“Who Hasn’t Dated A Gay Dude?” Gabourey Sidibe Talks About What She Wants In A Man, And The Gay Ex Who Used To Wear Her Heels

May 1, 2013  |  

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While chowing down on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich this morning, I just so happened to be tuned into Access Hollywood Live, and early in the show, the ex-fiancée of Jason Collins was on, reminiscing about the eight years they had spent together, the great person he is, and how in those eight years, she had no inkling that he might have been gay. Carolyn Moos didn’t really seem to be angry about his confession, seeing as how he told her right before he came out in Sports Illustrated, but she did seem angry with society as a whole, who she says forces people to live in the closet because of intolerance.

Fast forward 15 minutes later, and guest Gabourey Sidibe was next to be interviewed. There to talk about the new and last season of the show The Big C, she found a minute to open up how much she has in common with Moos, seeing as how she also had been in a relationship with a gay man. But the very funny Sidibe says she could actually tell soon after they became an item that something was off. This was her very interesting conversation with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover:

Billy Bush: “You were dating…um…well, recently, right? You relate to our previous guest here.”

Sidibe: “Who hasn’t dated a gay dude?” [laughs]

Bush: “How recently were you dating a gay dude and did he tell you that he was gay?”

Sidibe: “He didn’t tell me, I just sort of figured it out. Sort of. It was sort of recently.”

Kit Hoover: “How did you figure it out?”

Sidibe: “Through like weird things he would say. And he also tried on all my heels once. So that’s a pretty big indication [laughs].

Bush: “Did you confront him?”

Sidibe: “I was like…’I have a feeling that, one, you look great in those heels, and two, you might not be into ladies [laughs]'”

Much respect to her for having such a good sense of humor about it all. But Sidibe has moved forward and is looking for a new love, but she tells Bush and Hoover (funny, those are former Presidents’ last names…) in her Brooklyn accent that she’s not trying to mess with anybody who is in Hollywood.

“I don’t think I do. I sort of don’t live a very Hollywood life other than the fact that I do TVs and film all the time…I live in New York. But I sort of like to live a normal life, so I think I’d like a normal dude. I like funny guys. I like guys that get the joke. I like fun people, and I don’t like to explain my sarcasm. Just some dude that’s going to get me and be super tall. I like ’em tall.”

Don’t we all?

Check out her full interview on Access Hollywood Live on the next page and let us know if you can relate and found yourself in a relationship with a gay man before.

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  • realadulttalk

    I think most people are commenting on the person we’ve most recently seen her date. And uh, well, I could see him trying on her heels.

  • kierah

    FYI – Gabby landed a role on the next season of American Horror Story! Yay!

  • FromUR2UB

    If I have, I still don’t know it.

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    I haven’t dated a gay guy….wait a min, one of my exes was a little questionable now that I think about it. He loved musiq soulchild a little too much

  • chanela


  • ChiTown Princess

    My high school sweetheart and I broke up 15 years ago and had reunited with him on Facebook 5 years ago. He told me on FB that he is bi and has been that since 2000. He lives in Alaska now and we still communicate. Now putting this woman down because of her looks is just juvenile.

    • Yeppers

      I don’t think people are really trying to put her down per say… I know I’m not. But gabby has said on many occasions she has a thing for hot guys. Now my momma and others have told me be what you are looking for… Don’t be a nickel out here looking for a dime. If she doesn’t value her health and body then she can’t really relate to someone who loves the gym. Like any Hollywood celeb she needs to test whoever gets with her, because they won’t all have food…. I mean good intentions. That’s all I’m sayin, there is somebody for EVERYBODY.

      • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

        Ya some people were just putting her down just to be ugly.

    • Senait Ashenafi

      I think she’s pretty. But let’s keep it real. She’s a really big girl. Those muscle butts and gym rats really aint gonna be checking for her. That’s not putting anyone down. That’s just keeping it real. We’re not the ones being superficial. But she IS working in a superficial industry. Her choices in mates are limited. It is what it is.

  • JerzeeGurl

    God some of you people or superficial buttholes.

    • JerzeeGurl


  • Yeppers

    Unfortunately she is going to have a hard time… Lets be honest here and stop ignoring the elephant in the room. SHE WILL have to look outside of Hollywood to find love, the men are so look obsessed and you have to be dam near 100lbs to have a chance smh! But everyone deserves love.. She has kinda high standards considering she doesn’t take her health and body seriously and you want to be a match and compatible to a man you are seeking. She will end up with someone on her same health level eventually because they will identity and love her for her. I wish her all the best tho. I know it’s gotta be tough with all that man candy around. Hell I live in LA and the competition is stiff being a small girl. She need to focus on her career and health right now.

    • Elephant in the room. Yeah, I guess. So to speak.

      • realadulttalk

        You were dead wrong for that one. Lmao

    • Senait Ashenafi

      I know right. People need to realize that hollyweird is very pretentious. It’s women smaller than her who aren’t really fat who wouldn’t stand a chance of getting a guy in that town. It’s really sad. I would never want to live there.

  • Dee

    Why are all the people commenting upset? Considering how many guys were on the DL and still are, there is a chance that you might have dated one. No need to protest. I don’t think I have dated a gay guy and if I have, I hope they are strong enough to come out of the closet and live their life.

    • Tehani

      You get to say you don’t think you have dated a gay man but other people can’t?

      • Dee

        They can say whatever they want, but seems like they are attacking Gabourey for what she said. You can politely disagree with someone without attacking her looks or taking something she said as a joke seriously.

  • No. never been anyone’s beard.

  • GCW

    Is that the ludacris lookin dude she was seen with??

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    Yeah . . . I’ve never dated a gay dude before . . .

    • mac

      to your knowledge.


    NO BOO. Every girl hasn’t dated a gay guy, you would just be an easy target as a perfect beard bc ur overweight and unnattractive, so a gay man would read that you’re somewhat insecure and thirsty for damn well any man. I’m sure Gabby’s chances are slim and she has to take what she can get, but don’t try to act like every girl has the same problems though…SMFH & an LMAOOO

    • Not funny at all….smh

      • Drew Smith

        So… Mommaroosa ISN’T telling the truth regarding homegirl???

        • drew the q

          Sit yo captain queer assss down

          • Drew


    • JerzeeGurll

      Really?!?!? #sitdown

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      No one’s laughing but you….

  • Tehani

    There are plenty of us who hasn’t date a gay man. WTF is she talking about?

    • I think she was just joking, relax! lol

      • Tehani

        I am not unrelaxed.

        • Drew Smith


      • MLS2698

        I think maybe that was her only option before she got all Hollywood! Oh, hell no! that’s no joke! *not relaxed*

    • tme

      How would you know?

      • Tehani

        You seem to be asking for the sake of asking.

  • Bits

    my mama taught me that if i don’t have nothing nice to say then don’t say it all.

    • MLS2698

      Tell mama to cover her ears on this one.

      • Bits