Sounds Like She’s Preggo…Beyonce Cancels Concert Due To ‘Exhaustion And Dehydration’

May 14, 2013  |

By now, we know in the world of entertainment terms like “exhaustion” and “dehydration” are simple code words for bigger problems. For most celebs, exhaustion usually means someone went a little too hard on the drinks or drugs, but in Beyonce’s case, it’s likely confirmation of what many have been expecting for the last two weeks or so: she’s pregnant again!

The Associated Press just released details of an email from Bey’s publicist explaining why she’s cancelling her concert in Belgium today. AP Says Beyonce’s doctors have ordered her to rest and that is why she won’t be performing  at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp. Consequently, the show will be rescheduled and tickets can be used at the new show. Wednesday’s show at the same arena may also be in the air, as her publicist’s statement says:

 “She is awaiting word from her doctors before making a decision.”

This news — on top of the fact that we’ve never, in the history of all her gyrating and booty popping, heard of Bey needing to take a break for exhaustion  — only further heightens suspicions that Mrs. Carter is in fact expecting baby number two.  Just yesterday, the NY Post ran a story saying several sources at last Monday’s Met Gala told them Bet is pregnant. Then there’s the issue of those pics of Queen Bey in that skin tight blue body suit with a tiny pudge in the middle that isn’t characteristic of the woman we’ve seen nearly every toned crevice of in H&M ads. And let’s not forget, Bey was just talking about Blue Ivy needing some company in a “Good Morning America” interview last week. Add all of these details together and it sounds quite likely that we’ve got one pregnant mama on our hands.

While the Carters are probably ecstatic about this possibility, I imagine U.S. fans will find the news a little bittersweet as the singer hasn’t even made her way back to the states to start this leg of her Mrs. Carter tour. And if she’s already showing and having medical issues, it doesn’t bit well for the likelihood of her finishing the tour in Brooklyn August 5. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you and hope the other insiders who told Us Weekly, “don’t be silly,” when they asked if Beyonce is pregnant, are right.

What do you say? Do you think Bey’s expecting again?

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  • Marlynoux

    I’m from Belgium and the way things were handled was horrible. We didn’t know the show was cancelled until we got at the Arena… And people came from all over Europe and had to travel back home. I totally understand that’s she’s just human and can get sick, but I feel like she was probably not feeling too good this morning and they should have cancelled it this morning instead of an hour before the show

  • Kenedy

    Stop it! Go to the corner! Time out! Lmao!!

  • tikkit30

    I simply think that she may need a break, your body tends to do some things different after you have a child, and she is getting a little older, but if she is pregnant, congrats! and pray it’s a healthy baby.

  • SheBe

    Don’t get in trouble for this pic MN. If she is then I hope she does take it easy. She works hard and seems to be the type that doesn’t listen when people say “take it easy you are doing too much”. Take care of yourself Bey.

    • Yep

      That pic is a whole ‘nother monster. If she is pregnant she’ll have to stop dances moves like that. It’s really close to doing a crunch which is a no no while prego. I can’t imagine being that big a star and still feeling like I have something to prove. Hopefully it’s just a scare and it forces her to slow down some.

  • Prissy

    Like seriously???? WHO GIVES A FLYING *$^@#^*@^#*#&!!!! We ALL are exhausted… We ALL have children. WE ALL NEED A BREAK from this illiterate , DUMB female.

    • you mad

      But…. why are you mad at her??? What did she do to you to deserve all the name calling and anger?

  • Trisha_B

    Or maybe she’s just thirsty & tired o_O … Only in the celeb world you can’t be sick just to be sick. There must be a huge media breakout story for why you’re sick lol…Seeing Rihanna’s 777 tour where she got like 4 hours a sleep a night, living on a plane i can understand how a celeb body gets worn out & they just have to cancel a show to get their body some rest

    • Yep

      No. If you sleep on the plane instead of smokin blunts and drinking bottles you get plenty of of rest. I’m not a fan of either of them but can’t compare Beyonce( who changes sets/ costumes/decor of the stage if she feels something is off, and has a hand in every aspect of her shows) to Rihanna( smokes, drinks, parlays, misses at least 4 shows a tour, stays in a twitter beef). I can see why they are both tired, but I understand Bey’s exhaustion. Rih is just unprofessional. IMO

      • Trisha_B

        Being on a plane alone, is exhausting. You can sleep all you want on a plane, sitting up in that cramped seat, & you will never feel fully rested. & if you had comprehensive skills, you would see I wasn’t comparing the artists, but saying how I see how touring works from rihs doc & can understand when celebs say they are exhausted smh

        • Trollolol

          cramped seat? I didn’t know megastars fly coach.

        • Yep

          No dear. That door in the back of the plane leads to a room with a queen sized bed.. She took Instagram pics on it(again playing around instead of resting). I compared the artists so you could get that their exhaustion comes from 2 different places. I used Rih because you brought her up. I wasn’t attacking you so calm your t!ts. (I hope that made you chuckle, if it didn’t then try to have a good day anyway 🙂

  • Beyonce you are human, and a mum, its okay for you to take it easy you’ve earned your stripes honey

  • JRoc85

    I agree that Beyonce has a right to relax and take it easy like everyone else, BUT it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s hiding her impending pregnancy (if she is)!!!!

  • CC

    I just think she’s doing too much. She tries to be superwoman but even Beyonce needs to take it easy once in a while.

  • Her tour dates and follow up dates including Made in America in Philly this summer seems like a lot even for the Queen Bey! Its a hellavua work load and it doesn’t even seem feasible!