How Sick! London Mother Forces 14 Year Old Daughter To Get Pregnant

April 30, 2013  |  

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Most mothers would be horrified at the news that their teenage daughter was pregnant. But one London woman encouraged her 14 year old adoptive daughter get pregnant. And not only did she encourage it, she practically forced the young teenager to inseminate herself with sp*erm she’d purchased over the internet several times a day over the course of 2-3 years.

The daughter, who was a virgin, gave birth at 16 years old after having a miscarriage at 14. In a case that was kept secret from the public, the girl, whose identity has been concealed to protect her privacy, testified that because her adoptive mother was so domineering, she was scared to tell her no.

The mother, who adopted children three children from abroad, recruited her daughter, to get pregnant when she was denied the ability to adopt a fourth child. The woman couldn’t get pregnant because of a medical condition and underwent an elective sterilization procedure years ago.

She was married when she adopted her first two children and divorced when she adopted the last. The court claimed that the woman isolated the children by homeschooling them and keeping the oldest two away from their adoptive father, her ex husband, for 10 years.

The daughter told investigators she was pretty shocked when her mother asked her to willingly get pregnant but also thought, “if I do this … maybe she will love me more.” She also said “feelings of gratitude for my adoption influenced how I behaved.”

The mother wanted a girl, so she made her daughter use painful douches containing lemon juice and vinegar and eat certain foods which she  believed would  affect the baby’s gender.

Over the years there were several instances where the authorities and child welfare services were called out to the house when neighbors complained of the mother’s inappropriate behavior toward the children like cussing them out, isolating them from peers and leaving them in the home alone while she was being treated in the hospital for a month.

Each time, the authorities found that there was no cause for concern. A case review of the authority’s findings are being published next month.

The mother’s evil and selfish plot was only discovered after midwives reported her aggressive and insensitive behavior during her daughter’s labor. The midwives say that mother tried to prevent the daughter from breastfeeding the baby saying, “we don’t want any of that attachment thing.” They also noticed how the daughter hesitated when handing the baby over to her mother. They called child protective services when the mother attempted to remove the baby from the ward.

After reviewing the case, a welfare provisions and family division judge, Mr Justice Jackson included his reaction in his decision saying “…an abiding sense of disbelief that a parent could behave in such a wicked and selfish way towards a vulnerable child.”

The mother is now serving five years in prison for child cruelty.

Obviously, there are a lot of emotional scars this young mother will have to deal with now that her “mother” is gone and she’ll have to raise this child by herself. We’re hoping and praying that she gets the therapy and help she needs; preferably from the state that failed to protect her in the first place.

What do you make of this case? Did the child protective service agencies drop the ball? Do you think this woman should have been sentenced to more time?

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  • hollyw

    Good grief, I mourn for this child. I work in the mental health dept. of social services (USA), and can say that I’m not surprised. Adoptive/foster parents, esp. of older kids, do not ALWAYS have the child’s best interest at heart. There’s a neg. stereotype of step-parents & foster parents, and I know a lot of good ones. Unfortunately, tho, too many bad ones slip thru the cracks…this chick even went so far as to emigrate and gain citizenship in ANOTHER COUNTRY to get what she wants?? Puleeease throw the book, ball-and-chain, and lock-in-key at her!!

  • Arieal

    Wow, Will keep you in my heart and prayer.. That woman might not have taught you how to me a good mother, But she did show you want not to do….

    • arieal


  • Laila

    This creature has abused the daughter on so many levels. She needs a lifetime in prison for what she did. There is no excuse for her. I hope the young lady get all the help she needs to have a normal life. I’m sure with help she will be a good mother.

  • Gigi

    Just when I think that I’ve heard it all…I just want to hug that girl. I pray some one takes time to fix the damage that woman did to her.

  • nicki