Kenya Moore Won’t Return To RHOA Unless Her Paycheck Is Gone With The Wind Fabulous

May 7, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

It’s looking a bit like deja vu on the set of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” right now as “breakout star” Kenya Moore is once again caught up in a little drama over money. Basically she’s saying she’ll return for a sixth season of the show, but only if the money is right. I.e. you know she’s probably asking for a major raise since she was the most talked about cast member this season.

I’m actually not mad at Kenya for that, I’m just curious how much she’s asking for — you know mama thinks she’s the pioneer of all things black and fabulous. According to TMZ, the beauty pageant queen is “finalizing talks with Bravo to come back next season, but her paycheck has become a sticking point in contract negotiations.”

As expected, TMZ also says the issue will be settled very soon and her return is pretty much a done deal, which means the network is not trying to let that ticking time bomb of a cast member go and will probably pay her whatever her crazy heart desires to see her cause more mayhem another season.

Surprisingly, at least to me, Porsha Stewart is expected to come back too, but in a smaller role. If anything, I thought she either wouldn’t return in order to reconcile with Kordell, or she’d have an even bigger part in the case, being that her current marital troubles are the stuff reality TV perfection is made of. I thought for sure producers would be all over her divorce battle for the sake of ratings, but perhaps Porsha made the decision to scale back considering reality TV was likely a major culprit in the breakdown of her marriage. Whatever the reason, let’s hope things work out for the best for her.

BTW, are you glad Kenya’s coming back next season?

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  • cinnamonchic

    give her the money. Bravo has tons $$. Those tv exec are living it up too

  • KJ23

    Two things. First, of course Kenya is requesting more money. It cost a lot to pretend.

    Second, if you think about a lot of Prosha’s scenes last season they took place in her home. Since she’s still living with Kordell, he probably refuses to sign the releases to let the cameras on the premises. That’s probably why her role will be smaller.

  • Sandra

    I didn’t plan to watch RHOA if Kenya was returning. I for one will be thrilled to see her gone.

    She brought the show down. Her negativity was affecting the climate of the show. She hasn’t paid her dues yet to be demanding a pay increase. A big thank you to the men of RGOA for seeing through this classless female.

    And in regards to beauty titles – Vanessa Williams was the first black woman crowned Miss America in 1983 – now she is a true beauty. How unfortunate she had to relinguish her

    title in 1984. She remained a class act through out that period and continues to flourish in her career.

    I for one would love to see her “Gone With The Wind!” Are you listening Andy??

  • realadulttalk

    I don’t understand how having a fake relationship as your only real storyline equates to a raise. She’s really not that interesting, the drama she brings will be old next season. I’d rather see Marlo come back as well. Unless maybe they have Kenya and Marlo…I’d be somewhat curious to see how those two crazies interacted.

    • JRoc85

      If it had not been for Kenya, Phaedra nor Porsha would have had a story line!!!!!! NeNe wasn’t around to spice things up much this season since she was in LA. Therefore, in some ways, Kenya kept things interesting, BUT she DOES NOT deserve a raise. BTW, I would DEFINITELY watch if Marlo & Kenya were on RHOA.

  • MissRealuminatti

    If Kenya is not returning, then I’m not returning. That was best season ever!

  • kierah

    I actually don’t enjoy watching the mentally afflicted. After awhile, it ceases to be funny and becomes sad.

  • Breeze

    Kenya will either get what she’s asking for or a great compromised. She is the most talked about cast member whether you hate or love her. I hear people using her quotes everyday. They want her back. That girl is a mess and I love it!

  • Breeze

    Kenya will either get what she’s asking for or a great compromised. She is the most talked about cast member whether you hate or love her. I hear people using her quotes everyday. They want her back. That girl is a mess and I love it!

  • Almond E Brown

    Kenya ruins the show for me. All that over-acting she does is annoying. I, for one, will not watch if she is a part of the cast next season.

  • TallGyal7

    guess she’ll be gone with the wind unemployed…lol.

  • Ms. Kameria

    I hope Bravo doesn’t put her back on the show period. Fabulous check, or “unfabulous” check…..I’d rather see Marlo Hampton be put on as a cast member….(and that’s not saying much).

    • Shay n Scrappy 4 ever! Lmao

      Oooh.. i thought i was the ONLY one who missed Marlo… i would rather have Messy Marlo than Kenya the Delusional.

  • Shay n Scrappy 4 ever! Lmao

    If she trying to make Nene money for the show she betta take a seat and accept that She by Sheree pay… you aint seasoned enough for that yet… and being the first (until porsha did her homework and proved u werent) black Miss U.S.A, doesn’t count for seniority.

    • JRoc85

      It was nice that in Porsha’s spare time she learned how Google works, hahahahaha!

      • Shay n Scrappy 4 ever! Lmao

        She is like the black version of Jessica Simpson….

  • shar chillz


  • Get your money. Can anyone really disagree? We have to fight for what we’re worth and these reality shows can really do a number on you mentally or emotionally. Bravo will snip and edit until they create the image they want the public to have of you- so make them pay up!

  • Kenya did what she had to do to be a wanted cast member & I don’t blame her. You have to have someone on the show to hate, bring lots of mayhem, shake everyone up and she is it.

  • JRoc85

    I like Kenya’s “over the top” silly antics, BUT Kenya hasn’t been on RHOA long enough to demand ANY salary increases. She should just trademark “Gone With The Wind Fabulous” and make some t-shirts, LOL.

    • realadulttalk

      But anyone who has seen Gone with the Wind would not be caught dead in one of those shirts…there is nothing fabulous about that movie.

    • cinnamonchic

      Kenya should be on tv 24/7 .. she is a perfect example why black people should not bleach their skin.

      she shuts down any white or light skin diva on TV. all the “housewives are hideous with ver the top makeup, hair and ‘tude

  • Everyone want to be rich, no one wants to put in the work! Uh no, get two or three seasons under your belt and then ask for a raise. The nerve of this woman, really. And let the season do it’s reruns, sheesh. That’s where you get your money too.

  • Wasn’t planning on watching the show anyway if Kenya was going to be on it.