Terms And Phrases You Should Know If You’re Single

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As if it isn’t hard enough to familiarize yourself with workplace, everyday terminology, and text speak, singles are constantly coming up with new ways to describe their sex life, their singledom status, and their relationship with another single. If you’re newly single again, you’ll need to know these terms to keep up!



Hanging out

This is the new way of saying you are casually dating someone, but are still curious about meeting other people and do not consider yourself attached. Hanging out also refers to the type of time you spend together, which usually consists of no more than 50% proper dates, and the rest just meeting up at bars, in groups, at one another’s places etc.



Ex with benefits

You know what a friend with benefits is: same thing except you’re probably not doing too much of the hanging out/friendly stuff before because, well, you don’t enjoy one another’s company all that much. But, your familiarity with one another makes the sex great.



This term isn’t widely used, but should be as it was coined by the beloved show Seinfeld. It means a man with incredible animal magnetism with women but who doesn’t subscribe to courting traditions. In other words, he’ll drive you crazy, he’ll make you feel like a woman, but he won’t treat you like a lady.


May-December Romance

The official term for a summer fling—it kicks off in May, and even seems fun when fall activities kick in like pumpkin picking and ice skating, but doesn’t stand the realities of holiday and family stress in December, or the doom of “real life” in January.


One-sided relationship

A relationship in which one person is doing all the work to keep a spark, connection or even foundation alive—i.e. giving all the affection, making all the plans, initiating all communication.

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Someone who is attracted to individuals rather than genders and/or sexualities.



A relationship in which the two people involved have not let their involvement be known to outsiders and/or have not discussed what exactly they are. There is regular sex happening but there are no labels or boundaries established.



The fear of jealousy, and a smart fear to have—controlling men are impossible!


Law of relativity

This law essentially states that how attractive you perceive one person to be is directly in proportion to how unattractive your date or mate is.



This is the popular abbreviation for “No Strings Attached,” which simply means you get sex when you want it so long as I get sex when I want it, and that’s the extent of this relationship.



This can either refer to cuffing season which usually begins right around the time May-December romances end, or the act of a man trying to make it known to everyone you’re around that you’re his. During cuffing season, a man will snatch you up to make sure he has company throughout the cold, lonely winter months. But at any given time a man can cuff you, i.e. become practically glued at the hip to you, for instance at the club — to mark his territory and let it be known to other potential suitors you’re off limits (in his eyes).


Talking to

When men use this phrase, it typically means they are trying to have sex with the person they are “talking to.” Either that or they’re “talking to” someone who they’re keeping on the backburner, should their main interest fall through.


An overlapper

This term refers to someone who will wrap you up in what feels like a serious relationship, while they are still actively dating other people in secret.



Edgeplay refers to any dangerous and/or harmful sexual activities. People often misuse the term though, simply to mean engaging in kinky or rough sex.

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  • talicia

    Nobody talks like this, this is made up

  • Ladybug94

    Julia, a May-December romance has nothing to do with the month of May. It is a term used to refer to a large age gap between dating folk. i.e. a 70 year old man dating a 25 year old lady.

  • Either I’ve been off the market too long or these are just local terms in the city in which the writer lives because i haven’t heard of most of those terms. Glad I’m booed up lol. Because most of those terms were pretty negative.

  • jorgalane

    Not pansexual, bisexual right?

    • From my understanding pansexuals are attracted to people based
      on their personalities. The people who they are attracted to may not conscribe to traditional gender roles.

    • thischick

      Bisexual means you are attracted to both genders

  • DianaDT

    May -December romance….has to do with age difference, not the summer! Where do you guys get this stuff from?

    • MLS2698

      Ha ha! I clicked just to see what that one says. They are making it up as they go along, but changing the old standby terms in the process. May-December meaning should never change; they need to find a new term for that one.