Has Nicki Minaj Pushed Mariah Carey To Her Breaking Point? Singer Reportedly Threatening To Leave ‘American Idol’

May 7, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

Within the past two weeks, we’ve heard more about tension brewing between American Idol judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj than we’ve heard about the actual contestants. Just last week Nicki served Mariah with a few low blows via Twitter, calling the 43-year-old mother of two “insecure” and “bitter.” 30-year-old Nicki then proceeded to kick dirt in her co-star’s face by referencing swirling rumors that Jennifer Lopez was being courted by Fox to replace MiMi on the show.

The beef between the ladies seems very catty and unnecessary, but industry insiders say Mariah has had enough and doesn’t even want to finish the current season. According to Perez Hilton, the inside source is saying that Mariah would rather cut her losses and keep it moving than deal with Nicki’s antagonistic ways.

“Mariah doesn’t want to come back, Nicki is really disrespecting her and she’s tired of trying to bite her tongue all the time… One night Nicki tried to be kind of nice, but Mariah didn’t bite, so I guess she figured screw that,” the source said.

The source went on to say that Mariah is tired of dealing with American Idol producer as well.

“She’s done with it all. She doesn’t need the platform, and all the drama isn’t healthy for her… She’s also under fire with the producers for not being critical enough of the contestants.”

Of course these are all speculations, as Mariah’s departure has yet to be confirmed by her camp or Fox producers. Only time will tell.

Would you be sad to see Mariah leave American Idol?

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  • BOTH of them are at fault for that continued BS on that show. Mariah was just more clever about the shade she threw.

  • Wright

    They should kick off that Nicki whatever off American Idol, all she does is flick her fake hair, speak with a fake British accent, ask the men if they are married, tells them she wants to have their babies. Are you kidding there is no comparison between her an Mariah who is a Lady.
    I turn the sound off when that nicki person says her piece, she is so nasal and annoying and is more concerned about her fake face and hair than “Talent”. If she stays and Randy and Mariah goes I will never watch the show again.

  • Just saying!!

    I do think if you are in an unhealthy environment it’s best to remove yourself from the situation. But to be perfectly honest, I don’t think she’s a really good judge. I mean I don’t really watch those shows so I’ve only seen a couple of episodes, but out of the ones I saw she wasn’t really giving any good feedback….

  • York

    No matter what Nicki proclaims, she will NEVER be on Mariah’s level and she knows this. Onika’s talent is spotty at best and she can only reinvent herself but so many times. Let that kicked dog keep on barking; Mariah, do you, but dayum, at least finish the job first!

  • SopranoSinger

    Nicki is getty about the sardines they give her but Mariah doesn’t even notice they are on the plate being that she is worth 500 Million. Come home Mariah and do what you love, Im digging that song with u and Miguel. You got an album coming? If so we are waiting for you Diva.

  • fire them both, the show sucks and so do those two..

  • kickash

    so you mad huh?

  • scandalous7

    Best thing for her to do is leave. She shouldn’t have time for that!

  • Suchalady

    Mariah’s a music icon, she shouldn’t be on this crap anyway…

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    Mariah, don’t let that confused child run you off. She is just jealous and if the AI producers paid any attention whatsoever to their fans, they would see that it is Nicki they want booted off the show. That girl is a joke. And don’t nobody want J-lo boring behind to come back on there. She’s biased anyways. All she does is root for the latino contestants then cries when they are kicked off.

  • mac

    Don’t give that hoodrat the satisfaction. Finish out the season.

  • honest

    the ratchetness is real…i bet your a nicki fan…bless your poor ignorant heart

    • Lmao I was thinking the same thing.

    • scandalous7


    • Sheena

      Buut Mariah is crying, Nicki is winning, J Lo’s phone’s ringing and your still just a random person on a blog site. #pipedown

  • honest

    poor Mariah its not her fault she is from an era were the newbies were taught to respect their elders and she isnt used to being disrespected like this…if i was her i’d take my behind overseas it seems like REAL R&B is still respected over there…..and nobody is watching American Idol anyways so who cares if JLO comes back…and the fact that they value Nicki over Mariah shows you that they don’t care about real musical talent anymore….man i miss the 80s and 90s….and too be honest Lil Kim would’ve been a better judge then Nicki everybody would watched AI she has been in the industry longer and she has been around and worked with a lot of ppl and her and Mariah would have that vibe and bond that the show is missing…why not keep Mariah and bring in Missy Elliot?…these new ppl running things behind the scenes are lost and im talking about from music to television to entertainment period

    • yeah that and the fact that Nicki is a rapper and not a singer. well not a good one anyway.

  • Ladydi82

    YOU speak FIRE&TRUTH.