Dwyane Wade Is A Prime Example Of What Happens When You Tell A Man He Can Dress And He Takes It To The Head

May 14, 2013  |  

Just last week — or yesterday for that matter — Dwyane Wade was considered one of the best dressed men in the NBA. Today, he’s one of the tackiest.

You know how you give somebody a compliment about something — their hair, the way they dress, their nails — and then they they go super duper overboard with their style the next time you see them so you keep noticing how stylish (or not) they are and keep complimenting them? That’s essentially what D. Wade did last night when he showed up to the Heat’s playoff game against the Chicago Bulls in a polka dot skinny capri-pant Gucci suit with bottoms so tight it looked like he could catch a yeast infection if he wasn’t careful.

The sad thing is the ensemble had potential, if only he went up a size or two in the pants, skipped the jacket, and was chilling on a yacht in St. Tropez but you’re in an oversized gymnasium homie. Who approved this? I sincerely hope Gabrielle Union was out of town yesterday because her boo is doing the most. It might be time to seek professional help in the form of a stylist.

Are you feeling D. Wade’s playoff getup?

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  • Me

    Yeah, I had to take a double look, but I’m sorry those legs and that body can do no wrong.

  • MImi

    FAIL!!! I’m sorry but my man can not wear capris!!! This is just a ridiculous look. Whatever happened to athletes wearing nice suits or just rocking a white tee, blue jeans and timbs before and after a game!!! Now these guys are trying to be the most outrageous dresser and see who can out dress the next. Its ridiculous!!!!

  • mac

    good look, just not for him.

  • Guest

    This outfit is ugly. This is a prime example of no matter how much it cost and how the design it,it’s still ugly and I wouldn’t wear it if I was a man. This NBA players are trying to hard to be “fashionistas” and trying to hard to get noticed.

  • Kenedy

    Barkley, Shaq, & them were going hard on him on TNT last night. You can’t see from this pic, but his jacket is POLKA DOTS…POLKA muthaf*&%in DOTS. And those capris, lets not even start, those Ali Baba shoes with no socks on, where to begin. Gabby must not have been home though.

  • Mirror

    This dude is gay and that suit is a ….DEAAAAADDDD GIVEAWAY!

  • Those are actually Gabrielle’s capris he got on. SMDH

  • AnonyChick

    I saw that pic online yesterday and busted out laughing! FAIL!

  • JaneDoe

    And who exactly is D. Wade suppose to be impressing with this fit? This is a man code violation right here. D.wade just needs to hop out the closet already bc between his style voices and his popping lip gloss all he needs to do is add heels and lashes then he’ll be fairy princess fierce.

    • JaneDoe


  • Vandellish

    I agree that he’s been sippin his own BS with this getup. Celebrity fashion isn’t at all about what looks good, but what can one get away with…this is some crap.
    Let’s just start calling him Qweene Wade.

  • OSHH

    This dude is just WACK all the way around to me!