Secrets Behind The Most Dramatic Celebrity Weight Losses

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Queen Latifah made a big splash at the 2013 Oscars when she debuted her new slimmed down figure. And she’s not the only celebrity who’s shocked us with their sudden weight loss. How do they do it? We’ve got the answers here. Read on to find out the secrets behind the most dramatic celebrity weight loss stories to date.

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The good reverend Dr. Sharpton transformed himself from a heavy 214 lb. man to a slim 167 lbs by banishing meat from his diet in 2010. Sharpton told Vanity Fair “I was a chicken junkie. I used to eat chicken three times a day.” So he cut The Kernel out of his diet along with refined sugar, starch and all other meat. Now he’s taking his healthy eating habits to the community by encouraging African American churches to offer healthier options to their parishioners.

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Weight Watchers

Jennifer Hudson turned to Weight Watchers to make her impressive transformation. She became their spokesperson in 2010 and by following their points program, she lost 80 lbs.

Jennifer’s favorite part of losing the weight? Being a role model. She recently told the Huffington Post that she loves it when she hears people say “‘I want to get my J. Hud on’ or they want to go to the gym, and I’m the role model for what they want to look like.”

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A Personal Trainer

Missy Elliot was inspired to lose weight after her doctor told her that her high blood pressure put her at serious risk for a stroke. After she left the doctor’s office, she phoned up celebrity personal trainer Mark Jenkins.

He helped her drop 71 lbs. with an exercise routine that involved work on the Stairmaster, Stepmaster, spin classes, dancing and light weights. To help her weight loss along, Missy also kicked fast food.

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A Low-Carb Diet

After Big Pun died from complications associated with his weight, Fat Joe got serious about dropping pounds. He swapped his fast food and pasta heavy diet with a low-carb diet that consists primarily of fruit, veggies, whole grains and lean meats. So far he’s lost 88 lbs. But he says he’ll still go by Fat Joe: “They’re all trying to alter my name, but I can’t see myself as anything else.”

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A Secret

Kelly Price’s weight loss remains one of the biggest secrets in the music industry. She has famously refused to divulge the methods she used to lose over 100 lbs. and keep it off. On the Wendy Williams show, Kelly hinted that she once considered gastric bypass surgery to help advance her career. Some think she finally decided to get the surgery. But at this point, its all still speculation.

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Gastric Bypass Surgery

Star Jones started dropping weight while she was still a host on The View. When fans asked about how she lost the weight, she suggested that it was all do to Pilates. But her fellow hosts knew that wasn’t true and pressured Star to be real with her viewers. She finally admitted to having the surgery and apologized for lying. She says that her embarrassment about being so heavy in the first place made her cover up her secret.

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The Atkins Diet

Remember when gospel singer Vickie Winans dropped all of that weight? It was all due to the Atkins Diet. She cut out starch, sugar and dairy from her diet to lose the 75 lbs. she gained after the end of her 16 year marriage to Marvin Winans. She lost over 75 lbs.. Ten years later and she’s managed to keep the weight off.

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Life Changes

Kelly Osbourne didn’t rely on fads or diets to lose the weight. She says she simply changed her eating habits — for life:

“Once I learned how to work out right and eat right, it’s one of those things that you just have to commit to a life change rather than being on a diet. Because a diet doesn’t work. You lose weight and you stop it and it will all come back. So you just have to take baby steps, commit to something and stay true to it.”

Now that she’s eating healthier and working out she’s lost over 70 lbs. But Kelly says she still has to fight cravings every day. And sometimes she cheats. She keeps battling the bulge by only eating high-calorie foods like French fries early in the morning.

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Support from Her Fans

The View host Sherri Shepherd tried diet and exercise on her own but gained some of the weight back when she slacked off on her gym attendance. That’s when she turned to The View‘s producers:

“Why don’t we do something where I tell people ‘Let’s do it together!’ and maybe [up the ante with] a bathing suit.’ The minute I said that, I was like, ‘Gosh, I should take it back because I really want M&M’s!’ But I had to do it. Then all of sudden, I had all these people doing it with me. I’d Tweet about going to the gym and how hard it was, and followers would write and say, ‘Sherri, I’ve lost two pounds!’ I thought, ‘Okay, people are getting into this.’”

With the help of her fans, exercise and a meal plan that delivers nutritious meals to her home, Sherri dropped 41 lbs.

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Her Husband

Mo’Nique used to be one of the biggest advocates of Big is Beautiful and once said that “skinny bi–hes are evil.” But when her husband gently suggested that she lose a few pounds, Mo got to work. She cut out junk food and red meat and hired a trainer. With dedication and her husband’s encouragement she dropped down from a size 20 to a size 16 and hopes to lose more. Her new motto? “Big is still beautiful; big healthy people are beautiful.”

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Ruben Studdard is still a big boy. But he’s much slimmer than before thanks to a vegetarian diet, running and working out. The singer has lost 70 lbs since he made the change in 2008. Now he’s working in his home state of Alabama — the second fattest state in the United States — to encourage people to develop healthier eating habits.

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Top-heavy talk show host Wendy Williams credits Pilates for her dramatic weight loss. With this intensive workout she says she only has to go to the gym for one hour, twice a week.

She also claims that ditching the top bun on sandwiches and swapping mustard for mayonnaise are as far as her diet extends.

But as the talk show host continues to drop weight as she approaches her 50th birthday, some critics claim that more than Pilates and bun trashing are responsible for her weight loss.

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Interval Training

Janet Jackson largely credits interval training (paired with a 1300 – 1600 calorie diet) for her dramatic 60 lb. weight loss. The theory behind interval training is that short bursts of intense exercise encourage your metabolism to burn calories long after your workout is over.

Miss Jackson’s personal trainer says her workout routine looks something like this:

  • She’ll walk on the beach for a minute, then side-shuffle for 30 seconds, then run for a minute – Next…
  • She’ll go to a reverse lunge with 3 pound weights for 30 reps, and back to a run again and in another workout…
  • Janet Jackson hits tennis balls with her trainer and If she misses… Janet has to do pushups and If she misses again… She’ll do walking lunges around the court.
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Cutting Out Junk Food

Not all super models are naturally thin. Tyra Banks clashed with haters when she gained 30 lbs. and grew into a size 14-16 back in 2007.

“When I told the world to kiss my fat a**, I remained that size for two years. I maintained it with my ice cream and my salad with ranch and dressing and croutons and bacon bits.”

Tyra lost the weight simply by trading IHOP, burgers and other foods for home cooked healthy meals like soup and salad.

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Jenny Craig

Queen Latifah stunned her fans in April 2013 when she showed off her newer, slimmer figure on the red carpet. Although she hasn’t been a Jenny Craig spokesperson since 2009, Latifah continued to follow the healthy eating plan.

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  • Pumpkin_Pop

    You can tell who lost their weight the healthy way and who did something extreme.

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    Al Sharpton looked better bigger, he just needs to stop relaxing his hair, its always looked stupid and lessens the power of his words

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    I saw R&B Divas: LA. WHATEVER Kelly Price did, she quit at some point. She’s back up to 255ish….

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    Okay Monique girl good for you but let’s keep it all the way real as to why you accepted having a so-called open marriage but yet you never stepped out on hubby but he was doing him…. *sideye* he told you to drop them lbs…. Umm Yeah..

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    Rev Al also had the lap band. He didn’t just cut chicken.

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    Uh, MN….I’m gonna assume that in reverence to Rev. Al, you meant he cut the “COLONEL” (military term) and not the “KERNEL” which is corn…out of his diet….lol

  • The best thing you can do is WATCH YOUR CALORIE INTAKE, EXERCISE, and NOT EAT A LOT OF JUNK. You don’t need a lot of fad dieting or extreme measures to do that.