Broken Hot Pockets And Strip Club Confessionals: LHHATL Episode 4 Recap

May 14, 2013  |  
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Last night, K. Michelle showed her natural behind on the fourth episode of LHHATL, while Kirk and Scrappy just decided to watch nekkid booties at the strip club all while swapping marriage advice. And let’s not forget the love triangles between Stevie J., Joseline, and Benzino, and Traci Steele, DJ Baby Drew, and a strange woman at his home. Bottom line: there was a lot going on and we’re still early into the season. Check out what went down.

Scrappy found his balls — kinda

We can’t be the only ones who were surprised that Scrappy finally sorta kinda tried to step up and defend his fiancee against the Queen of the Castle, Momma Dee, last night. Unfortunately for him, Momma Dee didn’t give a damn what he had to say about her lack of disrespect toward Erica, because she proceeded to let her son know his lady is a b-i-t-h-c and in that order.

Erica pumps the breaks

And because Momma Dee still doesn’t get it, and Scrappy is still wagging his tail between his legs, Erica decided to pump the breaks. Surprised, we are not. What we are surprised by is the fact that Scrappy still doesn’t get why his mother is a problem. He had the nerve to say Erica knew everything he came with from jump — um nobody in their right mind is going to sign up for marriage to a mama’s boy who’s mother calls her out her name every two seconds and tries to set her engaged son up with someone else.

K. Michelle’s c**chie don’t work no mo’

Poor K. her hot pocket is broke y’all. At first we didn’t quite know what K. Michelle meant when she said her hot pocket has been broken since the last guy she slept with, which by the way we think is JR Smith. Regardless, when she took a trip to the OBGYN and explained to her gynecologist that she can no longer get it wet, he gave her advice any good girlfriend would: get over that last loser!

Karlie Redd’s starting ish again

Remember last season when Karlie Redd broke the news to Mimi that Stevie had another woman? Well this season she’s starting more stuff again by telling Joseline that Benzino told her they slept together. Y’all know the Puerto Rican princess isn’t about that life, she quickly told Stevie J his boy was running his mouth. But he didn’t trip. Apparently it would’ve been nothing if Zino did sleep with Joseline, but since Stevie knows he didn’t, he just wants to know why he’s lying.

K. Michelle loses her natural mind

When we tell you K. Michelle went all the way off on Kirk last night, that doesn’t even sum it up. Kirk headed to the studio to confront the always outspoken singer, but within two minutes K. told him straight up: “f**k your wife.” Then she proceeded to question Kirk about he and Rasheeda’s lesbian relationship, his Lee press-on nails, and Claires Boutique jewelry. Oh and to top off the reading, she sang an impromptu song with shade for days.

Stevie puts his h* before his bro

We should’ve had a tally running for how many times Stevie and Benzino talked about Stevie’s b**** last night. Like, we almost forgot Joseline was even who they were talking about during this discussion on the curious case of texting at 6am. Apparently Benzino has been texting Joseline at some interesting hours, which only further heightens suspicions that he tried to sleep with her. But when all was said and done, Stevie wasn’t hearing any excuse Benzino had for the contact and the two decided they weren’t going to be brothers anymore.


Life lessons in the strip club

Men are so simple. Instead of calling Erica and trying to talk things over or having a serious heart to heart with his mom, Scrappy decides to hit up Kirk — in a strip club — for marriage advice. We don’t have to explain why this is a problem do we?

Traci Steele forgets she’s a baby mama

And poor Traci. While we feel the new cast member’s plight when it comes to her child’s father having random women around her son (and calling her the wrong name), last night she seemed to be more concerned about random women being around her — and that’s not her place. Mixing business with pleasure is the absolute worst idea or these two, they can barely co-parent. And newsflash Traci: It’s not just Drew’s fault you’re a baby mama.

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  • cryssi

    🙂 :-! :-X 😀 B-) o_O 😉 :- 🙁 =-O…….that’s the LHHATL emoticon.

  • kickash

    K.Michelle acts like a fool sometimes but right here she was hilarious. I gotta give it to her, she can read somebody to filth and make a song about it too. Plus Kirk was asking for it, idk what he thought going to K.Michelle was going to do, she don’t care what you have to say and you shouldn’t be getting involved with a stupid beef between two females. Let your wife handle that on her own.

  • scandalous7

    BITTER BABY MAMA ALERT! BITTER BABY MAMA ALERT! SOUND THE ALARM! …..TRACI is Mimi # 2 …always yellin,bytchin,and moanin at her baby daddy because she wants him to do right by the child when we all know in the back of your mind YOU WANT HIM BACK! and become the picture perfect family but you know you cant have him and you knew you made a mistake and thats what makes you and Mimi spaz out like that when they are with other women…the psychology of a baby muva…..I hope and prey that il never, ever, ne-ever become a baby mother. Some of the most unhappiest bitter women in the world. Cant blame them though, they stuck with the @%#$&^^* baby while the baby daddy out there livin their lives, happy as can be, messin with a bunch of women. But the baby muva need to get over it , move on, and take his a$$ to court if he aint doin what is supposed to be done financially. Find some happiness beyond that baby daddy!

  • scandalous7

    “here come Kirk, vougin into the studio”- K Michelle …..dead!

  • madelineashton

    Scrappy must have reached the end of his rope with Momma Dee,
    to finally defend Erica. Momma Dee needs to realize Erica will always be in the
    picture, and instead of fighting her, they need to learn to get along. The
    season so far has been amazing; I can’t wait to see what happens next.
    Unfortunately, I will be working late at DISH when the next episode of Love and
    Hip Hop airs. Catching up on this show is simple, with DISH Anywhere on my iPad.
    Having access to my favorite programs, and watching them whenever I want is
    great. The best time for me to catch up on LHHA, will be the long train ride
    home from work.

  • Charla

    K. Michelle is way too immature. At some point you have to grow up and stop yelling and cussing people out at every moment. Traci seems like she has to pay Drew to keep him around. I couldnt believe she was trying to fight that woman at his place. Y’all are not a family! You are co-parents and you cannot dictate who he dates.

  • truth

    Traci lost me when she said that drew has so many women around that her child
    called her Megan. Now the problem with that is…. How does your well over the
    age of “5” son call you another woman’s name and not mommy? I was in the
    military when I had my youngest. She missed me from the time she was six months
    old and my oldest was two, but when I returned they still knew who I was. So
    again, how does your well of age child not call you mommy but another woman’s
    name? Are you on a first name basis with your son? Does he not call you mommy?
    Are you not around enough that he can not distinguish between you and other
    women? I know that last question may be a stretch, but that just doesn’t make
    basic scenes when it comes to mothers and their children.

    As for the $25,000 check, I would never personally hand anyone (especially an ex though he would have never got it anyway child or no child) that amount of money without a lawyer present to go over details about the investment and to get it written in stone. He could have easily screwed her without opening the store or something and easily said in court “oh it was a gift” if she tried to get her money back. Now that’s just common sense.

  • Belly

    I feel bad for traci. I would be devastated if my son called me another females name. What??? But as a GROWN woman call an ace an ace. He is so totally a little boy. Ew. I can’t believe he tried to say “well I’m going on tour” since she wouldn’t give him her money. I wanted to drop kick that foo. And k??? I like her Lol. But she was acting like an extreme child when Kirk came to confront her.

  • krystal johnson

    OMG K.Michelle, girl you are so immature yet entertaining,
    she made Kirk look like the fool he is. Why would a grown man go and confront a
    woman about a fight with his wife, this was so girly on Kirk’s behalf. I’m
    happy Erica is slowing down with this momma’s boy; I really wish she would find
    a real man; she is too mature for Scrappy. Momma Dee (Scar from the Lion King) needs
    to go buy a vibrator and have a seat, she need a d**k in her life. Traci, Traci, Traci running behind a gay man is not a good look, you have the wrong body parts for Drew, he don’t want you boo. Every time you talk you look stupid, go have a seat Traci.

  • tikkit30

    This episode had to be ridiculously entertaining, for 1 K. Michelle just takes it, there are no words, you are crazy girl, and really need to grow up, and get them teeth on the bottom whiten but please leave your vag problems to yourself. 2.I think Benzino is lying 3.Erica should’ve bounced on Scrappy long time ago and Moma Dee is from another planet and need to let her son grow up. 4.Tracie just admit that you still want your immature baby daddy, and please don’t go into business with him, and remember I don’t care who it is, you shouldn’t show up to anybody’s house unannounced period! and please, please stop saying that you all are a family because your not, I think maybe you should worry just about you and your son instead who ole boy got at his crib, besides he looks like a girl and totally acts like a baby himself, so you might need to push on from him.

  • IllyPhilly

    Am I the only one who thinks Drew needs to come all the way out the closet?

    • jackie rayne

      YESSSS I said that all last night while watching the show. He is trying to hide that big time.
      Erica I loved your eye makeup btw

      • krystal johnson

        Erica is so pretty, what the h*ll do she see in Scrappy?

        • Charla

          She’s pretty but she’s too hood for a nice guy.

          • scandalous7

            exactly…damn shame

    • GG

      Yesss the first scene of him. I’m like this dude is gay. His player boy ways does not come across convincing to me; he is trying to hard.