Terrence And Michelle Howard’s Divorce Finally Settled — And He Pretty Much Gets Everything

May 10, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

I know Michelle Ghent is one happy woman right now. The now ex-wife of Terrence Howard can finally call herself a single lady again now that her divorce settlement with the actor is final.

TMZ reported in December that things between the two were coming to a close but apparently the pair wasn’t too happy with the way belongings  were going to be divided and they’ve been battling every since. Now, the gossip site says that a judge finalized the couple’s split earlier this week, and unlike other typical divorce settlements where the wife takes their husband for everything, Terrence reportedly made out this time. TMZ says Terrence gets to keep the couple’s marital properties, which includes two homes in Pennsylvania and 25 bank accounts. Twenty-five though? Has he been making moves, or should I say movies, we don’t know about?

Michelle didn’t totally lose out. She will be getting spousal support for the next three years to the tune of $5,800 a month, but the former missus has been ordered to return Terrence’s 2011 Range Rover. Thankfully, she gets to keep her bike and a BMW. Those are probably mild consolation prizes considering the nightmare of a marriage Michelle claims to have had with the actor. When she filed for divorce in February 2011, the couple had only been married for one year but she accused Terrence of abusing her and sought a restraining order against him. He, in turn, accused Michelle of being racist. What one thing has to do with the other we’re not sure, but the important thing now, I suppose, is that the two can move on. Although that may make Terrence no nevermind, considering he’s had a new girlfriend for about as long as the couple has been trying to settle this divorce. SMH

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  • MLS2698

    They are treating her like she is the ” black woman ” in most marriages, who get almost nothing in their divorce settlements. She gets to keep the bike, tho’? I hope it’s a Schwinn! Seems like Terrance has truly reached ” white man ” status.

    • IHateFatChicks

      No, she just wasn’t entitled to keep that which she didn’t contribute to. It was a fair result, except for the alimony, which she is, distinctly, not entitled to.

  • Hire me, I’d love to write for you guys! 😀

  • I find it hilarious that a black man marries a white woman and then calls her a racist. Well duh- if you guys think these chicks see past color in the first place, you’re likely wrong. Many people, especially whites, are inherently prejudiced when it comes to color. Sure, they might accept one or two ‘blacks’ within their circle but with the disclaimer that ‘oh they’re not like those OTHER black folks’ which is insulting in itself. White people will never oblige any cultural concerns regarding their own but enjoy labeling and stereotyping other ethnic groups. Anyways, his wife was a mud shark. Google it. Mud sharks just want the fantasy of being with a black man- and aren’t looking at him as a regular human being.

    • MLS2698

      He’s not exactly the mandingo-looking type, tho’. But since I don’t know what a ” mud shark ” would look for aesthetically, enlighten me.

      • honest

        you know what ill never understand these men who run away from the black community and be with women who don’t understand them or know how to handle there behavior and then are surprised when things go left…and this is why black men who inter-racially date for all the wrong reasons always cheat on these women its because they aren’t satisfied or happy with them because they can’t relate to them on any level…and they hate us black women because we know them so well and wont let them get away with nonsense…Michael Jordan was married to a black women when he built his legacy i hope you ladies remember that whenever you feel brothers are hating on you dont listen to them its not you they hate its themselves….Kobe looks miserable

    • Patricia

      For some reason, if he claims that she is a racist, why bother to get married? I don’t understand why blacks (particularly black men) still continue to date white women or women from other races who call them the “N” word and still marry them. Unbelieveable. I read somewhere she said that she didn’t want to marry a “n” or have a “n” child. If this is true, why bother to get married?

      • MissRealuminatti

        She married for the fame and money. That’s what he gets because he has thrown shade at dark skinned blacks in many interviews.

    • michaelderrick

      Why do you sign out black men for that, when many black women who were married to white men have made the same bogus charge like Halle berry !

      • MissRealuminatti

        Halle Berry can’t keep a black man, white man, latino man, green man from Mars, etc. She has issues.