Eve Drops The Mic On Interracial Dating: ‘Get Over It!’

May 15, 2013  |  
Source: WENN

From The Grio 

Rapper and actress Eve recently made headlines for her comments about wanting her future children with her Caucasian boyfriend Maximillion Cooper to be raised “colorblind,” which were met with some criticism from fans and critics online. “I don’t want them to see color. I never did,” said 34-year-old Philly native said in an interview with Vibe Vixen. “I grew up in the hood and my mother was very good at it not being a black thing, even though I grew up around all black people. I want them to want to know everything about all kinds of races.”

The emcee, whose new album Lip Lock is in stores now, clarified her “colorblind” statement in a video interview with theGrio, saying she’s surprised that the topic of interracial dating is even relevant to the public anymore.

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  • Kenedy

    Who keeps asking Eve these questions?? & can she please not respond to them….pleeaasseee

  • Chey

    Eve’s the only one who needs to “get over” anything. She’s the one who keeps bringing it up. This is the only topic I’ve heard her discuss for the past few weeks.

  • She needs to get real. I know I read an article not to long ago where she was asked about having a white boyfriend and she said something like, “Yeah at first I was like wow I’m dating a WHITE guy?” I’m paraphrasing but that was pretty much the sentiment. So save that colorblind BS and raise that child with the knowledge that the world will see them as a black child mixed with something FIRST and prepare them accordingly.

    • 1Val

      I recall reading an article about Eve years ago when she stated her preference for African men because she was dating an African man. Apparently, she had past relationship difficulty with African American men. Hopefully, she has found love with her current partner. But she is too defensive as well as overly sensitive about this relationship. Again, I don’t think public has issues with her mate being non-black as much as she has a problem with it.

      • Well part of that defensiveness and sensitivity is because there is a heavy stigma on black women who choose to date other races. There is a not to subtle disdain and ridicule if a black woman DARES to “sellout” and date the “slavemaster” you know its true.

        • 1Val

          Perhaps but SHE appears uncomfortable being with him.

        • Real Truths

          True but no more of it than black men have received for doing the same thing. Or are they defensive because they were the ones calling out others now realize they are doing the same and don’t want to take what they dished out? Like they say…karma is a b*!

          • 1Val

            I made a comment about Eve not about black men. I suspect black men who interracial date are unconcerned with who black women date.

          • Here’s the thing though. While Eve is dating this white guy and having his kid she has not once said one bad thing to slight black men. Not one. But your homie Wesley Snipes gave an insulting interview to Essence magazine about how he would NEVER date a black woman. You should check that out.

        • Teya

          That’s 100 percent true!

    • 1Val

      And another thing, why is this young lady contemplating birthing children with a man she is not married to?

      • A lot of black women do the same thing with black partners. Baby first, marriage? Maybe? Par for the course I’m afraid.

        • 1Val

          The man’s race isn’t a factor in my comment. Incredibly backwards of Eve discussing child rearing with a man she is not married to. She should take a page from other black female celebrities dating and married to non-black men like Serena and Venus Williams who never discuss their lovers. Eve is truly making much ado about nothing. IMO public doesn’t care that much about her or who she sleeps with.

          • She is answering a question asked of her in an interview. She didn’t rent a billboard or hire a marching band to broadcast it. She’s excited about being a mother as most 1st time mothers are whether they are married to the father to be or not. She does seem to be uncomfortable to some degree by having a white boyfriend. On that point I agree with you. It isn’t that big of deal. The world if full of mixed children big whoop.

  • 1Val

    Eve’s boyfriend’s race is an issue to others because it is an issue for her. She seems fascinated with her man being white and just can’t stop gushing over him.

    • Teya

      You mean like all the Black male rappers who shout out non Black Women in their songs? She can gush over who she wants..I think if she was gushing over a Vlack man there wouldn’t be a problem but since he’s not the double standards and hypocricy come in.

      • 1Val

        No, I meant what I stated in previous post. Perhaps you are privy to conversations from black male rappers I have not heard where they defend their dating preference to be with non-black women. Either way Eve’s relationship is media fodder because she appears uncomfortable discussing her love life. Is she promoting a new cd or just back in spotlight because of her boyfriend?

        • Teya

          You’re trying to make Eve look like she’s gushing over her white boyfriend but you can’t discuss the fact that many many BM do this constantly ..shouting out Latina and White Women in the majority of their songs…If you’re going to criticize be fair about it..but i seriously doubt you will because for people like you the BM should never be told about himself because it means we hate him…BUT the BW can be attacked all the time and nothing is said about it. What are you afraid of?

          • 1Val

            My dear, whatever issues you clearly have with black men are YOUR issues not mine. I simply commented on article written about Eve not black men. I did not “attack” black women or Eve.

    • This is true. And all too true if you hear some black men who exclusively date other races. They self-congratulate themselves ad nauseum for snagging a prize. Makes them feel are warm and fuzzy and accepted inside.

  • Denise

    This is only an issue because Eve is an African American female dating outside of her race. Why is it always a problem when we find a love interest that does not fall into the African/Black category ( just look at all the slander about Olivia Pope)?

    • Real Truths

      That’s bull and you know it. Look at the responses to articles on this site with a bm/ww and see all the hateful responses it elicits. The only issue is hypocrisy. You’re justified in throwing shade when it’s a black man, but you’re the “victim” when the same vitriol is thrown at black women engaging in the same behavior (either both are right or both are wrong–only way it can be played). As a whole she’s using this to try to resurrect her long dead musical career is all. Why else would she say something as naïve as wanting to raise her kids colorblind (what a joke)? She hasn’t gotten this much media attention since the mid 90s early 2000s. Regarding Scandal once again more hypocrisy. Its wrong to portray black women in a negative light (angry, hostile, hateful, ghetto) in the media but when you have a show that portrays a black woman as a MISTRESS AND ADULTRESS that’s acceptable and somehow paints black women in a positive light? There’s a word called principle…..

      • Teya

        There’s also a word called jealousy and you fit the definition perfectly, you’re a bitter Black Man that hates to see us moving along with other races of Men thereby freeing us of all the Black Male drama..get a life and stop complaining and whining over what the sisters do.

        • Real Truths

          If that’s your best defense, I feel sorry for you. I’m not jealous of Eve or even want her for that matter. Since you can’t address the hypocrisy issue I guess you’re one of those people. Last time I checked, black women bring drama themselves. So are you one of those “bitter Black [women] that hates to see us moving along with other races of [women] thereby freeing us of all the Black [female] drama”? For your information I have family members married to non-black spouses and I wish them a long and happy life together. But since you have to resort to ad hominem attacks shows your lack of intellectual honesty on discussing this issue. Like I said before, either both are wrong for it or both are right…it’s that simple.

          • Teya

            Then feel sorry because it’s the truth..you bitter BM go from blog to blog weeping and whining over sisters that date or marry ir and it’s pathtetic! The problem is you NEVER see your name saying the same thing on BM/WW threads…because you are jealous , bitter hypocrites!

            • Real Truths

              Actually you don’t know me so all you can do is attack my “supposed” beliefs. And of course my beliefs have to be hypocritical to justify your actions for some reason. If you want to know where I stand just woman up and ask me. Don’t assume you know me… you don’t. I can’t speak for all men just like you can’t speak for me. I only know what I stand for and believe. I’ll leave the innuendos to you…you seem to be good at that. Sorry if you’ve never met someone who actually walks what they talk. By the way, I say the SAME THING regardless of whether it’s a black man or woman. Like I said before it’s either both right or both wrong (reference post #1 and #2)

        • TRUTH IS

          You are misunderstanding what she says. And if you are waiting for some “man” to free you of other men drama, you are lost. White men are no saviors. Ask Halle and Garcelle. Its not a race issue, its a HUMAN issue. Ive dated a jew…and he got more issues than US Magazine. Trust!

          • Teya

            Im not misunderstanding a thing so gtfoh with that. I never said WM were saviors so either read the line right or be quiet if you don’t understand. Thank you.

      • Ladybug94

        I don’t see how Eve us using this to resurrect her musical career when the media is the one that is making an issue of what she’s saying not her.

    • What’s the issue though and who has it?