McDonald’s Tells Cleveland Hero Charles Ramsey They’ll “Be In Touch”

May 7, 2013  |  

Screenshot from WEWS

We continue to feel great about the actions of Charles Ramsey, the Cleveland man who stepped in and helped Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle King finally break free from the horror of a decade-long kidnapping. Honestly, this story is so fantastic and I can listen to Ramsey tell it over and over. Global Grind has a list of the twists and turns of this incredible story. Based on some preliminary information provided by USA Today, the ordeal sounds beyond traumatizing.

Separately, McDonald’s has latched on to the story after hearing Charles Ramsey’s version of events. As he explained it, he stepped into action after hearing Berry while enjoying a meal from McD’s. McDonald’s, sensing an opportunity to capitalize further on the story, sent a tweet to Ramsey:



Note that the tweet came from McDonald’s corporate account, not the restaurant account. The corporate office is where decisions like advertising and marketing are made. It sounds like Ramsey is going to have a spokesperson job coming to him, which he’d clearly be able to handle given how articulate and plainspoken he is in the now famous interview. It reminds me immediately of how quickly Kraft leaped into action when it saw the the viral video of Ted Williams, the man with the Golden Voice, who was discovered homeless asking for change. We also read somewhere that Ramsey could be in line for a reward.

What Charles Ramsey did was wonderful and he deserves every second of his 15 minutes.

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  • Kenedy

    Courageous man. But I’m not so sure about McDonalds exploiting him….atleast that’s how I look at it, unless they are offering him a position as an advertising executive

  • Sharon

    President Obama should give this guy a call to congratulate him on a job well done. If he call Jason Collins, he should at least do that. I know Obama, cant call people on every occassion. But this one he should call him on.

  • Patricia

    Congrats to Charles Ramsey. I hope McDonald’s is not playing games with this man by saying the “we’ll be in touch”. I hope he does not hold his breath on that. People will say anything now days. Ihope he realizes that he has tons of support.

  • MLS2698

    WORD! A hair cut and some teeth, and he’ll be on a Micky D’s commercial!

  • kierah

    Where Sweet Brown went wrong, Ramsey got it right! Product placement is the name of this game. Sweet Brown shouldn’t have said “cold pop.” She should have said an A&W root beer or Fanta.
    Honestly Charlie’s clip is the funniest piece of TV of 2013.

  • laia

    Uncle Chuck told it like it was and yes he deserves all the positivity he can get!

  • enoughsaid99

    I like his personality, and he was very brave for helping them young ladies. He seems pretty stable, and they say he is a hard worker. Wish him much success, and I’m glad they were found alive.

  • Publicity stunt. He mentioned he was eating his McDonald’s now they want to be part of the commotion. Next thing you know they’ll have commercials about how they had something to do with saving the girl; by providing food to the hero.

  • hollyw

    First reaction: *sighhhhh*

    Second reaction: If it’s a job they’re offering (as opposed to just a lifetime of McDonald’s for high cholesterol and more lost teeth), then that is beyond amazing. Can’t get down with their food, but I’ll take that Fortune 500 money!

    • kierah

      He said he has a job. He also said on AC 360 that is a Christian and an American and it was his duty to help. He didn’t want money for doing the right thing.

      He is a true hero.

  • ChiTown Princess

    God bless this man for helping out this woman and the other 2 women from those 3 monsters who robbed them years of their lives. This goes to show you that you really have to know who your neighbors are and there are selfless people like him still in this world. May God watch over the victims and this man who is the nation’s new hero.

  • Steve

    Way to go Charles, There’s a saint in all of us nobody want’s to use it anymore. It’s all about self these day’s.

  • Reese

    I applaud this man. Normally in today’s society people aren’t willing to step in and help others. We’d rather look the other way instead of helping.