Slow Your Role Bro: Rihanna Cusses Chris Brown Out Over ‘Sexist, Degrading’ Break-Up Comments

May 10, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

Rihanna won’t let shade from one of her 29 million Twitter followers slide so I don’t know how young Breezy thought he was going to get away with those comments about their break-up earlier this week. Oh wait, he didn’t.

On Monday, Chris Brown let it be known that his short-lived reunion with Ri Ri is now over, saying:

“I cant be focused on wife-ing someone that young. I need to be the best Chris Brown I can be.”

I think it’s safe to say Rihanna turned around and decided to be the worst Rihanna she can be when, according to the Chicago Sun Times, she gave Chris a smooth cursing out for making that statement. A source told the news outlet that when Ri Ri heard what he had to say she picked up the phone and dialed Breezy ASAP.

“She really blasted him, using language that made it sound like she never will get back with him again — no matter what people think.”

It seems Rihanna’s issue wasn’t so much the fact that he told people they were over, but more so how he relayed the message, with the source adding:

“She really thought that was a sexist, degrading thing for him to say,” referring to the “wife-ing“ comment, “Especially after all Rihanna endured after he beat her and all that.”

OK, that last comment sounds like someone “close to Rihanna” got to running their lips a bit too much, but I certainly wouldn’t doubt the rest of that story. — especially since Rihanna had this to say on Twitter.

Y’all think these two are done for real?

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  • mik b

    Oh well!

  • scandalous7

    theyl be back

  • I actually don’t see what was so sexist or degrading about the word ‘wife-ing’. CB feels that he’s too young to marry now. At least he seems to be honest about how he feels.

    • jlab80

      Keesha: Take off the blinders. Wife-ing someone that young? What he’s saying is that he doesn’t have the time to teach her how to be in a serious relationship. It’s a veiled insult intended to put her down and boost him up, as if he’s the mature one that doesn’t have time to provide her with the guidance she obviously needs. It could be called honest, but from the standpoint of intention, it’s a very public put-down. I could say your hair is ugly as sin, and that may be that how I honestly feel. But then, that’s not a very positive way of saying something to you, honest or not. And, do you want me to be so honest to splash my comment all over Facebook so every one of your friends and family members can read it? Tact and discretion are important in life, too.

      • I never said that Chris Brown was mature, nor did I say that it was right for him to talk about their relationship online. I just said that he was being honest about how he feels.

  • chanela

    *ROLL smh

  • Ai

    Um… I hate to state the obvious, but what did she really expect?

  • The same close sources to Riri who said this about Ashton Kutcher just last year “Rihanna has told friends he’s funny and cute. Both of them love a good time and think they’re too busy for anything serious just yet. She’s starting to enquire about Kabbalah sessions with his rabbi.”…he never acknowledged her!!!
    The girl who refers to Karrueche Tran as ‘rice cake’ all of a sudden has values? Chris is basically saying he cannot commit tothe relationship to the extent she wants him to – she’ll soon be out of the country touring through next year. He has just bought a tour bus meaning a N.American tour’s coming up.
    He cannot win for being honest and not giving her false hopes –

    • Suchalady

      She never acknowledged him either and that was a silly rumor. What are you talking about? What does the rice cake comment have to do with values? You sound foolish.

      • Gabo Toura

        Riri went to Ashton’s house paps in tow – she commented on her twitter page about her mum making Ashton jokes. go search for the video of her arriving at his house late at night. Rice cake was used in a racist context & that speaks to values. learn!!!!

  • Trisha_B

    i really don’t believe this “source.” Rihanna keeps her circle tight, that consists of old friends & cousins, so if she was to curse Chris out, it would be around them & i doubt they would sell that story….But an island curse out stings more than anything! lmao

  • TallGyal7

    I think people should listen to the interview first before passing judgment on Chris. I believe it was from the Power 105.1 interview he did with the Breakfast Club on Tuesday, April 2, 2013. I remember listening to it. He does sound more mature and he did not say anything in a negative way towards Rihanna. He was very honest in the interview and I thought he did a great job.

  • Smh

    He was honest. She is being the “how dare you not want ME??” Woman. Rih he can find better and so can you. I never thought I’d see Chris mature before her.

    • Just saying!!

      I don’t think we are reading the same post. I’m afraid CB has not matured just yet boo, and this statement certainly doesn’t prove anything!

      • Smh

        It proves plenty. Instead of having speculation, he chose not to call her names and honestly said he’s not ready. Now getting mad and calling to curse him out was over kill. If she was really over it she wouldn’t have said anything. So you,boo, don’t get that he has matured. Is he perfect? No. But he handled it wayyyy better than he could have! And for that I give him credit.

        • If he was handling it, he never would have said anything.

        • jlab80

          Smh: Not exactly. Being honest is one thing. He also said he can’t be wife-ing someone. That’s a pretty clear implication of a female that needs guidance from a grown-up male in the relationship. For a woman-beating scum-bucket that was given a second chance, that’s just typical passive-aggressive behavior, a thinly-veiled insult. She let herself get played, but people often do, especially with a manipulator like this tool. My take is that he will soon p/ss off the wrong person, and either get arrested, or get his azzz handed to him by mouthing off to the wrong person. He’s a huge narcissist, his ability to emotionally grow up is greatly stuntly and will take a long time, and people catering to his every need will only feed the monster.

    • What do u mean he can do better too. Why would any woman who has a brain be with CB after he beat RiRi. If he can do it to her, he can do it to any woman. Then he wants to put her on blast like he’s so great. NOT.

      • Smh

        And you could ask HER that same question. SHE went back. He didn’t degrade her in the tweet. He didn’t put her “on blast”. That tweet could’ve been sent by ANY under 30 male or female and it wouldn’t have been a big deal. He can do better than a female who has gone from person to person and slept around, who smokes weed all the time and doesn’t handle business(missing 3 show at least on every tour..). He can find better than her. He never hit Kae or Draya and we all know if he had they would’ve used it as a major come up.

  • Kotano

    I don’t get why she’s so upset. She played herself. He was in a relationship with another woman when she asked the judge to drop the restraining order. She pursued him. She brought it on herself. Chris Brown doesn’t need to wife anyone.

    • Just saying!!

      This is ignorant. He had a choice too. No one told him to leave his girlfriend, and he was acting just as dumb in love as she was. Smdh

      • Chey

        No, it’s the truth. Rihanna is a dummy, Chris Brown USED her just like he knew he could. That’s on her.

  • Lala

    Good riddance she deserves so much better everyone blasts her for taking him back but who are we as woman to say we wouldnt give someone we believe is our true love another chance…at least she knows now…he blew it cause he was PUBLICY suuuure ready to wife Kae…he and Kae made a great couple because they balanced each other out, Rihanna and Matt Kemp were good for the same reason…Rih and Chris, from what ive seen in the media, are too much alike theyll never last they need to admit that they tried, it didnt work, be friends and move on to more mature significant others, both talented dont want to see them crash

  • I don’t think he needs to be “wife-ing” anyone. What does she expect from someone.who beat her a$$?

    • pretty1908

      i didn’t want to say that , but you have a point ! Why be with anyone who has emotionally and physically abused you ? While Rihanna has a lot soul searching to do , chris seems very emotionally unstable and immature

      • Almond E Brown

        And he continues to abuse her emotionally, hence his public statement about their breakup. Chris Brown is just a grimy kid, period.

        • scandalous7

          hes only as grimmy as he is allowed to be