Kerry Washington Talks Making History As Olivia Pope, And What President Obama And His Administration Think Of It

May 3, 2013  |  

Somebody’s on top of the world aren’t they?

Scandal star Kerry Washington is covering the newest issue of Parade magazine, and inside she opened up about her very busy schedule (since she’s a very in-demand A-list actress these days), Scandal‘s off-the-wall storylines, if she’s asked President Obama what he thinks about the show, and the emotional toll working on Django Unchained had on her. Let’s see what she had to say:

Speaking on the scandalous storyline of ABC’s hottest show, and the reality that cheating presidents (and their mistresses) have been around forever:

“The story lines…push what’s possible. But there are stories on the news that change what we think is possible all the time. You hear about a governor who’s disappeared into the Appalachian trail because he has a South American lover, or somebody else’s behavior on Twitter. I mean, if you want to look at presidents having affairs—there are about four I can think of off the top of my head.”

On how draining it was to work on Django and how hard it was to get back to normal after the fact:

“I feel like I barely survived Django emotionally. The violence. Hearing the N-word every day. It cost me a lot psychologically, but it was worth it to tell that story. I had two days between finishing Django and starting up again on Scandal. It was nuts. That first day back I had to walk across the Rose Garden in heels. I thought, ‘I don’t remember how to walk like Olivia Pope anymore. ‘ I’d been barefoot in the woods for months playing a slave.”

On whether or not she knows if the president likes Scandal:

“I haven’t wanted to ask the president his opinion of the show. But I have lots of friends in the administration who love it. We make D.C. look s**y and exciting.”

Love her! Check out more from her interview over at Parade and let us know what you think of what she had to say.


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  • cool

    I think overall the show is okay, yet there are aspects that ibdo not like at present about Ms Washington’s character. For instance, here you have this (obviously) strong Black woman in a major role in the political arena, who is really tough n “takes no crap” kind of woman…yet she can’t resist being used nor being a fool for these not one now but two White men. Now the brother she was with early on she had no problem getting rid of and not looking back! No moments of giving in to some random sex..nothing. Yet the president who is married and most of the time talks to her as if she’s subordinate and not a woman of interest that you “love” so much…yet she remains weak for him over and over. Then theres the guy who has broken in and had you under surveillance and you got in the sack qith him too and just can’t seem to resist him either for long..idk it just seems like this strong sistah is just taking crap from and being screwed “literally” by the powerful and now even not so powerful white men..ok so now what?!

    • Pivyque

      Hmmm….I wonder if there are some subliminal messages going on with that lol

      • cool

        Lol idk..but i have some thoughts on this but i will keep them quiet..may get attacked up in here!!

    • Guest360

      Isn’t that true of real life though? The way I see it, Scandal is no different than what you’d see in real life relationships. Minus the murder and mayhem…hopefully lol. but I’ve seen many a black women who are strong, independent, capable and take no mess professionally but in their personal lives, are an absolute mess. So while I get the criticism, I can’t exactly agree with this notion that a black woman shouldn’t be written like this. Why not? Its only a projection of what’s going on in real life with A LOT of professional women and not just the black ones either.

      And Edison was as vanilla, corny, and boring as they come. It was easy to say no to him because she wasn’t into him like that. He wasn’t exciting or challenging or someone who she could go toe to toe with and she needs that. She needs someone that isn’t going to roll over and be her yes man and that’s what he was.

      • cool

        Well though it is true to a degree that some are like that in real life..though you can say that about most anything. As far as what the one guy was as opposed to the pres and his crony..maybe the President (being he has that power and position yada yada) but as far as tye other guy..whom she barely knew and given all that he had done that she only just found out about, coupled with the fact that he worked for and under the authority of the President, why she couldn’t and wouldn’t resist him is beyond me….if that had been a brother it would’ve been written much differently I suspect (of course I don’t”know”) ..he would’ve bren every dog and lowlife in the book lol..and she definitely would’ve been done. But alas thats on the writers…just seems a bit odd to me..but thats just my opinion.

        • Guest360

          What do you mean “resist him”? Are you referring to the kiss? If so, she only did that to keep him from asking questions about her relationship with Fitz and then when she realized he wasn’t letting up, she took her glass of wine, walked away, and locked her door lol. She’s not really into him anymore either. The only one she’s unable to “resist” is Fitz, and that’s because she’s in love with the man.

  • Mel

    I might be the only Black woman in America who is not a fan of this show, or most of Shonda Rhimes’ writing for that matter. I can’t get behind it because It doesn’t intrigue me. I don’t root for anyone. And I’m not drawn in by any of the characters. Why is it, that everytime I try to watch the show, they are saying something disparaging about people who believe in God? It’s only been a handful of times, so forgive me if that’s a small generalization, but overall I’d rather watch something else.

    Very nice pic of Ms. Washington, though. She looks very pretty here.

    • IllyPhilly

      No, not the only. I support Scandal, but I just don’t get how s3xy and loving doing a married man is and I wasn’t a fan of Grey’s Anatomy.

      • InternationalDiva

        I support Scandal myself; I don’t think the show is meant to be s3xy nor loving about doing a married man, it just states the reality of what goes on the world. We may not like it, but it happens.

    • Treacle234

      I am beginning to lose interest in the show as well.

    • tash

      I wasn’t a fan of this show at first, but it’s funny when I read facebook status’ and they act like this is the only thing Shonda has wrote,lol. I love Greys Anatomy and she did a great job on the Princess Diaries, been a fan for a while. But you’re right it is a nice pic of Kerry Wasghington 🙂