Second Nanny Comes Forward Calling Kim Porter Out As A Nightmare Employer, Reportedly Suing Diddy For Six Figures

May 8, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

A little less than a month ago we told you that a woman who claimed to be the former nanny of Kim Porter, Sean “P.Diddy” Combs’ children’s mother, filed a lawsuit against Kim. According to the woman’s suit, Kim verbally and violently abused her. She also expressed that Kim frequently indulged in narcotics and other drugs around her twin daughters. Now, a second nanny has come forward claiming that Kim treated her horribly during her stint of employment as the Combs children’s nanny.

According to TMZ, nanny number two is a woman by the name of Amanda Jansen and she filed her suit against Diddy’s company Bad Boy Entertainment since she claims that’s where her checks were coming from. Sources say that Jansen is suing the entertainment company for six figures, as she claims she was simply hired to look after Kim’s children but her job quickly turned into a full-service housekeeping position. The disgruntled ex-employee says that in addition to caring for the children, she was also required to sometimes work over 100 hours per week without ever being given a proper break.

Jansen also says Kim never gave her a room with a working lock and that she was forced to live out of a suitcase because the only furniture her bedroom contained was a bed and a computer desk. In the suit, Jansen complains that when she tried to speak to Kim about her crazy schedule, she was fired.

We hear that the woman is suing for overtime compensation that she allegedly never received and wrongful termination in addition to a few other grievances.

Now that a second woman has come forward, what are your thoughts on the allegations being made against Kim?

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  • Tiffany

    She probably sees how Kim is living and wishes she had those same luxuries too.

  • YepISaidIt

    Why does she need a nanny??? What does she do that she can’t fully take care of her own kids??? Really?

  • elle

    Sounds like she allowed it to happen. Why not sue or press charges againist kim? i argree she is just looking for a $$$$$$.

  • ksmall

    she didn’t work for diddy, she worked for his baby momma. and the truth is that she realized that diddy’s the one with the money not kim so she’s going after her best means of getting paid. she can’t prove any of this is true so i hope a judge throws her case out. what nanny do you know that makes 6-figures. i don’t care what she says she did, what makes her think she should get more than other nannies do unless they agreed to pay her more, nor is she owed an official letter of termination. her conditions in their house were not deplorable and her accusations about kim’s drug use are alleged. and if she’s cares SO much about kim’s kids then she should be at DCFS not a lawyer’s office trying to get paid! this is NOT a case of black women tearing each other down so let’s not even go there.

    • PleaseDOBetter

      I don’t know if this is true, and quite frankly, I don’t care about this one way or the other. However, if Diddy was paying this woman and/or the payment was coming from his company, then he was indeed the employer. In this instance, Kim was just the “manager”.

  • NoTypeOfTime

    You know its so sad that as black women, we bash other people for how they treat us but look at how wer treat ourselves and other women. Fact is this woman, ( jansen) was just trying to make an honest living and got taken advantage of. No need in trying to excuse kim’s behavior cause the fact is if P.diddy will willfully take advantage of his own artist that represent him in public im sure he allows the hired help to be dogged out. Smh

    • kierah

      Just because someone makes an allegation, that doesn’t make it true. Why are you treating Jansen’s story as fact?

      • KEEPIT100

        Why are u treating like its not? How do we know its true or false? You quick to jump on Kim and Diddy side..when u dont know any of the parties involved. Lets hope its not true..but if it is…Shame on Kim,..and get ready to payup.

  • realadulttalk

    So she’s suing for a situation she allowed?? Uh huh…sounds like she’s just looking for another check.

    • Same thing I said!! if it was that bad why not quit…you don’t have to take abuse from NO ONE!!

      • realadulttalk

        Thank you! The second my boss thought I was gonna work 100 hours a week is the second my boss would have been wondering why I was bent over with my behind out talking about kiss it.

      • NoTypeOfTime

        Just because a job is bad, dont mean everybody is in the position to just up and quit. We dont know what this lady story is, for all we know she may be putting kids through college or raising grandbabies if not her own babies. Point is she’s a human that deserves to be respected no matter wat er bank account looks like and if you cant hire some one to work for you and still remain humble maybe you need to clean your own damn house and babysit your own damn babies, like seriously when the last time kim had a modeling contract, she can be at home and do it herself if she cant play nice and keep her hands to herself.

        • realadulttalk

          Child please!! She took all this abuse and NEVER thought to do a darn thing about it until she got fired? Do you see the problem yet? And since her checks came from another source-why did she never contact them if she was really suffering all this abuse? Puh-lease!! Contrived contrived contrived!!!