What The What?? Antoine Dodson Renounces His Homosexuality, Claiming He’s A Black Hebrew Israelite Now

May 3, 2013  |  

While you were chilling in the house last night preparing dinner, the most interesting thing happened. According to Missjia.com, Antoine Dodson, you know, the YouTube star from the “Hide ya kids, hide ya wife” bed intruder video, went to his Facebook and announced that he would no longer be presenting himself as a gay man. Why? Because he’d had a change of heart because of his faith. He claims to now be a True Chosen Hebrew Israelite descendant of Judah. Here’s what he had to say last night:

His last real Facebook status before this very big announcement was on April 1, so who knows how long he had actually been learning about this faith and going through such a transition. But despite how he might feel about himself now–while still toting a profile picture with pressed hair that looks better than most of the women I know–it seems some of his followers were turned off by his profession. Claiming that it perpetuates the idea that if you want to, you can choose not to be gay.

“…by renouncing your homosexuality you add fuel to the argument that being gay is a choice and this will in no doubt end up hurting someone young LGBTQ. Shame on you.”

But others were supportive of his decision, including one who said “all who hatin, why hate on someone willin to change….”

With people who make a living from an identity they create on YouTube, I can’t help but wonder if this could possibly be a publicity stunt of some kind to help keep his name relevant. And if it is, that’s definitely a very irresponsible thing to say and do in front of your mainy gay and bisexual Facebook followers/supporters. However, if it’s not, then more power to him. That’s his life, not ours…but what do you think?

Let us know below!

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  • CookBoogie

    Lol…I wonder if this is gonna start a war with gay people who feel like you can turn it on and off and the gays who are die hard “we were born this way”…Either way…Congrats Toine…Do you…and who the hell is he anyways?? lmaoo

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    Well good for him! Congrats Antoine!

  • scandalous7

    ok so is homosexuality a choice or not ? Stuff like this makes me question the argument .

    • its a choice

      • Dr_Bathroom_MD

        It’s actually not so…


  • oldschoolyrw

    To practice homosexuality is a choice. Furthermore, the homosexual community has an agenda. Just like babies tie everything to oral sensation – hence everything goes into their mouths, homosexuals tie everything into supposed sexual attraction. Something as simple as hero worship they say is a homosexual desire – you want to be WITH Mike, not be like him. Or maybe you weren’t taught that your private parts were not to be played with and you played doctor with someone of the same sex and were detoured that way. Or may be you were molested and you were misdirected that way.

    God would not create homosexuals and then condemn homosexuality. God is just.

    As far as the argument “Life is so hard for homosexuals, why would I choose to be one?” For the same reason people choose to be fornicators or adulterers or necrophiliacs or pedophiles. Sexual sins are Satan’s bread and butter because they all prevent you from having God’s approval and are the most difficult to resist.

    ANYONE with sexual desires is obligated to control them. Even married people, everything that can be done sexually is not alright to do. Some things are unclean.

    It’s not so hard for homosexuals anyway, they have always had their communities, careers and strongholds. Now that we are in the last days, they have gotten even stronger. Strong enough to get people fired for stating what the bible says regarding homosexuality.

    I chose to be heterosexual when I chose to direct my attention to the opposite sex. I chose be heterosexual when I had sex with men only. Now, I choose to be chaste.

    There is a scripture that says that a person who was a murder, fornicator, etc. CAN change! “….that is what some of you were but you have been made clean.”

  • its ok to recognize an attractive person, even if they are the same sex..and an attraction is just that an attraction, two things attract they come together, thats fine…but who you have sex with most of the time is your choice..what the heck is free will all about..those who believe in God???…and this goes especially to you fruits claim to believe yet say, you where born like that, do you really think God would give you no choice to be something He frowns upon…homosexuality is for Godless people and muthaluvas who just dont give a damn a future because God dont like it and two people of the same sex aren’t producing anything as far as life is concerned

    • xaaykung

      Oh please shut up, and I suggest you quit bible thumping and open up a dictionary. Your grammer is pathetic. School much?

      • naw…i dont do school anymore…and as for my grammar or “grammer” as you put it, doesnt much matter inna comment section….im pretty much like most folks these days when it comes to this stuff here…dont care how i put it as long as you understand…you wanna leave God out of this cool…lets try common sense then….homosexuality makes about as much sense as beastiality…just freaking unnatural….now that we have that out the way i can go figure out what a dictionary is going to do for my grammar because im the shiznit when it comes to spelling and i know what these words im typing mean…smh@dictionary…thats the best you came up with

        • hollyw

          There are many beings created on earth who did not choose to be, i.e. people born w/ both sexual organs, developmental delays, physical disabilities, all of which are ‘unnatural’ to the way the human bodies works at its highest efficiency, and ALL of which used to be grounds for death long ago. Unless your argument stands that God also did not intentionally make these people, too, then your argument falls flat.

          You really think you’re the first person to say “Homo is unnatural, God hates it”..??

          • of course im the first person to say homo is unnatural and God hates it….there has been none before me…and im talking about who you choose to lay with, not people born with deformities and abnormalities….i dont believe people are born homosexual, but maybe im wrong, maybe its just a birth defect, like those other things you mentioned….as far as im concerned its apples n orange and your argument didnt fall flat, it just plain failed

            • hollyw

              Yes, maybe you are wrong… 🙂

              • Now that we have that all clear, there is this bridge in Brooklyn i’ll sell you for an extremely fair price..someone like you would be the perfect owner….let me know if your are interested

  • No amount of conversion therapy, religion, etc. will change who you are. You are either gay or straight. He might be able to repress his sexual desires but that doesn’t change who he actually is. Denying who you are will only do more damage in the long run.

  • Chey

    I do not agree that it is a choice to be homosexual.However, I do know that you choose whether or not you are going to act upon your desires.

  • trueT

    FIrst of all the media made him a you tube sensation. Him changing his lifestyle is, like homosexuality, a CHOICE!!! Its a behavior not a gene that your born with when you come out the womb. So many people in this world have led former gay lifestyles that are now straight.

    So dont believe the gay agenda. Gay is not the new black. Homosexuality is not DNA.

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    Yeah right, he’ll be right back in the “rainbow coalition” sonner than you can say “A”.

  • DDavis

    Ok, here is my question: if it is not a choice but how you were born, then please LGBTQ explain how Jason Collins is Gay but his twin brother is not? Homosexuality is a choice, not something you are born to be.

    • Punky

      This is the dumbest post I have ever seen! Too dumb for me to even explain why you’re so dumb!

      • Bits


  • niki

    Praise the lord, it doesnt matter if he is or was ever revelant. He obviously is because people took the time to read this story and comment about him so i think so….

  • mik bailey

    Hope he makes it but believe when them sexual urges start.>>.

  • thegoodluckpig

    very true not everyone will be delivered. if mr. dobson believes he can pray the gay away so be it. i hope he finds the inner peace and salvation he needs in church. but more importantly i hope he finds the SELF LOVE and ACCEPTANCE he craves. if he feels he needs to renounce the person he was (is?) to be let into the kingdom of heaven fine. it’s not for me to say whether hes right or wrong even if i disagree with the sentiment you NEED to pray your gay away and deny what makes you happy (and doesnt harm others.) definitely sideyeing some of these comments but hey i’ll keep god in my head heart and on my tongue because thinking evil thoughts about others is literally just as bad as any other sin

  • KeeKeeAlNatural

    Look, allow this man to do what he will with his life. Just like it was his right to announce to the world he was homosexual, it is also his right to denounce homosexuality for HIS life. It annoys me how controlling people can be about someone elses life. Do you, allow him to do the same. Sheesh!

  • Tasha

    When was he ever relevant he had one funny interview so yea. As for the religion to each is on but I honestly think people need to research that one a tad bit more just saying it seems like foolery to me.

  • It is his choice as others makes choices regarding who they are and how they live. I love all God’s people.

  • MiMiSo

    My mom always said only a God can deliver onself from anything! If Donnie McClurkin said it “God Delieverd Me From Homosexuality” then so can Antoine, he is no different then Donnie! Anything is possible through God!

  • Stacy L

    I don’t think homosexuality is a choice. If it were, why would someone choose to go through all the judging, condemning, taunting, intolerance, hate and ignorance?? Who would WANT to put themselves through that?

    But, I digress.. This is his life, if he is truly sincere about it I wish him the best in the future.

  • Bits

    people KILL themselves everyday because they battle with the reality of living in a world that says they are condemned and evil because they are gay. If it was as simple as making a choice do you think people would be taking their own lives over a CHOICE??? get real people. the lack of respect and common sense from most of these comments is scary and disgusting.

    • Elle12

      It is a choice to kill yourself too if you want to get technical…
      (No victim blaming here, just speaking on personal experiences)

      • Bits

        yes suicide is a choice. but a very drastic one to make if all one has to do is ‘choose’ their sexuality like choosing to turn a light on or off. the point is sexuality is much deeper than just someone choosing.

      • No one chooses to be a certain way that drives them to suicide.

        • Bits

          thank you!

    • PleaseDOBetter

      Like x1000

  • Cali

    What some gay people need to understand is that for some other gay people, being gay IS a choice!!! That is why some people are so distant of just stand-offish about the entire thing. I know so many people who have turned “gay” and lived that lifestyle just because of a heartbreak or lack of play from men/women ad then as soon as they find someone they’re straight again. Like wtf. It’s not taken seriously by EVERYONE.

    • hollyw

      That does not mean “gay is a choice”, it means their sexuality is more fluid than others. It is STILL not something they are willing their minds to change on.

  • Trisha_B

    Glad he found God. That’s amazing…but seriously, he’s flamboyantly gay. He can’t be ungay’d lol. He has woman mannerisms that most likely can’t be undone. Any woman who gets w/ him is gonna set herself up for being w/ someone who is only w/ her to reproduce & not for love. B/c deep down he’s always gonna have love for another man

    • dora

      God can change anyone

    • chanela

      maybe he felt like he needed to act flamboyantly gay in order to fit in somewhere.

  • Mona Lisa

    His salvation is really not for us to judge or decide.

  • pfft

    Not all homosexuals are born homosexuals. Maybe he became that way as a result of having his sexuality compromised at an early age as an result of sexual abuse. Whos to say the homosexual life style for him isnt a lie he was living? Sexuality isnt as black and white as some would have it be regardless of what side of the fence you sit on. There are gray areas. While you may not agree with the choice hes making its still his choice his life his truth.

    • hollyw

      There is no valid empirical study alive that says childhood sex abuse turns people gay.

      • chanela

        why do you need a study when you can just talk to people yourself?

        • hollyw

          One, b/c a study already does that for you…with hundreds of people..? Two, You may talk to one or two people, and that will shape your reality, when you would get a much better sense of reality talking to those hundreds.

          1 out of every 3/4 people are sexually abused. That’s 25-33% of the population. Less than 10% of the pop. identifies as gay. An even smaller percentage of THOSE gays have a history of abuse. 2-3% of gay people having been abused is not enough to make such an irresponsible statement as “they ‘turned’ gay BECAUSE they were abused.” It’s offensive to gays and the many people who’ve experienced abuse. You can talk to as many people as you want. But finding one or two gays who were abused is not enough to make a blanket statement towards an entire population.

  • IllyPhilly

    I can really see it in him. This is something I believe he’s serious about. *side eye*

    • hollyw

      LOL girl this man and this discussion is so ridiculous. I just can’t lol.

  • I love his post! it is a choice to say otherwise is the biggest cop out.

  • Bits

    so sad.

  • Hmm. Something about this seems off. He was probably gay for pay the entire time.

    • IllyPhilly

      He’s just trying stay on somebody’s cable TV show.

  • I don’t know him and I don’t know about being a homosexual, but nothing good can come from denying one’s self. He’ll probably end up being a down low brotha…if any woman is willing to risk being with him. Hopefully he doesn’t go mad with frustration from living a lie. That’s IF he was really gay in the first place and if this conversion of faith is an authentic one. These days you can never tell when people are genuine or if they just want that 15 minutes of fame.

    • Bits

      i agree. he’ll be at a pride parade next year. or wishing he was at one. you cannot deny who you are no matter how much you try to.

    • Sheena

      Thats kind of like saying a 35 year old who is attracted to teen girls could never marry an adult woman his age because he is denying himself. No its actually called self control. Using your brain to control your actions instead of acting off of carnal desires alone like a warewolf or a pig. That’s why humans are higher order species than those animals because we have the ability to use our brains and not just instincts.

      • SMHgurl24

        That 35 yr old man may marry someone his age but you can bet you butt hes thinking about that teen girl. Carnal desires?? You make it sound like sex is more of a tabboo then something natural and accepted. Sex is sex. When people deny who they are to be accepted it can have devastating consequences (which I have seen first hand). I guess at the end of the day people just gotta do what they feel is right for themselves

        • Sheena

          You’re right, thinking about them young girls is not going to get him 3-7 years and it is also a testament to his strength and it makes him a great person to be able to walk away from a tempting situation. If we all try a little harder to maintain control over our desires and wants we’ll all be better people not just homosexuals.

          • Bits

            comparing a child molester/pervert to someone who desires to be with another consenting adult who happens to be of the same sex is two totally different things and your point is invalid.

            • Sheena

              You just called a person a pervert for liking someone who is younger, however in many countries people of that age difference get married everyday. So don’t get mad when people call you a pervert for doing something (homosexuality) that they think is weird.

              • Bits

                it doesn’t matter what other countries do and think is correct. other countries also think its correct to use corrective rape and rape women and small girls to keep the families honor. comparing the rape and molestation of children and adolescent girls to homosexuality is wrong. stop trying to justify your ignorance. if you don’t understand something just say it but don’t compare things that have nothing to do with one another.

            • Well

              Actually aside from the worship of political correctness, it is a perfectly rational comparison. Everyone can agree that properly ordered sexual orientation is post-pubescent male-female pairing. It is the only pairing makes it possible for anyone to exist to be able to even contribute to any discussions of the matter. As such, it is also by far the most important pairing. This is just the rational truth and not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings.

              Any deviation from this pairing can be considered deviant (by definition) and comparison of the deviant pairings within this subset (as well as with the non-deviant pairing) is perfectly rational.

              • Bits

                what? lol

      • ledbychrist

        In the New Testament Jesus says to “deny yourself take up your cross and follow Me”…I know it can be done but it is a difficult thing. He would not say it if it was not possible. He said take up your cross because it would not be easy…. The devil’s way is easy. The devil says: Just do it; don’t deny yourself; do it your way and loose your place in eternity to be eternally damned with me….. Keep it up. This world is not the end of all things, it is a journey……

  • Eggy

    I’m happy he found God….but he had a Benz and lived in the Hills??? Really?

    • Haley B

      Ctfu! Right.

    • i thought when he said that, it was meant as an example of the things he wanted to avoid – not in a literal sense. well that’s how i took it.

  • That’s beautiful. IN EVERYTHING YOU HAVE A CHOICE. It’s amazing for someone to put God before everything including our seemingly all powerful sexual habits that must rule our lives. I pray he stands strong in his decision and that EVERYONE will keep to the NOH8 policy no matter what.

    • hollyw

      Judging by the number of states and countries legalizing gay marriage left and right, I’mma go ahead and say that’s a lost cause…

  • Kitha

    Well, as a Christian I applaud his efforts to want to change for the better. I’m not here to “preach” or get into any kind of squabble over what anyone else believes is an acceptable lifestyle; I just want to state my OWN opinion. As a believer of EVERY word of the Bible, the act of homosexuality IS indeed a sin and is looked down upon by God. If he’s sincere in wanting to change this about himself because he’s had some encounter with God, then I’m happy for him. If you don’t agree with him then that’s your right however, if not for any other reason, just be happy for him and encourage him because he has noticed something about himself that isn’t right and he WANTS to make a change. There are so many people in this world with issues and they know they have these issues but refuse to do anything about it. Here is someone who’s taking a step to better himself. Good job, Antoine, and I pray that God strengthens you as you seek to live a life that he has ordained for you. God Bless!

    • thegoodluckpig

      every word in both the new and old testaments?

  • Na Na

    I’m happy! As a Muslim I am proud that he has found a faith and yes it is true……..you do choose to be homosexual. Sorry guys, its a preference. Every one won’t be delivered but thank God for the people who are.

    • Kitha

      I agree, homosexuality isn’t a “genetic” imbalance, it’s a preferance!

      • Na Na

        Exactly I know Im going to get a lot of thumbs down because people find it easier to say I was born this way or God did it than to control their desires and take accountability for their own actions. But oh well, thumbs down never killed nobody or paid my rent!

      • Crazy Diva

        how the fuc u know

        • Kitha

          Like I said, I’m not here to get into any battle of words or wits with anyone. Judging from your ver poor and distasteful choice of words, you don’t agree with my view point and that’s fine. Everyone is entitled to believe what they want and what I’ve stated is what “I” believe. Have a blessed day! 😉

          • Kitha


          • Svet Muscat

            You know why you speak like that… cos you have no idea what its like. When that is the case the person is speaking out of, what the english dictionary defines as, ignorance.

      • do you choose to be straight? do you just wake up and say hmm you’re into the opposite sex?

        • cryssi

          Well I can only speak for myself, but I dictate what type of man I want and don’t want, who I date and dont. Do I remember waking up and saying hey I like men? No, but if I make choices on who I want and dont want, how do I know I didn’t subconsciously make that decision?

          I believe all sins are equal and all sins are a choice. I sin, so I have no stones to cast, but I do believe homosexuality is a sin just like adultery.

          • hollyw

            The comparison you gave was completely lacking. Choosing ‘what kind’ of man you want is nothing near compared to choosing a man over a woman. Vanessa’s question was pretty clear, and clearly the answer is NO, you did not choose to be straight. So you can not in any way support the argument that gays choose to be gay.

            • cryssi

              My opening statement was, ” I can only speak for myself”. I’m not gay, so I can’t speak for gay people. I stated my opinion and beliefs. We are all here with our personal struggles with temptation. How we deal with said temptations is up to us.

              I believe homosexuality is a sin, I believe adultery is a sin, I believe gluttony is a sin, I believe lying is a sin. I’ve lied, love food, not married and not a virgin. I chose to sin. Those were conscious and unconscious decisions I made. Choices. I believe we choose to sin.

              Oh and I am petty…..cause your argument that my statement was lacking, was lacking. You didn’t give one reason why I’m wrong. Don’t like what I had to say, that’s what the thumbs down button is for.

              • hollyw

                Why give a thumbs down when I can simply respond, which is what this forum is for? If you’re going to give a statement in a public forum, you should be capable of defending it and/or it making sense. Your opening statement was disingenuous b/c all that you said following was to compare your experiences w/ choices w/ that of homosexuals. You can believe that any act is a sin as you wish, but to compare a desire to acts, as you did, is incongruent.

                All of the things you listed, i.e. fornication, lying, adultery, are chosen acts. Homosexuality is an inherent desire. It is not a choice acted upon. Now, to ACT on that desire would be a choice. But according to you, all you have to do is marry a man to be right w/ God; a gay person would either have to pretend to convert to heterosexuality or just remain celibate their entire lives, so comparing your personal struggles, i.e. lying and loving food, to those who identify as gay only condescends to how homosexuality can as easily be chosen, like telling a lie. Please believe they are not comforted by your attempts to identify w/ them in “the struggle”. You don’t remember waking up and saying “hey do I like men?”, b/c it DIDN’T HAPPEN. It’s automatic! So be petty all you want, as well as ignorant.

              • 222Jane

                You are not suppose to argue about things in the light with those in darkness. Homosexuality is a sin because God’s Word says so, His word does not need any other defense than that. Whether is a choice or a demonic spirit has more to do with that individual’s experience. When you are born into the sin cursed world you are a sinner and at the time of accountability you must choose the only one who can wash sin away: Jesus! Hollyw is bored and misled. Pray for her and keep it moving…

    • Bits

      and you know that being gay is a choice because at one time in your life you had to choose between being hetero or homosexual?

      • Elle12

        I’ve been confronted with instances where homosexual actions would have taken place if I agreed to it but it was a CHOICE to not do it.

        • Bits

          thats objective because only you know if you made that choice based on the fact that you have homosexual feelings and you think its wrong to act on them or if you are just a straight person who is not interested in homosexual “actions”. this topic is about why would someone choose a lifestyle that is frowned upon and choose to be ridiculed and hated just because of who they are attracted to. put yourself in their shoes. all of these gay people don’t CHOOSE to get the crap beat out of them and have horrible things said to them. who would CHOOSE getting death threats and getting treated like second rate human beings over choosing to be ‘straight’? would you?

        • hollyw

          You are misconstruing choice in actions w/ choice in desires. CHOOSING to act on homosexual desires is not the same as CHOOSING not to be attracted to the same sex. Gays who think they can pray themselves gay or will themselves to desire otherwise do not get a reward for torturing themselves due to their (or others’) religious beliefs.

        • You were born straight so you didn’t choose to partake in homosexual actions because you’re not gay.

      • disqus_IK4JLhzYdo

        I think sex is the most powerful thing that God gave us to deal with. He gave us this nearly overpowering urge to mate then put provisions on it. No sex outside of marriage, no adultery, no homosexual sex. We were given these rules to teach our spirits self-control. If you can get control over the most difficult aspect of being a human, then your spiritual opportunities are limitless! I believe that homosexuality is a choice; however, I believe the need is so overpowering for some that it seems like they have been born with it. And granted, some people exhibit traits as children that we recognize in adulthood as being gay.

    • jorgalane

      When did you choose to be straight?

      • chanela

        the same day i chose to be made to correspond with a man’s body parts with the purpose of bearing children.

        • jael

          Explain homosexuality within the animal kingdom? surely we are all gods creatures. It has nothing to do with body parts. Just imagine if homosexuality was the norm, could you choose then?

          • chanela

            why are you comparing homosexuals to an animal? animals will fck anthing!

        • that doesnt make sense.

    • PleaseDOBetter

      I am happy for him as long as he is happy for himself. I don’t completely agree that homosexuality is a choice. I believe that for some it is, and some it isn’t. Until you live a certain experience, you cannot say with absolute certainty whether or not it is a preference.

  • Good for him!

  • When was he ever relevant? o_0

    • Exactly

    • Niki

      @Katie and Shemeika. Your commenting and you read the article, kind of ignorant and immature to say he is or was never revelant…..You spent two minutes to care.
      Please dont be mad, his eyes are on the prize and god is good. Believe me

  • The Most High YAH is OPENING THE EYES OF HIS PEOPLE and If They Choose To Hear and to Follow Him The ALL PRAISES TO YAH!

    HE HAS HEARD and Has Made His Choice To Follow ELOHEIM

    as ELOHEIM Has Asked His Children To Do