Serious Question: Is Sex In A Public Place (A Dark One) Too Taboo For You, Or Would You Say, “Never Say Never”?

May 2, 2013  |  


So there I was, minding my business, grabbing my things and putting my jacket on in the darkness of a movie theater after spending more than two hours watching the Rock’s fine behind in Pain and Gain.

As my friend and I proceeded to exit the theater, I realized that we were a few of the last people to leave. Hey, you never know what extra scenes you’ll see or information you’ll get during the credits. Walking out, I noticed two more people, a young man and woman, still in the theater seats, way up, chilling. And then before I knew it, before they went out of my eye view, the young lady went ahead and straddled her male companion and they started making out ferociously. That was it. They were about to get it in.

My friend started laughing on our way out the door while I was completely in shock. I think we’ve all as young people gotten a little frisky with a boyfriend at least once while watching a movie (in college for me though; If me or my man is spending $13 for a movie now, we’re for damn sure going to pay attention to the whole thing). But as dirty as movie theater seats are, I wouldn’t be trying to expose my goodies in any of the four corners of such a place.

“That’s sooooo gross, man!” I said to my friend as we went down the many escalators on our way out, but she didn’t really have a response. She just smirked and then filled me in, happily reminiscing about the time she got caught with her boyfriend having sex in a public place–by the cops. There was no arrest made luckily, and she just counted it as an experience, a seemingly unforgettable one. I plan to go on a vacation with my boyfriend this summer, and knowing this, after telling her, “I just couldn’t do all that,” she said, “When you go on vacation, please, have fun.”

AKA, have sex on the beach, in a park, at the movies, in a car, on a balcony, or anywhere that might get my heart pounding for more than the obvious. Oh hell no is all I could think at that moment.

And after telling a few more folks about the frisky moviegoers, it seems that my friends were equally bold in their places of sexual activity, and in the end, I was pretty much one of the few people I knew who cringed at the idea of doing it in such a risque way, where any ‘ol body could find me in a compromising “position.”

I’m not trying to sound like Brice from Temptation, claiming that every time you engage in sex with your partner, it has to be in the sanctity of your bedroom, but I barely like engaging in a whole bunch of PDA. Therefore, for me, it’s always been something very taboo. But the more I thought about it after my conversations yesterday and today, I thought to myself, “Hmph, that actually sounds like it could be…interesting.” I’m not saying that the next time I have sex I’ll be dropping it low somewhere in a Starbucks corner, but I’ve learned that it’s best to never say never (thanks Brandy!). Except in the case of bringing third parties in, because that’s just a terrible idea (and gross). Being close-minded, especially when it comes to the ins and outs of a relationship and what you are willing to try with your partner is a good way to end up with conflict, but I would say that I’m not about to do something I’m uncomfortable with. Thankfully, my partner hasn’t asked for anything like this, so for now, I can continue to say that I’m not really down with the idea. But let’s just say that in the heat of the moment, we’ll have to wait and see what happens in the future…

And yes, Pain and Gain was very entertaining…if you were wondering.

So what are your thoughts on the idea of having sex in public? Is it just too taboo?

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  • freaky chick

    ive had “fun” in the back of a limo and in a sauna at the gym! That was 10 years ago and i remember it like it was yesterday…ahhh those were the days! im now in my 4th year of celibacy….oh how things change!

  • clove8canela

    In my younger, teenage days, my boyfriend & I used to try doing it in as many places as we could & not get caught (and we never were). We used to do it in broad daylight, in Central Park, all the time & no one noticed because it just looked like I was sitting on his lap. He wanted to do it in an elevator once & thats where I drew the line. DO NOT have the balls to do that now. I’m adventurous, but I’d be MORTIFIED if I even had talking to by the cops.

    • MLS2698

      Doin’ in the park, huh? IDK…..

  • Kp

    I got caught with my boyfriend by the police (got aaway with it) in a public place. Soemthing to always remember. Good and Bad. lol. But i like being spontaneous so ill deff do it again but more careful this time.

  • Shay n Scrappy 4 ever! Lmao

    Find a discreet spot, try not to be too obvious… no i wouldnt turn it down.

  • Tehani

    It’s disgusting.

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  • Tati

    When I was in my early 20’s I did this. I would not do it now that I am older, too many cameras around today; would hate to see that on YouTube.

  • Tonyoardee

    Did it in the bathroom of the theater before Pain 7 gain, good to arrive 30 minutes early