Is Kim Kardashian the Worst Dressed Pregnant Woman Ever?

May 2, 2013  |  

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I found this hilarious post from Awesomely Luvvie after asking the Google to explain to me Kim Kardashian’s fashion senselessness as of late:

When it was announced that Kim Kardashian was pregnant by her not-husband, Kanye West, I just knew she already had her outfits selected for the next 9 months. She was gon be baby baking chic. I assumed. Not sure why, because her style right now ain’t much to love. Well, pre-Kanye, she was all bandage dress everything. Now, she’s been rocking black, white, tan and leather everything. I truly do not know why I was expecting her to be slaying in the fashion department because she was with child. BUT what I didn’t expect was for her to be dressing so terribly for her new body. Especially since she considers herself a stylist and fashionista. Kim’s growing BAWDY got her all messed up because she’s been making some TERRIBLE fashion choices, even more than usual.”

I am so glad someone else said it, now I won’t feel so bad – or at least if I am bad, I am certainly in  good company. Kim K has got to be the worst dressed pregnant woman in history. Or to put it in better, more generous terms: Kim K’s pregnancy wardrobe is just missing the mark. Clearly, she is trying to maintain her sex symbol status, which is basically her bread and butter, all the way up until the moment the epidural kicks in. There is nothing wrong with that. We all have to make money and eat. But everything looks awkward, clingy and flat out unflattering. In short, there comes a point when the flaunting of the curvaceous pregnancy bod just comes off as tacky. And I’m sorry to say sweet apple of Ray J’s eye, you passed that point one too many bubblegum pink frocks ago.

I’m not going to go into every single fashion faux pas as Jezebel already has a pretty accurate pictorial of her offenses. And part of me feels horrible for having these thoughts about a pregnant lady. I mean, I do have sympathy for her. Unlike her sister Khloe, who benefited from having the perfect round stomach, the pregnancy is spreading her wide as oppose to outwards, as evident by this side by side picture of the pregnant sisters rocking the same outfit.  If all of a sudden, your body changes and everything starts shifting around and getting bigger in ways that you never imagined, it can be difficult coming to terms with that. You’re basically having to engage in some body acceptance and relearn how to dress yourself all over again. At the same time, her appearance is a huge part of her career – some would say the basis for it – and I highly doubt she dresses herself. So if anyone should be getting a side-eye, it’s her hating-behind fashion team. And by team, I mean Kanye West.

I knew a woman, who was all about dressing fashionable and sexi while pregnant. Her thing was that she was about the heels, cleavage and fitted dresses prior to pregnancy – matter of fact it was the reason how she got into that position – and she was not going to stop being true to herself just because she is in the gestation period. She also said that putting stock in her appearance, particularly bringing the sexi back, helped her get through those times when she felt like Free Willy.

However unlike Kim, this woman didn’t try to squeeze into smaller pieces. Instead she acknowledged that physically she wasn’t the same, took a page out of some fashionable plus size friend’s look-book and dressed towards her new shape. She had picked outfits that while short, fitted and showed plenty of cleavage, didn’t stretch and snug itself across the love handles and more importantly, allowed her growing baby bump to move and flow freely. Whereas Kim has stuffed her baby in Spanx and calls it chic.

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  • Jabelle Jabella

    I think u meant Khourtney…

  • Guest

    Ok you guys need to fall back and let her be. For God’s sake the girl is pregnant. Its not nice to beat up on a pregnant woman, that is just cruel. I bet she’s all hormonal and uncomfortable as hell right now. Go find something or someone else to write about.

  • maybe these 9 months Kim is using to take a break from constantly having to dress to impress all the time..

  • ChiTown Princess

    I’ve seen pregnant women dress way more worse than Kim. Yesterday it was 80 degrees here in Chicago, I was at Walmart and this white woman (about 8 months pregnant) wore a little Hello Kitty shirt with her belly hanging out and booty shorts, even my sister-in-law who was with me even gave her fashion advice about how to dress when pregnant. But yeah leave Kimmy alone and let her enjoy her pregnancy.

  • jodycakes

    omg leave her the hell alone gosh! pregnancy is a beautiful thing let her enjoy it and wear what she wants, eat what she wants for christ sake! Gosh I swear only in America people are constantly being judged! I bet the person who wrote this article dresses no better and they not pregnant.

  • Anon

    Journalism 101:check your facts! Khloe is not pregnant and has never been. #dobetter #allthisinlove

  • You should correct your typo, her sister Khloe has not been pregnant and actually has experienced quite the rough road with fertility. Her sister Kourtney has two children.

  • jjac401

    I think Kim is a beautiful woman that always looks and dresses with style that compliments her. Sadly, she has allot of haters that love to make negative comments. I guess that just comes with always being in the spotlight.

  • chanela

    STOP.COVERING. THE. FCKING.KARDASHIANS. why the hell are black folks so obsessed with them? DAMN

  • Anonymous

    So she has trouble dressing her pregnant body. It seems to me that the writer is more upset that she’s pregnant by Kayne given that her second sentence said, “When it was announced that Kim Kardashian was pregnant by her not-husband, Kanye West.” #justsayin

  • Trisha_B

    This really needs to stop. I don’t like Kim but you guys are just being plain mean smh. Not all pregnant women are just stomach, & stay the same. Some actually gain weight everywhere & Kim happens to be one of them. Kim is not the worse dressed pregnant person, I’ve seen far worse. I get it, kim is not liked but do you need to post on her everyday expressing how much you dont like her? Your adding to her overexposure smh

    • ksmall

      it’s not about how her body looks, it’s about how she’s dressing. she’s still trying to wear the clothes she wore this time last year when she was about 40 lbs lighter. u can be pregnant and big(ger) and STILL look good wearing the right clothes and they don’t have to be tent dresses. she’s putting it all out there so ppl are gonna talk about it. if she doesn’t want them to then cover that mess up!

  • adiatc

    She never had style to begin with. True style transcends body type, etc. And with the access that she has to the money, designers, etc., she has no excuse. It is part of her job to look her best.

  • SheBe

    Her boobies are massive even for her. She’s trying to go the route of buying bigger sizes rather than actual maternity clothes. She makes enough money to have her clothes look better on her and fit better.

    • Yeppers

      That’s what I’ve been saying!!! Her and Kanye are stuck tryin to buy name brand this and that and squozig her fat body into Lanvin and Chanel who DON’T MAKE MATERNITY CLOTHES… THEY MAKE CLOTHES FOR SIZE 0 women lol So the fit of those clothes is COMPLETEY different from what maternity companies make.. She claims they are tailoring them. Chile please UNLESS THEY ARE RIPPING IT APART AND MAKING A WHOLE NEW DRESS… There is NO WAY TO MAKE ROOM FOR A 8 month pregnant belly in a Chanel dress. You’d have to buy a Chanel moo moo for that.

      • SheBe

        “Chanel moo moo”!!!! LMAO!!!! When I read that I envisioned that Missy Elliot video when she was in the big black garbage bag thing but this one had C’s on it.

  • Lauren S. Clark

    I am glad I am not pregnant; however, leave Ms. Kardashian alone and let her enjoy her pregnancy.

    • FromUR2UB

      She doesn’t look like she’s enjoying it; her facial expression has been very different the times I’ve seen her lately. Maybe the publicity pregnancy wasn’t a good idea?

  • DeepThinker

    Her clothes never looked right on her pre-pregnancy.Allways wrong for her body-type. Now the excess weight only enhances her trouble spots.

  • Breeze

    But yesterday she was overexposed and annoying according MN. Do authors talk to each other about their post?

    • vwells1

      Of course we do. But we have a variety of writers– each with his or her own opinions.

    • SMHgurl24

      I was thinking the same thing! Why can’t the writers talk about something thats actually interesting instead of the same 3 subjects (bey, love an Hip hop and Kardashian)..