Do You Believe Her Now? Tamar Hopes To Put An End To Bleaching Rumors With New Pics

May 15, 2013  |  

Yesterday, we posted excerpts from Tamar Braxton’s interview. In the interview, the singer emphatically denied rumors that she bleaches her skin. And still several folks, including some of you on this site, doubted Tamar’s honesty. So today, in response to the doubters, she posted this picture of her skin on Instagram, including a shot of her fingers where you can see her vitiligo up close.

Source: Instagram

She included this as the caption:

Although I have NOTHING to prove….I have NOTHING to LIE about! #donetalkingaboutthebleachB.S.

Personally, I don’t know why the bleaching rumors ever got so far to begin with. When a person bleaches their skin the tone no longer looks natural. (See Sammy Sosa and Vybyz Kartel.)

What do you think? Should Tamar have released these photos? Do you believer her now?

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  • Lizzydabizzyb

    Even tho I love all my white friends I would never want that color besides getting everything handed to me is not what I want to go about in life

  • mik b.

    What about the cosmetic surgery?

  • How come every light skinned celebrity is accused of skin bleaching? How come she can’t just be light because she’s light? I Know it happens look at beyonce who gets lighter with every magazine cover (bey stans don’t start with me! ). But some folks are just light. Why do black people always feel we have to make them explain their light color? Now as for the whole plastic surgery she know she needs to stop! Toni already exposed her on the episode when the mom went for botox. It’s sad that she’s so beautiful yet so insecure smh.

  • kickash

    I never thought she was bleaching herself, it’s like the go to accusation of black women, either they are bleaching or they have a fake butt. I always thought Tamar had some bad wigs/makeup though, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say bleaching.

  • sheena

    Okay your not lighting your skin, I never heard that she was actually, but what about the millions in plastic face? “Celebs” kill me picking and choosing their poison and what’s viewed as good and bad. she’s so furious that people would dare think she was bleaching but she’s not furious that she turned her pretty face in to Side Show Bob?

    • TRUTH IS

      Shes an empty head troll…..releasing hot air all day all night aka verbal diarrhea. I dont believe her. If you are content turning your face like a muppet, you will be contented bleaching

  • Nobody’s Business

    If you google pics of her when she released music earlier, she does look different. She may not be bleaching, but she had cosmetic surgery. Cheek implants, rhinoplasty, something LOL

    • Nobody’s Business

      Even Toni and Trina has had plastic surgery

    • I don’t think she’s gonna denying having plastic surgery done lol.

  • SheBe

    Oh, and I just want the “Hot Sugar” track to hurry the heck up! Lol!

  • rita

    idk what the pictures, though, if you have that sort of complexion (medium to light brown) you can look lighter or darker depending on the picture/lighting/time of year….i don’t really get what bleaching is and she probably doesn’t do that, but that doesn’t change the fact that in press photos/glamor shots she works overtime trying to look as light as she possibly can…

  • FABCEO29

    You should never feel like you need to prove anything to people who add no value to your life. At the end of the day, your family and real friends are all that matter. Who cares what the internet trolls have to say. They have no life but to sit on FB and Twitter and bash celebrities.

  • SheBe

    I hate that she felt the need to do this. Just do you. It’s all $hits and giggles until someone crosses the line of personal issues. Tamar should just log off for a while.