10 Shocking Moments From The 3rd Episode Of LHHATL

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Just yesterday, one of my coworkers said that she was over Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, that she’d outgrown their foolishness. I was happy for her growth but I’m so not ready to give up the outright train wreck that LHHATL is and that delicious ratchetness it’s brought to my life. Maybe I’ll get there one day but that night certainly wasn’t last night. And I’m glad about it. Check out some of the more ridiculous moments from the episode.

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The Diss Song 

I know some of ya’ll are about to come for me but I don’t care. Was I the only one who was surprised to see that the chick rapping was Karlie Redd?! She should stick to that type of flow instead of singing “Louis, Gucci, Prada” all off key. As much as Karlie can’t stand K. Michelle she actually might want to thank her for giving her the fire she needed to actually use this platform to showcase some of her talent. During this studio session, Rasheeda walks through the door with new girl Traci and Karlie proceeds to ask Rasheeda to jump on the track. Honestly, they’re all a bit old to be releasing diss tracks, but Rasheeda said she’d think about it. After that altercation with K. Michelle at Mimi’s, it might be sounding like a better idea. Who knows?

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“I need to lick on your neck!” 

“And I needed to talk to somebody about Steebie, and I know she like to gossip with her old A$$ so I’m like, you know what? Let me call her up.” 

I’m sorry that line right there had me so weak. Karlie Redd likes to do a lot of things that aren’t quite age appropriate: like comparing her puss to diamonds. Time out for those childish games. Anyway, during their little heart to heart, Karlie reveals that Benzino told her that he slept with Joseline. Whaaaa?! Joseline denies it and in the confessional says, “Why would I smash somebody that ain’t got no neck ? I need a neck. I need to lick on your neck.” Now, I’m not going to perpetrate like everything Joseline says is Bible; but she does have a point there and historically, she’s not been known to lie.

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Catch A Fire

Why would Mimi invite K. Michelle and Rasheeda to sit together in the same place at the same time?! And furthermore, why would Ariane, knowing the two women don’t like each other, encourage them to say hello. One minute they’re quietly ignoring each other, throwing side eyes in peace and the next they’re slanging words and then candles. I can’t recall the entire altercation, all I know is that Rasheeda was the first one to say that K. Michelle couldn’t stop thinking about her. And from there… Well you saw. Rasheeda jumped up, the producers had to hold her back, she pretended to calm down only to try to lunge at K. Michelle again. She calmed down once more and was about to walk out the door when K. Michelle said Kirk had three earrings, insinuating that he was gay. That did it. Rasheeda bust back through the door and got in K.’s face. And then that’s when K. Michelle threw the candle at her.

Sigh. First season, I really rooted for K. Michelle and completely disliked Rasheeda for calling her a liar, when she was not a part of their relationship. But K. Michelle is really out of control and needs to get her entire life. It’s time to grow up boo.

Anyway, throughout the whole altercation there were some great one-liners from both of the ladies. There was Rasheeda’s “Keyshia Coleslaw” and K. Michelle’s “Georgia prune” and her Rasheeda imitation: “I’m Ra-shee-da. I rap like Shaw-ty Lo.” K. Michelle is childish as all hell but that girl know she can turn a phrase.

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The Prince Checks The Queen

Most of the time I’d argue that Lil Scrappy is shiesty and really doesn’t behave like a grown man should. But, in last night’s episode, he was making a whole lot of sense. After realizing that his mother has been running around with Shay, gassing her head up about their romantic future, he decided it was time to have a sit down with her. He told her that when he moves left, she needs to do the same. He let her know that bringing Shay to the studio was foul and told her that as her granddaughter’s mother, she needed to respect Erica, (i.e. stop calling her a Beyotch). He was respectful but he still let Momma Dee know that she’s been acting up. And I was so glad that, in his confessional, he admitted that Moms had taken this kingdom thing a little too far. Ya think?! Though Scrappy came to her like a man, all of that hard work went down the drain when he, Momma Dee, Erica’s mom and Erica sat down for dinner together.

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Mimi and Stevie J 

Sigh. So tired of the back and forth between Mimi and Stevie J. It’s really disgusting. I know they have some type of sick, twisted love for one another; but I wish they would leave each other alone, until they can sort all of that out. The thing is that will never happen because they have a daughter they need to co-parent. So once Mimi left Stevie’s house (Why she ever moved in in the first place is beyond me.), Stevie hasn’t been able to see Eva and he doesn’t know where she and Mimi are staying. Sure, it’s not right for Mimi to keep her from him; but at the same time she probably had to be away from him for a while so she wouldn’t kill that mug. By the end of the dinner Stevie told her she looked pretty, tried to get a kiss and Mimi still didn’t give up her new address. Is this progress?.. Probably not.

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Who’s pimpin’ who?!

Now this scene right here was, by far, my favorite. Stevie J just couldn’t seem to keep his women in check this episode. First Mimi and then when he tries to collect money from one of Joseline’s shows, she reads and even threatens him for filth. And that’s what I dig about Joseline. She may have been ignorant and dependent when she first got into the industry but she’s not going to stay dumb and she’s not going to let Stevie manipulate her. In other words, she’s not Mimi. She lets Stevie know that while they may be bedroom buddies, he is not to mess with her money. Before he can even fix his mouth to ask her for his cut, she clowns him:

“Why you coming up in here looking like damn Malcolm X?”

Then, when he has the audacity to ask her for his money, when he won’t let her see her own contract, she lets him have it…all.

“What you need to do is go make Molly Da Maid clean yo house, find my motherf**king contract, bring it back to me and ask me for 30% because I don’t wanna slap the sh!t out ‘yo azz!”

This interaction gave me so much life. It was clear that Joseline had done her homework. She told Stevie, her lawyer told her she doesn’t have to give him anything until she sees the documents. Get him!

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What’s Kirk gon’ do? 

When Rasheeda goes home and tells Kirk about her altercation with K. Michelle, he first corrects her. He has four earrings and not three. Then he tells her that now that K. has started throwing things at his wife, it’s time for him to step in. What do you make of this? Is it right for Kirk to step in and defend his wife or should he let his wife handle it on her own?

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Mimi and K Michelle 

After K. Michelle acted a fool at her housewarming party, the two met for drinks so K. could apologize. Considering, this is the second time K. has popped off during a meeting Mimi organized, she was a little less than receptive initially. She did have to wise words for K. though, telling her that she really needs to deal with her anger issues. The realest talk. After she told her about herself, the two hugged it out.

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“Get out of my palace! Guards, guards! Off with that b**ch head!”

Can someone please tell me what the hell happened to Erica?! I know Momma Dee has talked much trash over the years and maybe she felt like Scrappy was attacking her mother, but the dinner was going relatively well until she popped off. First she disrespected Momma Dee by telling her to be quiet. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that Momma Dee is crazy; but as Scrappy’s mom, and especially when he’s sitting right there, why did she think that was ok?! Then it seemed like she tried to lunge at Scrappy, which made Momma Dee come for her. Was it just me or did Erica look like she was going to fight her too? At that point Scrappy had had enough and told Erica to give the ring back. Dang. Welp, I’m with Erica’s mom, I’ll be surprised if they get married too. The minute Scrappy seems to have his stuff in order, that’s the minute Erica acts a fool. And did anyone else catch how she promptly threw his financial situation in his face?! Yet in our interview with she and Mimi, she said she didn’t know about any of Scrappy’s money issues. Oook girl. Anyway the whole sit down was a hot mess.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Will Scrappy and Erica work it out? Is Stevie going to produce that contract? Will K. Michelle ever learn to act right? So many questions.

Tell us your favorite moment from last night’s episode.

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  • You’re awesome! And hilarious! And picked out ALL of the portions I would have. This show is my guilty pleasure.

  • Really?!

    Joseline is MY girl!!! LOL, she keeps me rolling w/ her raw honesty. HA!!!! Do you Joseline!!! Yesssss Hun-ty!

    Erica, if you don’t sit yo arse down somewhere! I mean, she was way to turnt up about Mama Dee. And all the while, Mama Dee (for ONCE) was acting calm and dignified. #whoKNEW

  • FAMURattler85

    Let me go through this slide by slide…well, skipping a few
    1. Benzino needs to have a seat with his lying, no neck having bulldog looking arse. What was the point of him saying anything about “hitting that”? Was he trying to look cool or something; or was Karlie lying? And that Karlie. Yeah, she can have a seat right next to him. She is too old to be running around trying to act like these young women. It looks like she’s forcing it and frankly, that makes me uncomfortable watching her.

    2. Maybe it’s just me but I though K.Michelle handled the situation with Rasheeda relatively well. She stayed calm until Rasheeda started getting all gangsta and in her face. If Rasheeda wants to be called a woman, she needs to act like one. (Not saying K shouldn’t). Rasheeda could have just kept walking out of the door and ignored whatever K said. Fighting at your friend’s housewarming?? C’mon son! How juvenile is that? Show some respect.

    3. Mimi is going to go right back to Steebie and we all know it. Homegirl seriously needs to call Iyanla and get her life fixed.

    4. “What’s Kirk ‘gon do?” Kirk can do something about that sharp behind Adam’s apple that looks like it’s about to pop out of his neck and then proceed to have a seat next to Karlie and Benzino. If Rasheeda wants to act like a thug, let her be one. Someone has got to be an adult here. He should let her handle her own battles.

    5. Last but certainly not least, Erica, Mama Dee, and Scrappy. Yes Mama Dee is disrespectful and seemingly has no boundaries when it comes to her dealings with Erica, and yes I understand why Erica is pissed BUT I think Erica could have handled the situation a bit better. Running off at the mouth at Scrappy’s mother was not what’s up. Her problem shouldn’t be with Mama Dee; it should be with Scrappy for not defending her and setting boundaries for “The Queen”. The fact that Scrappy allows his mama to pretty much involve herself in his relationships in anyway she sees fit, and the COMPLETELY disrespectful way Erica and Scrappy talk to each other when angry, it looks like they shouldn’t even be considering marriage.

    Ok. I’m done. I love this show!

  • I died laughing for a good 15 mins at “My name Rasheeeeda! I rap like Shawty Lo!”

    But as far as Erica and Scrappy I’m gonna have to disagree with a lot of people. While I do think she got too hype too quick, I think she’s justified in why she snapped like she did. Here Scrappy is complaining about Erica’s mom not having much trust in them actually getting married because of his past actions, while his mom is constantly being disrespectful towards Erica over and over and over again. Hell I’d snap too!!! Even Mama Jones wasn’t this difficult with Christy! Everybody has had that moment where things just kept building up and building up to the point where you react in a way that’s not even warranted.

  • IllyPhilly

    K. Michelle is annoying and was a straight pu$$y last night. I don’t care what nobody say, she was a nut last night.

  • Tehani

    This show is totally fake. I’ve tried watching episodes online here and there and never finished them because it is so obvious that the show is scripted.

  • Reese

    That dinner last night went wayyyyy left. I was so confused because the situation deteriorated so quickly. Mimi and K. Michelle are going to have words before the season ends. K. Michelle is a damaged and angry woman. She always wants to projects her issues with herself onto others that why her tail always wants to fight.

  • Jstme

    I like K. Michelle, I don’t think she intentionally goes out to start trouble. I just think shes had enough. they constantly through “you aint got a man” in her face/maybe she doesn’t want one. for me, I just know what its like for people to constantly come at you and expect nothing. Truth is Mimi should have NEVER invited them both and Rasheeda should have just kept it moving. You cant drop your purse and walk up on someone and expect it to be peaceful. I was surprised at Erica too…but I again, enough is enough. Unchecked aggression will not/and should not be tolerated.

  • pretty1908

    Erica shouldv’e kept her cool , but anybody else woudlve snapped too ! You date a guy for years and his mother is constantly throwing shade and other women into his face. If scrappy was a real man, he wouldve been nipped that in the bud.

    • MLS2698

      Yup! And like I stated in another post, I stayed away from my former mother-in-law so I wouldn’t buss hell wide open by cussing her out. And she didn’t even live in the same state! Sometimes you have to choose your battles, but I’ve never had the pleasure of hearing my ex mother-in-law call me a b!tch on film. If she did it, she wasn’t woman enough to do it to my face ( she told someone else).

  • kandikane7150

    Erica is a fool. Scrappy came to her when Shay showed up at the recording studio and told her what happened, so he had her back or he would never have said anything. In all that madness, Erica has made her arch nemesis, MaMa D very happy by playing into madness. All they had to do as a couple was to stick together and keep it moving.

    • PleaseDOBetter

      Wait a minute, FOR ONCE Scrappy did the right thing and Erica is now the fool? I’m not condoning the disrespect Erica displayed towards Momma Dee. Regardless of the ignorant way she acts, Momma Dee is still his mother. It is very clear in Scrappy and Erica’s history that he has let his mother be too involved in his affairs AND has taken heed to his mother versus taking care of his home and child. Erica may be a fool for that, but he is the ultimate fool.

  • Kylieky

    I KNEW Rasheeda wasn’t really tryna make it happen like that. I mean if you resolve to walk away and then turn around ’cause you really provoked you either gon hit a bish or not… and Rasheeda didn’t.

    • kandikane7150

      When Stevie and Joseline were in the club, it reminded me of Ike and Tina. I was waiting for “WHERE MY MONEY ANNA-MAE??????? YOUHEAMEWHATISAY??? LOL

      • iT3ach


  • LOL… one of my friends told me she couldn’t deal with it anymore either, but I can’t!! It’s my guilty pleasure!! Last night’s episode was TOO turnt up!! Erica was wrong all the way around for disrespecting Sho’Nuff like that! I can’t stand him either, but I mean, that man is Scrappy’s momma after all! *Kanye Shrug*

    • MLS2698

      That tranny-faced beast created that whole disrespect-my-momma situation so that Scrappy could yell exactly what he did. ” Give me my ring! ” Perfect psychological sabotage! Yes, that MAN is Scrappy’s mama!