‘Made’ MiMi Faust Says She Gets Richer Each Time Joseline Sets Foot On Stage

May 13, 2013  |  

Source: Twitter

During season one of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, we saw scorned baby mama MiMi Faust ditch her spiel about being hurt and angered over her then-boyfriend Stevie J’s filthy philandering ways, to talk of getting even by demanding a percentage of the money he makes on his artist and side-chick Joseline Hernandez. We never did find out if Stevie actually upheld his end of the bargain, but during a recent interview with Mara of 4UMF, MiMi claimed that Stevie calls her over to come and get her cut whenever Joseline drops money off after a show. She also spoke on her harshly criticized maid photoshoot. Check out some of what she had to say below.

On what she was thinking when she posed for those “s*xy” maid photos: 

 “She [Joseline] wants to call me a maid in every scene; she’s called me a maid and ‘Molly the maid’. So I figure let me capitalize off of it. I did a photo shoot, got t-shirts printed up. But I’m not a maid in that sense – I’m made as I’m a made woman, m-a-d-e. I’m made that way, so I have my own business, I have for 13 years, I’m an entrepreneur, I’m a business woman. So she can joke all she wants to about me being a maid; I’m doing real Shyte, what are you doing girl?”

On rumors that she’s engaged in a threesome with Stevie and Joseline:

“That’s a complete fabrication, a complete bold-faced lie. None of that is true, none of it. Girl (laughs), Mediatakeout is the devil. For some reason, whoever is over that just has it out for me. I don’t think they’ve ever printed one good story about me, ever. Always something crazy.”

On Joseline hinting that the threesome rumors were true: 

“She’s good at that. She’s good at saying half of something to make people believe this is what it is. She does it all the time. She’ll say he bought her all this stuff and put it up on Instagram to make people think he did this. He wouldn’t have bought her anything, she would’ve bought it herself, but she’s does stuff like that all the time, so it doesn’t surprise me.”

On if she’s getting a percentage of what Stevie makes off of Joseline:


Hold on. When she goes on the road, and comes home and drops him off money, he tells me to come pick it up. ‘Come get this money ma. She just got back and dropped it off. Come get this money.’ I’ll be right there, thank you very much sir.”


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  • Sugar

    I used to go hard for Mimi. Now, she’s just sad as hell. And the worst part is she actually believes in her mind that she’s a boss. Lmao.

  • she sounds so stupid!!

    • ressak

      she is stupid, and a big old looking fool. i have never seen such a dumb old fool like her in my life. she looks too old to be on this show.she is making a fool of herself everytime she says something. what a dummy……………………

  • bee

    mimi is sooo ratchet. what type of f-kry is that? you would rather put up with steebie and joseline bs for 10% of what joseline isnt making. No amount of money would be worth dealing with that headache. she think she’s getting the last laugh and she isnt. she looks stupid

  • dreama41

    Every time Mimi Faust opens her mouth she appears more and more pathetic. A woman that has it “made” doesn’t try to one up the competition to prove a point. The t-shirt and maid costume is childish and ridiculous . A woman that has it made doesn’t continuously chase after a man, who clearly does not want to settle down. She is so dumb bragging about that 5%. That’s why Joseline can walk in your house and openly disrespect you. You sold out. Mimi you’re not a made woman your a scorned woman. Have several sets.

    • Candice

      The “maid costume” was for a photo shoot for her business. The t-shirts is to make money. They let Joseline do what Joseline do to make money. Mimi has Stevie’s kid, she is going to take his money, which most of his money is made off of Joseline. She is getting way more than 5%. Joseline and Stevie’s antics made her relevant. She is capitalizing off it, making the most of her opportunities and the doors that Stevie and Joseline open for her in addition to the doors she’s created for herself.

  • Sarah

    This girl is just SAD. Mona Scott Young please get your folks back on the bus and vacate VH1!!!

    • Sheena

      Lol that was a good one

  • Ewww. She branging on collecting some change from her “man’s” hizzo? Mimi Imma need you to come and get your life.

  • Really?!

    Let me see here: Stevie J: 30% (of Joseline earnings), Mimi: 5% (of Stevie J 30%), and Joseline: 70% (total earnings) – sorry, Mimi you STILL lose!

    Smh, and she runs her OWN business? Please tell me she has an accountant cuz she’s not good at basic math. #shrugs

    • Mrs. Michael Darrin Vance

      She does & worth a couple Mil, but, no matter how much Joseline talks about her(calling her a Maid & Molly the Maid, Mimi is till getting a cut. So, how much is Joseline getting paid off of Mimi and that Maid comment. Looks like she didn’t have the sense to cash in on it like Mimi did. I say Mimi’s math is pretty darn good. Blooooooop…

      • Calikush


        • Piscesan

          There’s nothing BOOM about that….The reason why she is getting 5% is because he doesn’t want to pay child support. So the real winner is Stevie cause all he has to do is dangle money in front of her and like a monkey she go and get it. She still a fool I did like her but after this article she is stupid now if you an independent woman you would say go do you

  • Shay n Scrappy 4 ever! Lmao

    Yes Mimi we know that already, we know you are her co-manager along with your co-man, Stebbie-J…that was covered last season, remember?

  • Reese

    Mimi, we don’t believe you, you need more people.

  • vanelle22

    I”m so over this trio…………