What ‘Chu Say Boo? Caption This Pic Of Mimi And Her ‘Made’ Outfit

May 6, 2013  |  

I guess Mimi is trying to turn a negative into a positive all in one camera flash — or she just wanted an excuse to dress up and show off her backside. Either way, the result is still the same: Mimi Faust in a maid outfit on Instagram.

Poking fun at Joseline coming in Stevie J’s house and addressing her by saying, “Hey Maid,” Mimi decided to embrace the title and posted the pic above with the caption:

YESSSSS I got my “MADE” outfit on  #KeepItClean

Sounds like she’s pointing out the fact that she’s a self-made woman, not necessarily a maid like Joseline would like to think. And while I’m not knocking that hustle, can we pause for the thirst that is this pic?

I’m just trying to figure out how much time went in to finding this outfit, hair and makeup, calling up a photographer, staging the scene, and perfectly tooting her booty up to snap this sultry photo. It could certainly be worse, but we can’t deny Mimi is doing the absolute most right now. Caption this pic and tell us what you think is going through her head in this photo.

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  • Bitchonamove

    Self Made Need No Buster Money

  • T

    Shouldn’t it be spelled “maid”? I’ve never watched the show so I am not sure if I am missing an inside joke here

    • T

      Oh never mind I was looking at this on my phone and later read the full article that shows the word play here.

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    Apparently the #HEYMADE shirts was good enough to get me attention, so I’ll dress like a “made” with my a$$ hanging out, just to be on Jose’s (yeah I said JOSE) level.

  • MLS2698

    I’m all about the $$$$$$$, so I’ll capitalize off of anything, even the words of the woman who slid off da pole and took my baby’s daddy.

  • Danielle

    It’s bad enough we were hypersexualized during slavery days, we gotta bring that back now? There was a good run of modesty in the early 20th century for black women. This is not the world I wanna bring my kids up in. Ugh ewww. COVER UP!!

  • She’s too beautiful to be putting up with the bullshit she does and getting all defensive when ppl call her out on her lack of self-esteem. Problem is, she’s just going to continue being Molly the Maid, and end up trying to clean the syphilis off of her vagina from Steebie’s dirty beefcake.

  • Mischa Monae

    Stevie will never respect her, she has allowed his behavior for too long. Focus on your child and your MADE business, lol

  • I guess…. she still a damn fool when it come to Steebie!

  • This is how I maid myself who I am today. Using what I got to get by. I am thinking she should make herself available to God and forget all the foolish.

  • OH! and by the MN. Oluremi is NOT Self maid. She f**ked and sucked her way into some good money and just so happened to have enough to start a business.

  • lmfaoooooooooo! Okay MiMi I see you. You went from being a Busted maid to being a Sl*tty maid! You still ain’t gon be able to keep Steebie interested so just let it go

  • Sheena

    She thinking, “I’m killing these b%tches”! lmao

  • Maria

    Need a good kick in my A@@!!!