Your Prayers Have Been Answered: TLC Cancels Preachers Wives Show ‘The Sisterhood’

May 1, 2013  |  

Petitioners may not have succeeded in stopping TLC from airing a new reality show about preachers’ wives this past January, but they will be happy to know the channel has cancelled the show “The Sisterhood” and it will not be returning for a second season.

The news comes from The Jasmine Brand, which recently chatted with members of the cast about the cancellation. If you recall, the show centered on the lives of Tara Lewis, Domonique Scott, Christina Murray, DeLana Rutherford, and Ivy Couch — five Atlanta women who were married to current or former pastors. The backlash to the mere idea of the show was almost instant and a petition urging TLC to cancel the series went viral within a week of the first episode. With’s report that the “The Sisterhood” won’t be returning for season 2, the natural question is whether ratings or controversy is the culprit. In an interview with The Jasmine Brand, Dr. Brian Lewis, husband of Pastor Tara Lewis, said, ultimately, the women are the ones who got the show cancelled.

“There are so many factors that contributed to the cancellation of the show, but ultimately it was the cast members themselves that caused our core viewers, Christians, to be grieved by their conduct and turned-off and disinterested in the show. The premiere episode one was so way off base for those professing to be Christians and the sensationalized sexual content so blatant, the arguments so tense and the doctrinal differences so outlandish that it made people feel so uncomfortable that the show immediately lost 300,000 viewers and it undermined this phenomenal opportunity we had to witness His light in darkness. The bickering, pettiness, gossiping, backbiting, insolence and cliquiness of three of the ladies violated the one law that identifies true Christians.”

Although the couple is disappointed that “The Sisterhood” has gone by the wayside, along with the opportunity to minister to viewers, the Lewis’s are actually hoping to get their own show where they can continue to be the positive, uplifting examples they set out to be from the beginning. Tara said:

“So many people want to see us have our own show. So the answer to your question is “Yes!” We have developed a pitch for our own reality docuseries featuring Tara and I, as well as, daily talk show pitch. We plan to pitch the docuseries to the production companies and the top reality based networks and are confident that this will not be the last that you see of Brian and Tara Lewis in reality. We also have our weekly television broadcast Phenomenal Life Today, which airs locally here in Atlanta and is featured on Magic Johnson’s Aspire TV Network and we are in discussions to go on The Impact Network, the first and only African American owned global Christian television network. Tara and I still be in the call on our lives to use television to impact the world for Christ.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if TLC hopped on that.

What do you think about “The Sisterhood” being cancelled? Would you watch a spin-off show with Brian and Tara?


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  • Anjela Keepsitreal

    why would thet cancell a reality show with god in it and keep all the show with the devil and drama in it

  • chickee

    Just found out this show was even on. Was curious and now watching on YouTube. Interesting, but too over the top to properly rep Christians/1st Ladies (IMO). Love the concept though. I believe Christians are not immune to having problems but this show could have been way more inspirational with better scripting and production standards. It was like a worldly reality show with a drop of Jesus in it — but should’ve been the other way around with more of a focus on ministry, winning souls, how they came to Jesus, how wives met husbands, etc… and just a few drops of their problems. Cut all the bickering, gossiping, just…way too worldly. Not sure anyone would try this again in a long time (if ever) based on how this turned out.

  • michele acker

    Bring it back Please

  • sincere

    I could not stomach this abomination of a show. Thank God I cannot relate to this unreality. I pray that these people can find a good church that will nurture them to health.

  • missy

    If anybody should get a spin off show, I would recommend Christina and her husband…Now I think we would all watch that one! I loooved them, they were my favorites. Tara and Brian was the least favorite on the show period…I def would NOT watch their spin off if they were to get one, they were acting and putting on a show to get recognized. I liked the overall show and tuned in weekly but I guess it wasn’t enough.

  • missy

    I actually liked the show and I am pretty bummed that it’s not returning. If Tara and Brian get a spin off, I will not watch…they were the least interesting on the show and I think that they were putting on a real act with their story line. Bring Sisterhood back!!!!

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  • Nooo!!! I loved this show.

    • redbird99

      I also loved the show.And I’m very disappointed that the show has been cancelled. My sister is a Minister. And she used to be the most rigid person in terms of religion that you ever want to meet. I was surprised when she told me that the show was pretty acurate in it’s portrayal of some of the things that go on in the church. My sister would come to my house on Tuesday nights to have dinner and watch the show. I’m not that versed in the bible. So it was a great opportunity for her to share the Gospel with me. I believe many so-called Christians don’t want to expose what goes on in the church so they can keep doing what they’re are doing and not be held accountable for their behavior. This show could’ve been a opportunity for change.

  • Child_Puhleez

    The fact the concept of this show to be showcased a la BBWives is disturbing, but not surprising.

    Will I watch the couple’s spin-off? H*ll no. Sorry “saints.”

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    Now if we can just get rid of Preacher’s Daughters

  • NJ

    I think the cancellation demonstrates the that we still want our church leaders to be on a pedestal and that is always dangerous. It accurately reflected what Christians struggle through and that we are humans living in a sin coursed world, yet serving a gracious God. The only thing God requires is daily progression towards him. And for the lost soul that questions God answering prayers, you do not know the mind or ways of God unless you are a Christian who reads, studies, and worships God with your life not as an one-time exchange so a prayer can be answered. He is not a genie in a bottle. Death is not defeat for God (sadness for us); it is victory because your reward is to be with Him in eternity.

  • IAJS

    Now if they would just cancel Married to Medicine that would be great too

  • Whew! LOVED the show, hate to see it go, but now maybe Tara can get that tired weave done right! Dang, I felt so bad for her every episode with that God awful weave that showed every row, bump, track, & never blended into her real hair just screaming fake. I got to words for ya “LACE FRONT”. What killed the show was TLC’s lack of promotion & the bible belt killing it because it was incongruent with their doctrine of Christianity.

  • Marie

    When you have a show about the black Christian experience run by white non-believers that’s what you get. Our community didn’t need sensationalism to watch that show, we needed reality. Ironically.

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  • Cha Cha

    Err’body wanna be a celebrity…

  • Shay n Scrappy 4 ever! Lmao

    i watched the show on and off… i really liked Dominique cause she had a story… i liked that she overcame so much, yet still fought her past to keep her present and future going right.

  • pickneychile

    The show was garbage and as a Christian I surely was embarrassed. Other than the staged aspects of it, it painted us in a negative light. And no I wouldn’t watch a show with that couple. The bits and pieces I saw of them was enough.

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    Never watched that show, oh well….

  • JRoc85

    The show was COMPLETELY unrealistic, what woman (Domonique) you know would pawn her wedding band just to put her child in private school, despite other enormous financial obligations that are placing a strain on their marriage????? It was good to see a show catering to the Christian community, HOWEVER, they were things that seemed really out of place. Mary Mary IS MORE relatable than “The Sisterhood!!!!”

  • Would not watch a Brian and Tara spinoff. They were a hot mess and to me they behaved the way they did because they were hoping to become famous and get their own show. Brian was giving interviews a few months ago where he claimed he ‘regrets’ doing the show, so why on earth are you still putting your business out there? They need to both ‘set down’ somewhere before some of those church folk from the church where he was ousted start coming out the woodwork and putting all their funky business in the streets.

  • I actually enjoyed the show, it showed that Christians are not perfect and we hold ministers and pastors to a high standard. They are not God, they are human beings just like the rest of us. Tara and Brian spin-off show….I’l pass!

  • Music

    Noooo!!!! I Love Dominique and wanted to hear more about her story. The show was a great show and definitely showed that Christians are actually “real” people who aren’t always perfect.

  • hollyw

    Uh, it made sense til i realized who was speaking…the person and couple who caused the most controversy on the show lol? and they think a better solution would be to get their own spin-off??

  • Dee

    I am sorry to see it go. To me it showed a different aspect of Christians. We are not perfect and we struggle to be in Gods favor. I think that this show portrayed that. Moving forward I will not be watching the Lewis’ show. I agree with ChefMel Yisrael, they were the most disliked and had too many negative opinions on everything.

  • Tara Lewis and her husband to get their own show? Umm but they were the most disliked of the show.

    • Shay n Scrappy 4 ever! Lmao

      they did beyond the most for their son’s bar mitzvah thingy….

  • Guest

    People ‘prayed’ for this show to be cancelled? ‘God’ had time to answer those ‘prayers’, but couldn’t answer the ‘prayers’ of someone who is sick with a disease?

    • Sista

      Sweetie, God is so loving, He answers prayers and yes, He still heals diseases(yes, HIV, cancer, anything…) if we pray according to Bibilical principles. Google Elisha Goodman for more teaching. God bless you dear.

      • Just Stop It

        Baby girl, miss me with all the deranged talk.

      • Tehani

        Who has been healed from HIV or cancer?

        Recently, there was a family in the news because BOTH of their children have died because the parents thought they could just ‘pray’ for them to get healthy.

        • IAJS

          Magic Johnson Bought his cure, IDC what anyone saids that man no longer has HIV

        • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

          Please show me a link to this

          • Tehani

            You could’ve just Googled it. Besides, I can’t post a link because MN doesn’t allow for links to be posted in comments.

          • Tehani

            “A couple serving probation for the 2009 death of their toddler after they turned to prayer instead of a doctor could face new charges now that another son has died.” – 2013

            “An 11-year-old girl died after her parents prayed for healing rather than seek medical help for a treatable form of diabetes, police said Tuesday.” – 2008

            “In another case this year, a 15-month-old child in Oregon died from a form of pneumonia and a blood infection after her parents tried to heal her with prayer.” – 2008

            “After 16-year-old Austin Sprout lost his life when his parents, Brandi and Russel Bellew, opted for prayer instead of medical treatment, their remaining six children are now wards of the state” – 2012

            • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

              God does indeed work miracles but he also blessed us with common sense. And we don’t know the full story. These people might not be able to afford health services.

              • Tehani

                You people are all the same. You’ll ignore reality even when it is slapping you in the face.

                • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

                  I hate that term “you people” because it makes it seem like you think you are better than others when you are not. Now as far as what you probably were referring to, God IS my reality sweetie and you can agree or not because frankly I don’t give A.D…

                  • Tehani

                    What you hate is of no concern to me, kiddo.

                    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

                      And neither is your ignorance and delusion a concern of mine

                    • Tehani

                      Ignorant about what?

                      Delusional about what?

                      If anything, believing in an invisible force in the sky would be classified as delusion.

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      I doubt people prayed for this show to be cancelled. It was cancelled because it sucked and low ratings