Ciara Reportedly Threw A Fit That May Cost Future Over $45,000 And A Lawsuit

May 7, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

A Las Vegas nighclub owner by the name of KiKi and her in-house promoter Cliff have a bone to pick with Atlanta rapper Future and it appears that his girl Ciara has a lot to do with it. Both Cliff and KiKi called up Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club to put the lovebirds on blast. According to Cliff, Future’s management was paid for him to make an appearance at the LV nightclub. Future reportedly flew into Las Vegas and even stayed at the hotel that the promoter booked for him, but never performed or even showed up to the club.

“I paid him 75% upfront. I gave him $36,625 up front,” Cliff said.

“When he landed, he wanted two SUVs. I didn’t get the plane landing time until 9:45pm the night before and by then the SUVs were all sold out with the limousine company that I use. Since they didn’t have any SUVs they gave me the superstretch truck. Well, the tour manager called and said Ciara didn’t want to get in the car with the special guest they had with them. So I sent another stretch limousine, which was a Lincoln.When they saw the limousine Future wouldn’t get in the car. So they sent off the Lincoln and got in the super stretch,” he continued.

Cliff went on to say that once Future and Ciara arrived at the hotel, they apparently made other plans because they walked off and did their own thing as if he wasn’t scheduled to appear at the club in a couple of hours.

“Once they got to the hotel I called another company that sent four SUVs to transport them to the club. He came down to the lobby, him and Ciara walked off into the Steakhouse and they disappeared.”

“I gave you the top limousines. I did everything I could. I had to contract this with the radio station,” he told the Breakfast Club hosts.

“It wasn’t an issue about money. All money was in place.”

Charlemagne, attempting to gain some sort of clarity asked, “So Future didn’t show up to perform or make his appearance because him and Ciara got into an argument over a car?

“Yeah, they didn’t want to ride in that type of SUV,” Cliff responded.

“I know they’re in love and engaged and stuff, but man up and get to work, Future,” KiKi, the club owner added.

“You had a commitment to us. We’re a club. There were so many people. We had to call out 30 metro officers to secure our building. Our character and reputation is on the line. We did everything we were supposed to do and for you not to even apologize to us?” she continued.

When asked what their next course of action will be, Cliff responded:

“Of course I’m going to the attorneys.”

“He a little kid. Two years ago he ain’t have a dime… They kept telling me, ‘You know how it is when they rolling with they girls.’ I don’t give a damn about his girl. I don’t care about Ciara. I didn’t book Ciara. I don’t have nothing to do with that.”

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Regardless of what happened, if everything went down the way the club’s promoters say it did, it all comes down to Future not handling his business. But who knew CiCi was such a diva?

Turn the page to hear Cliff & KiKi’s interview. What do you make of this?

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  • Beautiful135

    Ciara Is Just Jealous For What Future Has Shes Mainly Controlling His Life Maybe She just Needs To Say Out Of His Life

  • BUCK


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  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    *sigh* I would have took the metro bus to the club if it meant I was getting paid over $35 grand

  • realadulttalk

    Nice me: This didn’t go down exactly as stated…there is more to the story

    Mean me: Ciara doesn’t want him to have a career b/c she doesn’t have one.

  • mac

    awwww they wanna be BeyJay so bad.

    If they don’t get their C-list behinds on somewhere…

  • Suchalady

    SMH…they are feeling themselves way too much

    Also, is anyone else connecting the dots on why her and Rih have beef? I believe that Future and Rihanna might have had arrangements for their single (like a video or performance) and Ciara threw salt in that. She didn’t come for Ciara for no reason, and he might be so in love that she has too much of a say in what he does.

    • john

      No, Rihanna has been stalking ciara for years. When a person does that it is all about LUST or LOVE. rihanna wants ciara bad. Seems melissa and her strippers arent enough for her any more. they were only using chris for a front.

  • hi-liter

    CiCi and FuFu, stop trying to be a bigger couple than what you really are.

  • Laverne

    I remember when Lloyd was talking about how Ciara had changed…everybody knows the let that (lack of) fame get to her head.

    • Laverne

      And apparently Future is also…dummy.

  • CC

    In fairness, at least give him a chance to tell his side of the story, there’s always, ALWAYS TWO SIDES TO A STORY!!! If what the club owner says is true, you are dead wrong Future (Ciara is irrelevant to the whole situation). At least give him the money back even if you’re not going to apologize (if this is true).

  • Kenedy

    You mean people actually pay to see…*in my whiny voice* “tony montana, tony montana, tony montana, *babbling incoherently*, tony montana, tony montana, tony montana”

  • honest

    wow Futhur isn’t to good for love and hip hop Atlanta he better check himself….and Ciara is just a mess in my opinion girls like her can have the world but rather trow their pearls to pigs…she shouldve did what EVE did and moved her behind to Europe…Ciara couldve been a super model and a Choreographer if she wanted too but she rather live this ratchet with a man-child who has multiple baby mamas and doesn’t know how to take care of his money….EVE went from being a stripper to being a millionaire dating a mufti-millionaire she wasnt afraid to get her life…Ciara is a joke and this man is going to leave her just like all the rest

  • torri1986

    YES. I believe this is true with future. He had a concert in missouri he was supposed to do last month. Tickets sold out within a week of going on sale. However, he canceled a week before the concert. The sad thing is, he was already in st. louis the night before doing a concert with t.i but he couldnt make his other concert. i dont know who or what made future or even ciara believe they are a lit celebs to be trying to call shots like they are. But they need to learn how to get it together.

    • a1fbg

      Yeahand that was because they gave him half of what they promised! Know your facts before you comment!

      • Yeaaa

        Why wud they give him the whole thing dummy, would u pay for ur dinner before u even order it?

  • SMH

    Future ain’t a child. He had an obligation to be at the club and like the guy said ‘When they saw the limousine Future wouldn’t get in the car” What’s this got to do with Ciara!?

    • pretty1908

      I am sure there was more to this story. I can see both sides because artists can be bitchy and spoiled, but sometimes promoters will promise and say things just to book an act and not have anything together once they arrive. If I was future, I would give him his money back and kept it moving. Sometimes business just goes bad

      • t1990

        Marcus Houston did a similar thing in Australia (all hes shows), he showed up and performed for 15 mins then left. When they think they made it or something they get big headed.

      • JMO

        Well if he broke his contract he’s going to owe a lot more than just the pre-payment. Im sure the promoter lost other funds because of the no-show. But I hope this story is untrue.

    • Nia

      Maybe I’m out of the loop, but $36,000 for him? I didn’t know he was that serious.

      • Yvette

        You are not out of the loop. I thought the same thing and he is not that serious.

      • Yvette

        You are not out of the loop. I thought the same thing and he is not that serious.

      • mac

        I didn’t think he’d make it past that awful debut single. But with the right team behind you, anyone can make it in the game today. Shame.

    • tonya

      right LOL