups. I have personally had skin color and hair texture conversations with Filipino, Cuban, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Brazilian, Mexican, Italian, Irish,Russian, Samoan, East Indian and Jewish people. All races and cultures have a light skin group and dark skin group. In literature the word “swarthy” is rarely used to describe a person of African descent, “swarthy” is saved for dark skin, non-black people.

  • LOlo Brown

    when i was growning up we had black, dark skin, light skin, pecan pan, yellow, red,and brown- we all come in different shades of black- she is not dark skinned she is what we considered a brown skin girl and there nothing wrong with acknowleding the differences- the problem comes when u try to make one better than the other

  • Ladybug94

    Who cares? Do we not have more important things to discuss?

  • jjac401

    This is a brown skinned woman which is a beautiful color to be – like she said she is in the middle. What is the issue with her saying she is brown when she is asked?

    People always wanna be startin’ somethin’. Everyone is not either light or dark. Some of us proudly and beuatifully fall in between – and it’s all good!

  • POW

    Who freaking cares!!!! She’s black. Period

  • The only reason I’d take offence to this is if she’d insinuated that there was something wrong with being dark, which is not synonymous to simply saying that she doesn’t consider herself to be dark skinned.. Lol sorry, but i really don’t like it when people keep bringing up the race conflicts for really minor things because i think it just screams insecurities when you read into things so much

  • She’s not dark skinned. I think she has a right to be upset about being called something she’s not. It has nothing to do with not liking the skin you are in or not wanting to be dark. Hell, I get upset when I am called light. If you are going to label me label me correctly or how about just don’t label me at all.

  • Guest360

    I kinda get what she’s trying to say. I would say I’m lighter than Naomi Campbell but darker than Halle Berry. I swear us brown skinned girls get no love lol. But all in all this convo does nothing but prove this is a horrible situation we as black women find ourselves in and it has to stop. The labels, the colorism, and just utter disrespect we show people based on how they identify themselves and others. Be who you are and love it. Period. I wish this light skin vs dark skin debate would die a terrible death. It does nothing for us as BLACK women (which we are whether you’re white as snow or dark as the night sky) but pit us against each other. It’s horrible.

  • SheBe

    LOL! I watched this show for the second time yesterday ( the first time I had to change the channel because of how stupid the argument was and I did it again yesterday) and couldn’t help but think this is the MOST DUMBEST (yes a double superlative because I don’t think I have seen any argument as dumb as this) thing I have ever seen. Why is this still a topic of conversation? Intraracial issues are killing black people softly.

  • empress123

    Ok when did BROWN skin become a thing? Especially since SHADE is not the same as COLOR. If that were the case then light skinned should be YELLOW, Jas fly is BROWN and Naomi Campbell is BLACK. Oh yeah they are all BLACK thought right? Exactly…trying to make another category just so you will not be referred to as dark is silly. Everything is right about being dark! It is BEAUTIFUL!

  • Jessica2248

    just friggin dumb!! this color consciousness is going to drive some folks to the crazy house! go to sleep!

  • Who gives a crap? I mean really now? Any idiot who likens their skin color to fried chicken Imma need them to go ahead and turn in their black card ASAP!

    • Nia

      Thank you. She has issues.

  • Paige

    Of course she is brown skin, i don’t know any one whose skin is actually black. and the spectrum does range from light (yellow) to medium (red, brown) and dark (dark brown.) but in the context of either being dark or light ms. jasfly would be considered dark.
    I dont like how she says she has never experience color-bias, but then says she understands it. If she understood it she would understand what all the tweets are for.
    I totally agree with everything else she wrote, but seriously… rejecting your skin tone whispers self-hate to me. ijs.

    • Yeah for real though

    • olivia

      The true self-haters are those who feel that they have the right to shame this young lady into choosing one shade over the other.

      I understood what she meant perfectly. She is not rejecting her skin tone, she simply does not see herself as a light woman or a dark woman only a black woman.

      She is tired of the light vs. dark debate just like the rest of us.

      • i_stan_4_no_one

        i understand what she means also. if i had to categorize myself i would consider myself brown-skinned but at the end of the day i’m just black. most other people consider me light skinned and often try to argue that i’ve had the privilege of the “light skinned advantage” that often comes up in the light vs dark debates. i tell them i have YET to experience any preferential treatment for my complexion and i’m truly NOT that light. i’m just black and its really annoying when other people constantly try to categorize you. and its sad that all they seem to see is color.

      • KissesMalone

        the fact that we want to categorize ourselves like purchase available products is demeaning in of itself. How about instead of worrying about what shade of brown we are, lets combat the gun violence in Chicago, the lost children in our own communities that don’t get media coverage, or even the fact that our black men aren’t graduating from college at the same rate as our black women, or that we are apart of the growing rate of single parent homes in the world. That’s what we need to focus on, not the fact that she wear NW45. Seriously.

    • MOjo-a-gogo

      i know someone who skin is black- it happens to be my mom and she has beautiful skin and never had a problem calling her skin black- my dad, her husband loved it- and men always complemented on her color-

    • mac

      SKINNED. The word is SKINNED. Does it make any grammatical sense to say I am brown skin?

      Sorry, this is more directed to the vast number of blacks who commit this error, not just you.

  • Ms_Mara

    I think the fact that we STILL feel the need to place Black people in their proper color-coded section of the crayon box is kinda sad. Will we ever get over this complexion thing? Black is Black.

    • Be-YOU-tiful


  • Nita

    I think there are light-skinned, brown skinned and dark skinned black people and in reference to JasFly I think she is brown skinned, not dark skinned.

    • mac

      Forgive me, but this “brown skinned” nonsense is a term for people who are in
      denial about being dark. I’m her exact color and I have zero qualms
      about referring to myself as a dark skinned woman.

      If she had been referred to as light skinned, would you hear so much as a peep out of her?

      It’s only when people feel they’ve been NEGATIVELY miscategorized that they object.

      • cryssi

        Okay, so I may be a shade lighter than her and I refer to myself as brown skinned. If I say I’m dark, dark sistas look at me like I’m crazy. If I refer to myself as light, light women look at me funny….so eff it, I’m brown. I’m the same dang color as a brown paper bag. I’m not in denial of anything, everyone just sees things differently. Everything isn’t black and white, there are still 50 shades of gray lol.

  • Nikkita Michelle

    I’m entirely too high yellow for my own good so many think I should be silent on this subject, but she’s not dark to me. She’s brown skin. There are many shades of brown and they’re all not dark chocolate. She appears in this picture to be lighter than Grace Jones, who I would say is a dark-skinned sister.

    • I don’t even have to type it…you said it.

    • Guest360

      You hit the nail on the head. We all come in all kinds of colors so naturally if you’re going to pit two extremes against each other (light vs dark), there are going to be people in the middle who don’t fit into either. Which just goes to show that this whole debate is just nonsense. We’re all black at the end of the day.

      • KissesMalone

        Right! I dont think they have changed the census boxes for light skinned, middle toned browned, and extra dark skinned, lol only those who arent comfortable being in the skin they are in continue this nonsense. Preach girl!

    • KissesMalone

      lol I love how many people only think black women come in high yellow or pitch black. We are a multitude of shades of brown and should be proud no matter where we fall. I am glad that someone has intelligence comprehended this – you go boo!

  • Nia

    Did she say she was MAC NW45? The color they give to every darkskinned girl? Girl please. I dont even know who you are but looking at the pic you’re darkskinned boo. Ain’t nothing wrong with it.

    • Be-YOU-tiful

      SMH You clearly missed her whole point of writing that blog. Bottom line, she isn’t reppin for any shade or skin complexion. She’s just happy to be BLACK. Period. The End. Why make it a point to let everyone know that the color she wears is what they give to dark skinned girls? Who cares?! She never said anything was wrong with being dark skinned. I just wish folks like you would stop taking things like this so personal. Be happy with the skin YOU are in and don’t worry about anyone else’s.

      • Nia

        Girl, sit your azz down somewhere! She’s darkskinned and has a problem with being darkskinned. NW45 is for darkskinned sistas! Dummies like you think that we can get over color issues by ignoring them. We get over them by embracing being darkskinned and taking any stigma from it that some have.

        • Be-YOU-tiful

          Sweetheart, you’re clearly and there’s no need to be. If you truly believe what you’re saying is true, then why get all indignant? All the cursing and name calling, for what? That’s so unbecoming smh.
          Anyway, she clearly stated that she doesn’t have a problem with being darkskinned, so your “point” is null and void. It’s just people like you who feel the need to further carry on the discriminations that we as African Americans already deal with, by separating our color into different shades. We are all different shades of “black” and every shade is BEAUTIFUL. So don’t just embrace being dark skinned/light skinned/brown skinned etc. Just embrace being BLACK. THAT’S how you get over this “color” issue 🙂 We deal with enough from the otehr races. Why add discrimination amongst our own color. It’s stupid.

          • miemie

            PREACH sister

      • Beachesaredumb

        Okay, why are you taking this so personal? Are you one of those chicks who is darkskinned and doesn’t like it? Would you rather be the color of a Popeye’s chicken breast than to actual say you’re darkskinned?

    • KissesMalone

      Wait, didn’t she say she wore that shade (being that it was darker) so that if she sweats she wont look ashy?