Werk! T.I. & Tiny’s Daughter Zonnique Steps Out For Prom

May 6, 2013  |  

Source: Instagram

Looks like someone was allowed in T.I. and Tiny’s “white room” for her prom day. This fact alone makes this post worthwhile. T.I. don’t let nobody go in there; but when it’s prom time all the stops are pulled out. This weekend, Zonnique Pullins, T.I. and Tiny’s 17 year old daughter got to be an ordinary teenager for a minute when she attended prom.

She was escorted by rapper Rocko’s son, Malik. (You may remember that Rocko is also the former fiance and father of Monica’s two sons Romello and Rodney III.) Apparently, there’s absolutely no love lost and Monica considers Malik her son. See what she tweeted:

Source: Twitter

Malik later tweeted that he and Monica still have a tight relationship, explaining how he could text her all day and night.

That’s sweet!

We have to give it up to Miss Zonnique. This dress is too fab! I know some grown women, myself included, who wouldn’t mind wearing this gown. We’re actually a little surprised T.I. let her out the house without trying to throw a shawl over her chest. But she looks cute. The blue hair looks surprisingly good with the outfit and you can never go wrong with a red lip. Werk honey!

What do you think of Zonnique’s outfit? Check out more prom pics on the next page.

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  • Janelle Johnson

    That’s her irdc a friend jus had me read this and she’s more close to twent so when does the omg girlz end? It’s for their sake

  • Sasha Taylor

    The dress is pretty but too grown up for her

  • realadulttalk

    If she were my child she wouldn’t be going anywhere in that dress for many more years. No one asked or cares, but I do not approve.

  • chanela

    lord life is so unfair. why couldn’t i be born into a rich family?

  • Jay Trevy

    Its not too much cleavage She looks great, I dressed like that for my prom and I turned out fine. Lay off

    • Trollolol

      define “fine”.

      • Zettai

        I LOLed at this SO hard

  • Nikkita Michelle

    That’s way too much cleavage for a girl in high school. I’m shocked the school didn’t say anything.

  • She’s a beautiful young lady and the dress is gorgeous, but I do not like her cleavage at all, its not flattering, tasteful or respectful. Sorry but her mom is allowing her dress too grown too fast. I really like TI and Tiny but this is stretching it a bit too far. IJS.

  • mac

    pretty girl, but that dress isn’t attractive or tasteful in the least. But hood is as hood does.

  • Zettai

    “Ordinary teenager” HA! Who are you trying to fool?

  • Reese

    I know she wanted to look grown up for her prom but that is too much cleavage showing. But she already has more money than me so what do I know.

  • pickneychile

    Nique is so cute! I love her gown…a lil too much cleavage for breaking it down on the dance floor, but it’s a beautiful dress!

  • kickash

    I always thought she was a cute girl. The boobs are a bit much but the dress is really pretty and it’s definitely not bad compared to other dresses I have seen these girls stepping out in….

  • I’m only 26, and I remember girls going to prom in cut out dresses with high slits, I think she looks fine, though I know TI had something to say about it (cleavage)! LOL.. she looked gorgeous! And idk why, but for some reason, I really like the OMG Girlz colored hair! Especially the one with the pink hair!

  • Kay

    They look very cute for the night. But is it me or do these young girls look way older physically than they did back in the day and I’m only 24?

    • Reese

      No it’s not just you. I’m 22 and I went to pick my little brother up from middle school a few weeks ago. Some of his female classmates were more physically developed than me.

    • Africanpride

      I was just thinking the same thing. I’m 25, her one boob is the size of my two boobs after some victoria secret push up bra. It’s all the hormones in these fast foods. When my lil bro was in middle school, he described this girl that had a crush on him. He said, I think she repeated couple of times and maybe older than me(judging by her huge boobs and butt). She looked physically too grown for her age. Malik, looks like a 26yr old man. I miss when teenagers looked and acted like teenagers.

    • mac

      she’s what, 17 or 18? Most girls have finished developing by then.

  • YaY!

    I saw her clevage and already knew what the comments section was goin to be about…lol

  • Nia

    Okay, TI is her step father, not her real father. Her real father is in her life so it’s a slap in the face to say TI and Tiny’s daughter!

    • Trisha_B

      But her father isn’t famous. Everybody would be like “who” if it said ‘Tiny and …. daughter goes to prom’ She calls T.I dad as well

    • Why is it a slap in your face??? Her daddy ain’t complaining!!!! smh

    • Tehani

      I think that this article should have titled T.I. as her stepfather. Other people not knowing who her biological father is is a personal problem.

  • appassionata

    My daughter wouldn’t be going ANYWHERE with her breasts hanging out like that. smh

  • AnonyChick

    He looks sharp and she’s a beautiful girl, but that’s a lot of cleavage, especially for a teenager. Just my 2 cents.

  • MLS2698

    Cute. T.i. must have had a fit about all that cleavage, though. I can hear Tiny saying ” naw, Tip! don’t do dat, she goin’ to prom.”