Another Spokesperson Bites The Dust: Pepsi Cuts Lil Wayne Loose

May 3, 2013  |  

(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Pepsi has ended its relationship with Lil Wayne over offensive lyrics that referenced Emmett Till. Weezy apologized for the lyrics earlier this week (sort of), but the damage was already done. In a statement, Pepsi would only say the “offensive reference to a revered civil rights icon does not reflect the values of our brand,” offering no further comment. According to the AP, Lil Wayne’s publicist would only say the split was caused by “creative differences.” Lil Wayne had been signed to promote Mountain Dew.

And speaking of Mountain Dew, the brand just pulled an ad created by Tyler, The Creator and starring his group Odd Future, which some said “glorified” violence against women and was one of the most racist ads ever. Bad week for Pepsi.

And a bad month or so for hip hop spokespeople. Rick Ross was dumped by Reebok, also over lyrics deemed offensive to women, making light of slipping “a molly” into a woman’s drink and then sleeping with her.

Is this going to have an impact on rap lyrics? The frequency with which rappers are given these sorts of sponsorship deals?

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  • maggie

    Like in any relationship, get to know somebody first

  • ChiTown Princess

    Why did it take this long for PepsiCo to do this, anyways, I’m glad they finally saw the light and let this disrespecting troll go!

  • scandalous7


  • Abbas Abbakar

    Thank you Pepsi for showing respect to the memory of emmit till! Now you are officially my favorite!

  • Tudbee

    Yay for Pepsi. Now over to you Mountain Dew, drop the sucker.

    • Annette

      Mountain Dew = Pepsi Co.

    • ChiTown Princess

      Mountain Dew is owned by Pepsi, just like Sprite is owned my Coca Cola.

  • Shay n Scrappy 4 ever! Lmao

    Good! He ain’t learn his lesson….

  • Chassie

    Shoot, fire them anyway. Maybe I live under a rock, but I had no idea they were spokespersons for these companies, you want an endorser, you get Beyonce, because there are no doubts as to what she’s endorsing.

  • Gigi

    Lord, I hope so. When rap first came on the scene, it was refreshing to have a new genre of music. And even different styles developed within rap itself. Now…it has become nothing but uneducated, derogatory foolishness. IMO, it’s not even worth listening to anymore. No one is saying anything worth hearing, just some good beats. And even some of those are lackluster or sound like the song that just played. I believe, for rap to last another generation or so, the content will need to change. And for that to happen, more people need to speak out on what these “artists” are pushing on us and our children.

  • FromUR2UB

    Why now? They weren’t thinking straight when they got someone who looks like the child of Alien and Predator to represent a food product, anyway.

    • MLS2698

      True. But alien/predator offspring gotta eat too. And they should watch what they say while they drink Pepsi!

  • kylieky

    It’s about time. I hope we can keep this up. These rappers need to learn that they cannot just go into the studio unscrupulously spitting horrible lyrics without repercussions.

  • Dee


  • Kam

    These companies signing rappers like Lil Wayne and Rick Ross need to listen to their albums before signing them to endorsement deals. You can’t ignore the content of their music and then sign them to promote your product and think that at some point there won’t be any controversy surrounding their lyrics. If you do go ahead and decide to have them on the payroll then please have an outstanding morals clause in the contract so that we can all avoid the fake shock that is put out in the statements released surrounding their dismissal from their contracts.

    • MLS2698


  • GettingMoney4Real

    All these companies are doing is exactly what we as a community should be doing….. Holding people accountable. A few years back 2Pac said in an interview, “Don’t just bop your head to the music; Listen to the lyrics and hold us accountable.”

    I’m a fan of the music, but somethings go too far. Like the CEO of Reebok said, “These guys are smart guys, but they have some stupid advisers around them.”

  • Just saying!!

    Yes! Bout time someone started taking action and making demands/having standards! Good for them for dropping them!! Hopefully they’ll learn from this experience, but I’m doubtful…