‘I’m Not Addicted To Prostitutes, I’m Addicted To Instant Gratification:’ Mister Cee Attempts To Clean Up Male Escort Scandal

May 6, 2013  |  

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It looks like popular DJ Mister Cee aka Calvin LeBrun is in need of a “fixer” or at the very least, a really talented publicist. Over the weekend we reported that the Hot 97 on-air personality was arrested for allegedly soliciting a male prostitute.

This morning LeBrun joined his Hot 97 cohorts during the Cipha Sounds & Rosenburg Morning Show with K.Foxx to discuss the scandal. During his interview, the radio jockey came clean about his struggles with prostitution, but maintains that he is a heterosexual male and even suggested that NYPD lied about the sex of the prostitute that he was caught with.

“Thursday night/Friday morning, I was approached by a female, Latino undercover cop. Not a male cop. The female Latino cop, I have her badge number so I know who it is….The first story that came out in the Daily News said it was a female undercover officer and you can research and see that that story was posted. Then they changed it soon after to male undercover officer. I have no idea why it changed.”

He then proceed to defend his sexuality.

“No, I am not gay. I have not engaged in homosexual activity. Out of the three incidents that happened in the past with me, there was only one person’s name brought up that was a male.”

The legendary DJ also addressed whether or not he’s addicted to prostitutes.

“Yes, I do like prostitutes. I have engaged a lot with prostitutes in my life many times. Same with strippers. I’ve tricked on them many times. But I happened to be in the area on Thursday.  It was a beautiful day for me. Everything that had happened around this time in 2011, I didn’t feel like my Hot 97 fam had my back. There were people telling me I shouldn’t be on that Summer Jam stage. But on Thursday, I was in a great mood. So it just so happened I was in that area after leaving a party.  I didn’t know that corner is where prostitutes hung out.”

“It’s because of what I’ve been going thru the last 10-12 years of my life.  Back in 2001, I was in a serious committed relationship (a girlfriend) with a young lady and I’m not going to say her name.  About that time, my life started to change into wanting hit it & quit it type relationships.  I was going into strip clubs and things. Then I wanted to get prostitutes. I got in a rut. The more I started getting into that activity, the more I wanted it versus the traditional way of getting to know regular women.”

“I found myself not trusting women as much. I found myself not wanting women to get closer to me in my world. I started seeing how my friends were getting jammed up in their marriages and relationship and I said that’s not going to be me.  If I get to a point where me and a woman get too close, I push her away. I have trust issues with women.”

Turn the page to listen to Mister Cee’s full interview. What do you make of this? 

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  • Diveta Cranford

    Yeeeeaaahhh…this big, greasy fried chicken & biscuit eatin fool like the same thing I do d**k…..lmmfao!!!

  • kierah

    This chocolate Teddy Grahams looking mutha jumper needs to stop with these lies! He has trust issues with himself because he knows what a liar looks like everyday – in the mirror!

  • ttoya

    Yeah he gay azz he-ll

  • ttoya

    Yeah he gay azz he-ll

  • IllyPhilly

    I’m on his side with this one and I’m a woman, oops.

  • Patricia

    This is what you call straight up DENIAL at it best. An oscar performance for best actor.

    • jjac401

      It’s just what you call a straight out liar! He is disgusting!

    • jjac401

      It’s just what you call a straight out liar! He is disgusting!

  • *Mr. Cee voice* “Im not gay…I just like to toot it up against another man’s balls occasionally.”

    • Diveta Cranford

      I’m dead on the “toot it up against anotha mans balls occasionally!!!!!! Lmmfao!!! Youz a fool for that!!!

  • FromUR2UB

    Which is the scandal? The prostitution, or possibility of the prostitute being male? As long as it doesn’t take place near residential neighborhoods or schools, involve minors, then I don’t see why there are still laws against prostitution. What a waste of taxes, time and law enforcement resources, chasing after people to arrest them for their freak vices. And if the prostitute was a guy, then how is this scandalous in a climate that applauds the coming out of a basketball player? Hypocritical, no?

  • NJ2

    Hummmmmmmmmmmmm…{Side eye} Funny: “only one involved males” just happened to be the one you got caught with. Aight, Eddie!

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  • Shay

    “You ain’t got to lie Craig”!

  • Tehani

    People liek him are dangerous to women.

  • Edont

    With everyone coming out these days, why not just admit it?

  • LaLa03

    I want to know about this ex. Will she speak out?

  • mik bailey

    Don’t blame women; you a gutter rat, no way to clean this up. Remember God is watchin!

    • MLS2698

      “…The more I started getting into that activity, the more I wanted it
      versus the traditional way of getting to know regular women.”

      Now this, I believe. Because that’s how the Devil works, anyway!

  • Nah buddy I’m not buying it. A semi successful dude with some notoriety doesn’t have to trick with prostitutes there are plenty of ‘normal’ women who would have been more than happy to be on his bootycall/jumpoff roster for little more than an all you can eat buffet once in a while and a coupla dollas to get her nails done. He knows this as does anyone else in the industry. He know he likes getting serviced by men, why lie about it though?

    • Mr Cee is in denial, he is Gay and wants to be with men. He seems to get caught at least seasonally with male prostitutes. It is very sad that he has to hide his true nature and risk his health at the same time. He just needs to come out.

    • MLS2698

      Did he say instant gratification? So why doesn’t he just eat a whole rotisserie chicken or something? SMH

      • Kenedy

        Or use his hand….the hand is way more instant that driving to the red light district

        • MLS2698

          True. And he even has two hands for diversity. LEFT AND RIGHT!

      • realadulttalk

        I wouldn’t even think a prostitute would be instant gratification. You gotta leave the house (or go on the internet) set up a date, negotiate terms. That is not instant. That’s work!!