A ‘Heartbroken’ Chrissy Teigen Lashes Out At ‘NY Post’ For Publishing John Legend Cheating Story

May 9, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

Earlier today controversial daily newspaper, The New York Post published an article claiming that John Legend cheated on his 27-year-old supermodel fiancée, Chrissy Teigen. According to The Post, John and a few pals were paying at Acme when a spy spotted John following a blond woman to the bathroom after 1 am. The alleged eyewitness claims they saw John pull the unnamed woman into the bathroom.

 “He was walking in, and just grabbed her arm and brought her with him.”

“They were in there a couple minutes. The same girl saw another hot guy and started talking to him,” another source said.

Another “witness” claims that they later overheard the blond telling a friend that she and John engaged in “a steamy make out session.”

Chrissy doesn’t appear to be feeding into the rumors though. The 5’9 beauty took to her Twitter page to blast The Post for publishing the rumors.

Now John has yet to publicly respond to the rumors, but earlier this week Chrissy tweeted a subliminal message about other women trying to sleep with her man.

Ironically, during an exclusive interview with John earlier this week, he told us that he and Chrissy have finally set a wedding date and let us know that they will definitely be husband and wife by the end of this year.

“It will be this year. We’re not really discussing a date or location any further, but we do know when and where and it will be this year,” the “Who Do We Think We Are” singer revealed.

So, what are your Olivia Pope gut instincts saying about the allegations?

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  • sompleton505

    LOL…white wife….nigs are total sell outs

    • Oh my

      Dylan Roof was right. He said black men were raping white women. It’s true. Look at Bill Cosby, raping and drugging white women like a Brute. BM simply have to have white women. That is what drives them forward in life. Dylan Roof was right. the evidence is right before our eyes. Look at Tiger Woods. Black savage brutes on white women. WM have been saying this about the BM for years and I didn’t really believe it until recently, when I was forced to take a panoramic view of modern day BM.

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  • boogy lady

    these post on her twitter…OUTRAGEOUS….folks need to be mature…..j legend must
    have married her bc he wanted to have mixed children (kk not hating) but
    she needs an attitude check bc she ghetto as hell and during the
    inappropriate times….get some class chrissy

    • Oh my

      She’s not class, she’s breast implants. Breast implants. and John Legend went to an Ivy League School but married the breast implants, not the professional black woman. Stup1d black men.

  • Jack Hammer

    She is part Thai. White people do not own her.

    • Oh my

      Black people CERTAINLY do not own her. she has no black in her at all. she is, however, part white. If whites want to claim her, so be it. What do black people have to do with it? It’s not your place to tell whites they cannot claim and half white girl. Chastise this stup1d black man that chase these white and foreign women. Chastise the black man.

  • cha

    shet ppl are dumb lol…why do ppl think marriage will fix cheating? some even think babies will fix the situation lol

  • pretty1908

    quiet as its kept, she shouldn’t worry about john and other women. I feel like a lot celebrity men or men with status flock after exotic looking women who wouldnt have given them the time of day normally. I date black men, and the ones I have dated love the fact that I am darker.

  • A.

    Eh. No one is checking for Mr. I Can Change.

  • Bits

    am I the only one that notices that mostly all celebrity black men either have white women or super light skin black women (latinas included) on their arms? I mean are there really NO attractive darker skin women out there for these men to choose from? Are they really choosing based off of what they prefer or off of what society deems is a certain status symbol? MadameNoire needs to do a series on that subject because surely i am not the only one who notices this trend.

    • Robin

      You are correct and this coming from someo
      ne who is “light skinned” herself…..its messed up but getting upset wont change anything. My advice to my brown skinned sistas is to date outside your race as well!!! Why sit around upset and lonely!?!? There are soooooo many fine white, middle eastern, and hispanic men who LOVE black women!!!!!!

      • Bits

        i completely agree. as a darker skin woman it doesn’t make me upset as much as it just baffles me. It would be interesting to hear the point of view of successful black men on the subject. I’m sure they would not be as candid/honest as the subject calls for but a dialogue would be great. I’m pretty sure there is a correlation between what the media portrays as the epitome of beauty and ‘high class’ and the standard that society sets in regards to ‘true’ beauty when it comes to these men choosing their significant others. but yes i am all for dating outside of your race. i believe most black women need to step out of their comfort zone when it comes to that.

        • Oh my

          I disagree. I don’t want to hear anything more from black men.. Haven’t all the hate videos from black men on youtube about black women been enough for you? Why do you want to hear the hate from the horse’s mouth? you already know that black men have no hesitation to trash talk, bash, and just basically verbally sh1t on black women in front of the whole world. But you want to hear them say it to your black face? You really want to hear the abuse?

      • Kindness36

        Stupid comment…

    • 1Val

      Unconcerned with complexion of women celebrity black men bed. Basketball wives, real housewives, hip hop and other reality shows just remind me of how little collective power we as women still have in society. A damn shame that women regardless of race lack industries like sports where we can dominate and command 9 figures salaries. If more women earned hundreds of millions of dollars celebrity black men would be competing for them instead of black women being frustrated over which type of women they date.

      • Bits


      • rose

        so why dont they earn as much as men? whats stopping them?

        • 1Val

          Bless your heart!!!!

      • Oh my

        Exactly. You spoke a mouthful. Women in general always seem to be (but not always) fighting over each other for these men, while the men move on and make good money. WOMEN need to get some of that money. Especially black women. Black women are the majority of college and university students in the country and also the largest sector of business owners. You need to get into STEM and get into the Tech industry. that is where the money is. You don’t need to “take over the sports industry”. I mean, how CAN you when everyone is not good at sports? With that silly idea, you sound as deluded as black men do. So many black men say that but yet and still so many are walking around unemployed. You don’t want to be like that. I think STEM fields would be choice for BW. Engineering, software, ect. the market is wide open for BW to jump in and take advantage of this. Much money can be made in STEM.

    • sweettea

      I think people think that because that’s all the media shows. What’s on tv doesn’t necessarily reflect what’s happening in the real world. There are plenty of actors and athletes married to darker women like sam jackson and denzel washington but that isn’t what the media wants you to see

      • Woah


    • Donovan

      Well for one if you really notice, there aren’t many black women up at that level so if a black man rise to that level and is single of course he’s gonna date the women around him which happen to be mostly white…dating is all about proximity and personal experience no one is obligated to date within their race to make other women in their race happy, their insecurities aren’t his problem

      • Bits

        No. There aren’t many black women up on that level? How exactly would you know that? Do you have statistical data proving your theory? The answer is no you don’t. There are PLENTY of black women who are on “that level”. Successful black men choose white women or super light skin black women because they have been brainwashed by mainstream media and social “norms” into thinking that true feminine beauty is represented by light/white skin color. Period. Obligation, insecurities, blah blah blah. Black men have an inferiority complex and to stroke their egos and gain respect on a GLOBAL scale they reach for what the powers that be say is “the best”. And FYI just because YOU don’t see black women at the top or on “that level” does not mean they are not there.

        • Oh my

          “Successful black men choose white women or super light skin black women
          because they have been brainwashed by mainstream media and social
          “norms” into thinking that true feminine beauty is represented by
          light/white skin color.”

          So why haven’t black women been “brainwashed” to go for only light and white men like BM do for women? Haven’t black women been exposed to the same mainstream media that black men have? Black men have made a conscious CHOICE to go with white women and other nationalities. Part of your problem is that you make so many excuses for black men’s behavior. Black women have black men’s excuses READY and at hand.

          The white man is the reason he can’t get a job, black women are the reason he’s not in the home raising his children, Feminism (according to BM) is the reason he can’t get a promotion, BM say Mexican illegals are taking jobs that used to go to BM, and they say they won’t get jobs anyway and that’s why they don’t bother going to college, they say they have short life expectancy and that’s why they don’t bother getting married anymore. BM blame everybody but white women for everything. Did you notice that? Stop making excuses for these losers, BW! They are losers.

  • She’s obviously embarrassed and hurt. Cheating rumors are a personal issue and she should deal with them privately.

  • laia

    Boo hoo. Get your supermodel @$$ off Twitter if you can’t take criticism or the truth.

  • at least he wasn’t kissing a ma! BLOOP!!

    • Nia

      Yeah, if they would’ve said he cheated with a man, I’d have given a cluck!

  • NOLA_Darling

    Isn’t this the same woman who made disparaging tweets about a nine year old child, Quvenzhané Wallis, and then felt everyone was overacting? I guess being non-Black trumps have maturity, grace, class, intelligence or beauty in John Legend’s mind.

  • Candacey Doris

    Twitter can really hurt your relationship and your career. More stars need to drop it because stuff keeps happening.

  • emme

    Oh….She thought she was different?! The post is generally kind to her and now that they are spilling the tea all of a sudden it’s a “s**t rag”?! Girl get yo’ life!

    • emme

      That last tweet is hilarious! Mostly because the first thing that came to my mind is “who want’s to f**Ck John Legend?!” Funny!

      • My thoughts exactly LMAO

      • Robin

        lmao!!!!! Thats so true!

  • Woah

    Good for her. The way she was going in on Chris like she was getting paid to bully him was ridiculous. Karma. But she probably doesn’t care about the cheating. So long as John Colorstruck still puts a ring on it, guaranteeing her a lifetime of money, shes gravy.

    • Beejcee

      Exactly, she doesn’t care about the cheating. She cares about US knowing, that’s why she has the problem with the Post.

  • 1Val

    Tacky quotes from Chrissy shifting fiance’s fidelity to random women.

    • Pivyque

      She didn’t really shift the fidelity to the women. It seems like she is just saying that a she would get along better with different women if they weren’t trying to sleep with him. I can agree with that. If a woman comes up to me and says that she wants to sleep with my husband, I don’t believe that we would go on to be friends lol

  • SheBe

    Eh… I’m NOT a fan of Chrissy’s at all but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. She needs to focus on her relationship and STAY off Twitter. Her mouth is too much.

    • Yvette

      I agree.

    • Pivyque

      Isn’t this the lady that posted a naked picture while she was drunk?

      • SheBe

        Yes. She was drunk on Andy Cohens show and that was it for me. She also talked real slick about Quvenzhane Wallis and got mad when people bashed her. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t make it down the aisle. No… Scratch that last sentence.